Favorite Things Friday


Hi guys! Happy Friday!! Thank you for stopping by the blog today to check out my favorites from the week. I hope that you guys enjoy this day every week where I get to share a little bit of what I love with you guys. Man am I happy it's Friday! This week was a doozy. We finally got our ceiling fixed this in our lower level so I can hopefully reveal … [Continue reading...]

The Best Tufted Neutral Chairs


Ok, so one of my MOST asked questions is "Where are those tufted wing back chairs from in your living room?" The answer? Marshalls!! Seriously, they are two of my favorite pieces in our entire house. They are for sure a focal point of our upstairs living room & I'm so happy I found them because we all know how quickly things sell at Marshalls. … [Continue reading...]

DIY Antique Office Drawers Makeover


I love a good furniture makeover. It's one of my favorite things. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this set of drawers that was not in the greatest condition, but I had a vision for it. I knew it needed to be mine & I knew exactly what color it had to be & what hardware it had to have. I also knew the piece had to be in our office. It had … [Continue reading...]

DIY Metal Letter Industrial Kitchen Sign


Last week Michaels had a sale that sucked me in. How many times have I said that? Too many to count! Anyways, the sale was a good one. The items I wanted were already 40% off plus they had an additional 20% off your entire order. Ummm yes please. So I walked my happy butt into Michaels to find some metal letters for our kitchen & as I layer out … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday everyone! This week was a really good week. It started out a little stressful, but we overcame that & it turned out to be a really laid back week. Just what we needed. I honestly didn't do any projects, or do anything big around the house & I'm content with that. Mr. LMB & I needed some relaxing time & I think that's … [Continue reading...]

A Simple Cozy Guest Bedroom Vignette


Do you ever have an off day? That's kind of a dumb question because I know we all do, but like a day where you just want to nap, the weather is gloomy, & literally all you can think about is napping & being a bum. That was today. I made myself get up and get ready to hang out with Mr. LMB this morning. We went out and did a few things like … [Continue reading...]

New Rustic Metal And Wood Dining Chairs


A few weeks ago I blogged about our "new" dining room table along with a bunch of plans we had for the space. Well, this week we accomplished one of those goals! I ordered some new dining room chairs & they arrived at our door step of course I did the biggest happy dance in the snow before I brought them in. Sorry neighbors who had to see that! … [Continue reading...]

Leggy Bookshelf Makeover


We have now been living in Michigan a couple of months now & I'm finally starting to do things that I love that are not necessarily just for our Michigan casa. Things like creating art, painting furniture, & stocking our booth. This past week I painted a homely looking bookshelf for our booth & you'll never guess what color I painted … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday!! This week flew by. In a good way. I didn't do anything huge here on the blog this week. I blogged about our new office bookshelf [here], Some DIY kitchen art [here], & a fun little exciting announcement [here]. If you read FTF last week I talked about a leaky pipe we had, well good news, it got fixed this week!! We are now … [Continue reading...]

Fun Announcement – Bloom Workshop


So, moving back to Michigan has been quite exciting for many reasons. A lot of people are like, "Oh you moved back in the winter, why?" or  "Why would you move back to the cold?" or my personal favorite " Don't you know it's cold there?" Ummmm I have no answer to any of those besides, Michigan is awesome. I love the snow, I love the hot summers, I … [Continue reading...]

Cotton Terrarium, Burlap Pillows, & Kitchen Art


So this is so random. This post is just a my train of thought that I had today & be prepared for how random my thoughts were. First of all I wanted to display my terrarium of cotton that I picked in North Carolina before we moved. Our terrarium with the cotton was tucked away in our office & I wanted it in a more central location where we … [Continue reading...]

New Craft Room Bookshelf


A few weeks ago I announced at my Facebook page that a lovely piece of furniture was delivered to our house for our office. Well, I haven't blogged it because quite frankly I haven't done anything to our office. Things have not been organized, it hasn't really been decorated, & nothing is where I want it to be, but I couldn't keep this piece of … [Continue reading...]

Favorite Things Friday


Happy Friday everyone! It's the day of the week where I share lots of lovely inspiration to start our weekends off right. This Friday is interesting for us because we had our first "house fail" this week with our new {old- 1988} house. Our ceiling has a leak! It's not from the roof like you would think. It's actually in our lower level living room … [Continue reading...]

Recent Home Decor Finds – February 2015


I want to get into a better habit of sharing my recent finds with you guys more often. From my fashion finds, food finds, skincare finds, & of course home decor finds. Anything I love I feel like it should be shared here. Because after all this is my blog where I share all things Liz Marie. I recently did an H&M home decor haul [here] which … [Continue reading...]

Ikea Slipcover Sofa Review – Honest Opinions 3 Years Later


Wow! This Ikea slipcover sofa review has been coming for almost 3 years now. Everyday I get questions about our slipcovered Ikea Ektorp sofas & whether or not we like them. I think I kept waiting to review them because I wanted a substantial amount of time with them before I gave my honest review. Before I get into the pros & cons I just … [Continue reading...]

DIY Rustic Entryway Coat Rack


Our "entryway", I put that in quotes because it's really just a part of our living room, was looking a little bare & the empty space honestly bugging me to no end. I came up with this idea to make a DIY rustic entryway coat rack, & all I needed was to come up with a plan. At first I was going to build the whole thing from scratch, but then … [Continue reading...]

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