Ticking Stripe Chair Makeover


I have this very very very special woman in my life & I call her grandma. I am blessed to have both of my wonderful grandmas in my life still & it makes me cry just thinking how lucky I am & that I really should spend more time with them because I love them so much. I lived away for 8 years and was unable to see them whenever I wanted. … [Continue reading...]

Cottage Staircase Gallery Wall


Last week I decided to start a gallery wall on our stairway leading to our lower level living room that we are currently re-doing. Since we live in a tri-level we actually have 3 staircases, two of them that you can see from almost every angle in our home so they stand out a lot. Why not accent them & make them more our style. The staircase … [Continue reading...]

FarmGirl Flea – September 2015 Recap


Wow. I can't believe we did this. I feel weird saying "I hosted a really big flea market with 5 other ladies" because it may not seem like a big thing or something to as they say "write home about", but I'm here today to put my heart out there & tell you how proud of us that I am. Planning a lovely curated flea market like the Farmgirl Flea was … [Continue reading...]

Simple Dough Bowl Fall Centerpiece


Today we received some news that one of our little dreams was crushed. It wasn't anything to do with our fertility, but a lot to do with something that has been on our hearts lately. We felt God pushing us in a direction & we prayed on it, but today that dream was put on hold. Not necessarily gone forever, but just paused by God. I am thankful … [Continue reading...]

Living Room Makeover – Stacked Trunk End Table


Hi friends! Yesterday I blogged one of our new end tables in our lower level living room & promised to show you the second one this week, well I didn't wan to wait so here it is. I went with two non-traditional end tables for this cozy living room & I'm really excited about that since we had two very traditional pieces in here before. Our … [Continue reading...]

Living Room Makeover: End Table Number 1


I told you all last week that we are completely re-doig our lower level living room [ I shared a sneak peek on my @LizMarieBlogShops Instagram [here]] The whole thing started because we wanted a sectional in the space because it would fit better than the two couches that we had from our last house that we put down there. I will of course be doing a … [Continue reading...]

Best Posts of September 2015


I know I say this every month... but man September flew by! It was such a great month that brought some amazing things to us in our spiritual life, family life, & work life. No complaints here. As always we were super busy, but it was all welcomed. I worked on a few projects & decorated for fall in our home in a very neutral way [stay tuned … [Continue reading...]

Remembrance Quilt


I'm not here today with pretty styled photos or home decor, but I'm here to share with you today a kind gesture & a lovely gift I received from good samaritans in remembrance of our 6 angel babies. If you have read any of our journey you know that I am a mom to 6 precious babies that are in heaven & that I am one of those 1 in 4 women that … [Continue reading...]

Neutral & Copper Fall Centerpiece


I was walking through Target the other day... how all of my blog posts start... & I spotted a pretty cute copper fall banner. I'm not usually one to have tons of copper in my house, but I really loved this banner & I wanted to play around with the banner in my fall decor. When I got it home I really wanted to play about with the banner in a … [Continue reading...]

Waxed Lamp Makeover


We had these lamps from Target in our master bedroom for almost forever. & I really did love them, but you know how I always change things around here. Anyways, I was feeling like the lamps were a little on the "orange" side. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I was feeling. I decided to take some white wax & experiment a little with them … [Continue reading...]

8 Years Of Marriage

film #1 Edit

Wow. I can't believe I am writing this. 8 years of marriage. 8 whole years since Jose & I have vowed to God that we would spend the rest of our lives together. 8 years since I told my best friend that I wanted to be with him forever. 8 years since I ran off with my marine to North Carolina the day after we got married. 8 years of a beautiful … [Continue reading...]

Neutral Fall Pillows


You guys know that I love shopping & you also know my love for handmade shops. I've started doing a series here on the blog where I highlight small handmade shops because I think they deserve all the shoutouts in the world because they are awesome & they are making it happen. So, this weeks #HandMadeShoutout goes to So Vintage Chic on Etsy. … [Continue reading...]

DIY Mini Pie Safe


There are a lot of ways to my heart that my husband knows. Cherry coke, bringing me coffee every morning, long car rides while singing our favorite songs, & surprising me with lovely things he builds. This past week we were talking about all the cool pieces of furniture that we used to see while living in the south & how much we missed it. … [Continue reading...]

Basket O’ Pumpkins Centerpiece


As  I was walking through Marshalls the other day... Why do a lot of my blog posts start out like that? Because Marshalls. Anyways, I spotted this lovely rustic metal basket & I just had to have it. Right when I saw it I had plans for it. I had no idea if it would actually work, but I tried it out today & it didn't turn out half … [Continue reading...]

Master Bedroom Makeover – New Dresser


I feel like some of you want to just scream at me because our master bedroom makeover is STILL not finished. Forgive me! You know how things just keep coming up & that is the thing that keeps getting pushed to the side? Well, yah that's what keeps happening to us. I REALLY want to get our room done & it is almost there... I mean so close! … [Continue reading...]

Guest Bedroom Makeover – Paint Swatches


You read that title right! I might actually paint one room in our home a different color than Benjamin Moore Dove white. Before we moved into this house we both knew that we wanted the whole house to be cohesive with flooring & paint color. The home is 4 levels & all of the walls kind of blend together in the main parts of the house. When … [Continue reading...]

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