Early Summer Home Tour


Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by my little blog today. If you are stopping from Addisons Wonderland then a very special hello to you! Our house is constantly evolving. I mean do I have to say it anymore? haha We all know this & most of our homes are constantly evolving with our taste & as we do projects, ours just seems to evolve more than … [Continue reading...]

New Entryway Dresser


It's no secret if you have been following my blog for a while that we move furniture around our house constantly. It's like musical chairs, but with all furniture. Things are always set to change at any moment that inspiration strikes. No piece of furniture is safe. Well, I recently Instagrammed a photo of a new [old] dresser we got for our guest … [Continue reading...]

The Most Simple Dresser Makeover


I recently found a dresser that was quite adorable & caught my eye. I liked the height [hello nightstand!] & the paint that was already on the piece was just perfect in it's non-perfect way. I wasn't sure if I would give this piece a huge makeover or not, but when I got it home I decided to give it the most simple makeover possible. I … [Continue reading...]

DIY Wood Pallet American Flag


You know when you go through phases of doing certain things & not doing certain things. I get that a lot in my "DIY life". For a while this past winter I was painting a lot of signs & small things for our home & my booth at Painted Farmgirl, but lately I've been painting a lot of larger items & I haven made a sign in quite some … [Continue reading...]

Antique Antlers


I think I've said this here before on the blog, & I will say it again now. This is my happy place. It's where I share what I've been doing, my creative endeavors of the moment, & just the journey I am on in life. These past couple of weeks [maybe even months?] have had some really hard moments including the death of my grandpa that still … [Continue reading...]

Martha’s Vineyard & Unseen Footage


I blogged my tour through the HGTV Dream Home a few days ago [here], & if any of you were wondering, that trip to Martha's Vineyard still feels like a dream. We did so much in just two days there, but I was really sad that I didn't get to take a ton of photos, I was too busy taking in all of the beauty of the island. That's important though … [Continue reading...]

Painted Doors Makeover


A few weeks ago I posted about two doors we put behind our loveseat in our lower level living room. I liked the doors, but something bothered me about them. You all know I love the color white & I love using it in my decor, but the antique doors behind the couch were almost a "smokers white" and looked dingy. I know in photos they don't look … [Continue reading...]

HGTV Dream Home 2015


I had the best experience last week that I still can't believe happened. I flew to Boston with GMC to tour the HGTV Dream Home on Martha's Vineyard. It all feels a little like a dream still, no pun intended. Martha's Vineyard was one of the prettiest places I have ever been. We took a ferry to the island after I flew in & right away I was … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday friends! This week was SO MUCH FUN! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might have seen that I spent the first part of the week with GMC in Martha's Vineyard visiting the HGTV Dream Home. It was a blast. I fell in love with the island, the beautiful towns, the view, & of course the HGTV Dream home. I also had fun with all … [Continue reading...]

Wooden Arrow


In our Michigan house we are slowly getting things up on our bare walls. It's been fun finding little treasures here & there & really taking our time with our home. You know in our home, nothing is ever permanent in the spot that it's in, but it's fun for now playing around & trying new things. We do not have much wall space in our … [Continue reading...]

DIY Screen Art


Do you ever find random things & you think you NEED them even though they are kind of odd, but deep down you think... I can make something with that. I can't be the only one. I went to a sale the other day & saw this random food truck screen, & thought... I have to have that. haha I bet no one else said that at that sale, but it caught … [Continue reading...]

Faux Fiddle Fig


We are so happy to be back home in Michigan, where we grew up & with family. However, from time to time, we hurt by how bad we miss our downtown life back in New Bern & we are reminded by little things. Right before we moved, we were so sad that we were not able to bring to Michigan our beloved Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree. We originally drove … [Continue reading...]

Happy Mother’s Day From Heaven…


Happy Mother's Day mommy! I know I'm in heaven & that we didn't get to spend much time together on earth, but I wanted to tell you that I love you and wish you a very happy Mother's Day. On this day I know you think about me even more & wish I was there with you to hug & love on. Please know that your love for your unborn babies … [Continue reading...]

DIY Antique Window Bookshelf


You know those projects that start like one thing, but turn into something else? This was one of those projects. My original thought was to make a coffee table out of old windows. So, good old Mr. LMB went out in the garage & tried to make that little crazy dream of mine a reality. He made basically a big box with the windows & attached … [Continue reading...]

Best Posts Of April 2015


I was on the phone with a good friend today & we just couldn't believe that it was already May. April was filled with a lot of highs & lows & it's all quite a big blur. I have to say thank you to all of you guys because you have been so supportive this month [and every month] for that matter. You all encourage me, pray for me, & … [Continue reading...]

DIY Bathroom Hooks


One thing that has been bugging me for the past 5 months in our new home is that our upstairs bathroom had no bathroom hooks. No where to hang my towels. I was literally using the back of the toilet and the counters to set my towels, I know, yuck. I would always forget I needed towel hooks until I showered at night & then I would forget again. … [Continue reading...]

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