A Simple Re-do

  Lately I have been wanting to add a certain something to my simple little coffee table, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted. After digging through some of my old decorations from our last house I came across these old black candlesticks & was reminded of some candle sticks in the latest Pottery Barn catalog. A little paint & some distressing & I made some knock-off Pottery Barn Candlesticks for free…

Candlesticks Before

I am so happy with the final product.. what a difference! & they add such a great little touch to my coffee table.
With some antique white paint & a little sanding, this project took less than forty five minutes.
I have wanted candlesticks like this from Pottery Barn for a few months now, but didn’t want to pay the price.. I am so happy with how they turned out.
I even had these candles laying around in my house & the paint was left over from a previous project, so this little DIY was really free. & I LOVE FREE!!! I hope you all enjoyed this simple little re-do, it’s the little details that really make a difference in the feel of your room.

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