New Seasons During Infertility

There is something about a change of the season during our fertility journey. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, the change of seasons are always hard on me. It’s like a reminder that I am entering yet another season not holding those babies of mine in heaven & yet another season […]

Magnolia Home Paint At The Silobration

I blogged a little last week about my trip to Waco for the Silobration at Magnolia Market [here]. I shared a story that was pretty crazy, but I didn’t share one of the best parts of being there. I was invited to the Silobration by KILZ, the creators of Magnolia Home Paint by Joanna Gaines, & it truly was a […]

Rustic & Cozy Master Bedroom

  Affiliate links to all of the items above: upholstered bed [here] fur pillow [here] birch logs [here] rug [here] nightstands [here] knit throw [here] knit pillow [here] upholstered bench [here] lamps [here] baskets [here] fur rug [here] small framed art [here] chandelier [here] angel wings [here] clock [here] wall shelf [here] This week Jose and I started talking about our master bedroom here in the farmhouse. You guys, […]

DIY Farmhouse Style Nesting Boxes

While I was gone in Texas last week Jose had some extra time in his workshop & made something that I’m a little obsessed with & wanted to share with you today. With all the shiplap and things going on inside the house with our fixer upper, he was really missing his passion of creating […]

A Farmhouse Style Coffee Table In The Sunroom

I have the hardest time finding coffee tables. The. Hardest. Time. It’s probably because I’m so picky or that I feel like I had a certain one in mind. Or maybe it’s just that I’m always switch our coffee tables out so often. Either way, this post is about a coffee table that I found […]

Metal Wall Vases In The Dining Room

So yesterday I blogged something amazing that happened to me at Magnolia Market [here] & today I wanted to come on here and share with you one of my perfect little finds that I hung up this week in our farmhouse from Magnolia. Can I confess something to you? I was the one who flew […]

I Was Prayed Over On Top Of Magnolia Market

No words can really explain what happened when I visited Magnolia Market last week but I did say that I would blog my experience so I will try to share it with you today. Last week, as many of you know, I visited Magnolia Market with the Magnolia Home Paint team. It was one of […]

Sliding Barn Door – Laundry Room Door

A few weeks ago we had to take the door off of our laundry room for the painters… fast forward to a few days later, it was still off & you could see the mess of our laundry room opening from the dining room. We had to do something! Sure we could just put the […]

The Best Casual Farmhouse Decor

  grain sack bench [here] hutch [here] dining chairs [here] black pitcher [here] large trophy [here] Dining Console [here] mugs [here] Gray coffee table [here] wire basket light [here] clear glass lamp [here] shower curtain [here] white dresser [here] scale [here] clock [here] cow pillow [here] Oh my goodness guys! I’m fresh off the plane from Waco visiting Magnolia Market & exhausted from an amazing trip. You can see […]

Welcoming Fall Entryway – Rustic Farmhouse Entry

Welcome to our home today! Today I am sharing our farmhouse front entryway with BirchLane. A huge thank you to them for working with me on this & for having me over there on their Instagram today [here].. I took over so come check it out. As many of you know our 1800’s farmhouse is […]

Crocks & Mums – Farmhouse Fall Steps

Our porch is complex & I feel like I haven’t explained it very well so I feel like when I share the two stair landings on our porch I confused a lot of you because you think I keep changing up my decor day to day. So, I blogged the front steps the other day […]

I’m Heading To Magnolia Market!!

Wow. I really thought I would never say that. It’s not that I didn’t want to go to Waco to visit this lovely space that Chip & Jo have created, but just that I wasn’t sure if the time would ever come or if it would ever just organically happen. It was bound to happen sometime […]

Mora Clock Makeover

I shouldn’t call this a makeover because I liked the mora clock as I got it. I really did. I kept it in it’s original beauty for a year, but in my normal fashion I was craving change & a new spot for the clock. After some thinking I decided that I didn’t want the […]

Shiplap In The Front Living Room

We interrupt your fall decor posts to finally bring you another farmhouse update. I’ve said it before, but seasonal decorating in a fixer upper with half done rooms has been a challenge. A fun one, but still a challenge. We have been super busy in our lives lately & we haven’t spent a ton of […]

Fall In The Porch Gazebo

Since we have moved into our farmhouse a few months ago, one of my favorite parts of the house has been the gazebo that is part of our front porch. We honestly didn’t utilize it at all since june when we moved in. Well, until now. I knew I wanted to decorate this space for […]

Rustic Fall Farmhouse Steps

I was one of those people this year that when I saw the first leaf on a tree change I headed to my local farm stand & loaded up carts full of pumpkins. Even though it was 90 degrees out, my little booty was the one picking out pumpkins while everyone else was still going […]

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