Eclectic Plate Wall Art…

   For a while now I was trying to come up with an idea for my empty wall space in my dining room. I wanted something random & eclectic. I brainstormed a few ideas such as hanging antique colanders & antique kitchen utensils, which would still be a great idea, but then I was inspired by The Nesting place’s random plate wall. Just the idea of an eclectic mix of white plates on a wall makes me a happy girl! So here is my adventure into hanging plates on a wall..


Wall Before…
As you can see the wall above my cute little yellow bench was bare
& needed some art work to liven the place up!
To get started…
This is what a plate hanger looks like.. I had no idea until yesterday that this is what a plate hanger was, so for those of you who are like me.. this is a plate hanger in all it’s glory. Be sure to measure your plates before you go purchase your plate hangers, which I found at Lowe’s by the way for $2.98 a piece. They have different sizes, so know your plate sizes before you go. Lesson learned.
Plate Progression…
Cell phone picture of how I started. I layed all the plates on the floor to get an idea of space & placement.. as you will see, This is no where near how the final product looks.
The first plate was a little scary to hang, not going to lie, it’s hard putting holes in your brand new house’s walls!
Progressing… Sorry about the bad picture quality & crooked plates as I was working.. It was night time & the lighting was awful.. & I was more concerned with placement not making them straight.
This is where I was stumped. I liked it. But it wasn’t quite right, I wanted it to look more eclectic & less organized. Does that make sense?
Behold, eclectic plate art…
Finished Product….



I hope you all love my eclectic plate wall art as much as I do! I am sure I will do some more re-arranging of the plates soon, and even add some more. But for now this is the final product & I will keep you updated on any future eclectic plate wall art changes!! Thanks so much for stopping by & don’t forget to go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook to chat, share ideas, see updates that don’t make it to the blog & more! Have a great day!!


  1. BoldNBeautiful Makeup says:

    This is so awesome! you really do have an eclectic eye!

  2. I wish I had your sense of design in house decorating. ahh! I envy you!

  3. Elisabeth Hirsch says:

    Awesome idea!!

    I found you through the blog hop.

    I'm following. ;)

  4. Misty Smith says:

    Love it Liz!

  5. Gorgeous Liz!! The plates looks so good! Just the right touch about your pretty bench =) I just did a little "collection" on my entryway wall…just a plain ol' picture frame wall – I love it though! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hi Liz! These are all so beautiful, I love them! I'm a new follower. Hope you'll visit sometime :)


  7. That is so cool — it turned out really awesome (as my kids would say :-) I would love to do something like this in our dining room eventually, it's a great concept.

    I'm a new follower :-)

  8. Turned out great! Love it! I'm a big dish freak. My husband actually had to stop me buying dishes a couple years into our marriage. Now, most of them are in the attic. But, buying new dishes makes me a happy, happy girl. And seeing them up on your wall makes me smile!

  9. Goodnight moon says:

    Can you seriously come and do my house! I lovelovelove plate walls! I have actually been hanging plates left and right in my house. Infact, they are the only thing on my walls at the moment since we just moved in. I'm trying to figure out what I want on my walls!

    Great inspiration!

  10. scrapwordsmom says:

    This is truly darling!! Love that yellow bench:)

  11. I love your blog! I found you from the military monday blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back.

  12. Plate Hangers Fan says:

    That made a huge difference in the room. Looks great. If you don't want the wires to show, you might also try these Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers.

  13. Looks great! I love your hutch!

    Stopping by from the Military Monday blog hop!

    ~Debra at

  14. WOW! That is an awesome wall! I love plates adn the idea of white and lively eclectric is great! Im here visiting from LBS Tea Party. Love it such a happy room with all those colors.

  15. A Vintage Vine says:

    Looks great! It really adds pizzaz to that wall!
    Great bench underneath!

  16. Mrs. Sergeant says:

    I love it!!! I'm a new follower via the Military Monday Blog Hop!

    Mrs. Sergeant

  17. says:

    Love it! What a great idea ^_^

    Stopping by from the Military Monday hop.. and picking up a few design ideas too! lol

  18. Shairbearg says:

    Nice idea!
    new gfc follower from the blog hop!

  19. jacin {lovely little details} says:

    i love this {and i'm slightly obsessed with your blue hutch, too!}

  20. I would have still been obsessing over the placement of those plates, great job!

  21. Doreen McGettigan says:

    The plates look lovely. I did the same sort of thing with a bunch of mismatched baskets.
    I love the bedroom set!
    I am a new visitor and follower from Give it to me Monday!

  22. Christina Lucas says:

    Wow! Your header is stunning, and your posts look great!
    Following you from a Mon blog hop.

  23. Hi, I look forward to seeing you at Have a super week. :)

  24. This came out so good!

    I found you on the blog hop! I'm your newest follower!

  25. kenziekylanmom says:

    Hi, found you on Mingle Monday blog hop and decided to follow, love this blog!
    Hop over if you feel like it

    I love the eclectic plate wall and that pop of yellow underneath is devine!

  26. kingstongirl says:

    Super cute! I love you blue dinning room set! Amazing! :)
    I am your newest follower!! I love making new friends <3 Feel free to follow me back!

  27. I love this wall. So pretty! I am a new follower from the hop and I cannot wait to see more of your projects! :)

  28. Heather Lynn says:

    First off, I LOVE your plates!!

    Secondly, New follower here! Found you through the Military Monday blog hop! Stop by my space and say hi!!

  29. Love your blog! I'm following from the blog hop… hope you follow back :) I look forward to catching up on your other posts :)

  30. lovinangels says:

    I want your hutch. Screw the plates. Ok, no way, I need both. Need.

    stopped by from the blog it forward hop…Gonna tweet this as well as follow!

  31. Hi! I'm Jessica says:

    Very neat! Wish I was brave enough to try something like that. I'm following you from the Blog it Forward Hop. Hope you'll take some time to visit me at :) I have a low entry giveaway going on right now too if you're interested in entering!

  32. Awesome idea. I love it and you did a fantastic job!! You are so brave to try something like that. I usually think of pretty good ideas, but then chicken out.

    Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues – I'm a new follower.

  33. Lucy Designs says:

    very cool, this looks awesome!

  34. Real Life In A Minute says:

    What fun! Arranging and rearranging! Unique look all your own. Very nice! Sandra

  35. How clever! I love this!

    Found you at Mingle Monday! I'm following you and would love for you check out my blog and follow me back! :)

    I've got some great giveaways right now and huge list of more to come!



  36. My home is very eclectic too. I think the plates gave the wall personality that it didn't have. Nice job.

  37. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    That is really lovely. You're very creative. I would never have thought of that, what a fabulous idea.

    Found you through Tuesday blog hops.
    CJ xx

  38. danielle @ take heart says:


  39. Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. says:

    WOW! Perfection. :)

  40. lisaroyhandbags says:

    Love it!! I've been thinking of doing the same – now I definitely will. Love your yellow bench as well :)

  41. Angie @ SeriouslyAHomemaker says:

    Let's talk:

    First, I love that the plate wall art is IN THE KITCHEN. I do love the white dishes art thing, but it really bothers me when people display dishes in the bedroom or family room. Well done!

    Second: What do i love more than the plate art? the yellow bench and accompanying pillows. I wish i could "prt scrn" from my keyboard and past them into my entryway.

    Third: I think i heard that you can get those plate hangers at the dollar store for…. a dollar?

    Just a thought for anybody out there who is considering this same thing!

    Love it all.


  42. Lovely !!!

    Following you via Wednesday Skip & Jump Blog Hop. Hope you will follow me too @

  43. homepodge says:

    Beautiful! I would have called it quits after the first layout (it looked lovely to me!) but I think you're right, the second layout is more eclectic and interesting. Great job!

  44. K∂riиє* Smith. says:

    Very original! I love it!

    I'm your newest follower, so When you get a chance, could you please check out my blog and follow me back?


  45. Emily@SENSELESSsophistication says:

    Hey Liz! LOVE this wall…I'm digging the all white look! The adorable bench underneath really makes the plate wall pop. I'm so happy to have found your blog—I just watched the video with all your pics of when your Hubby got home and totally teared up—y'all are ridiculous sweet together!

  46. {jami @ i m a g i n e} says:

    Very nice! I love decorating! Loving these hops! would love for you to hop on by!
    xo – jami
    i m a g i n e

  47. Hi, I followed you on google friends from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

  48. sim only contracts says:

    First, I love that the plate wall art is IN THE KITCHEN. I do love the white dishes art thing, but it really bothers me when people display dishes in the bedroom or family room. Well done!

  49. Green Door Girl says:

    this looks great! I want to do something like this, but like you don't want to put that many holes into my new house's walls! LOL… I have an area over french doors that right now have trivets, I am thinking a random pattern of plates would look good there. I have also seend Nesting Place's wall and thought it looked so good, you did great capturing your style with the inspiration! :)
    jenn –

  50. Madigan at madiganmade says:

    This is beautiful!! Love the way they look above that bench.

  51. Modern Wivelyhood says:

    Love this! I featured this on a few of my favorite tutorials for the week:
    Thanks so much for sharing, your blog is fantastic!

  52. Dearest Home says:

    I love this post! And I love white plates. So happy to have found your blog … new follower! :)


  53. Trisha @ The Sweet Survival says:

    I love the plate wall! It is so elegant yet funky at the sme time. I am a new follower.

  54. says:

    It looks amazing. I love hanging plates on the wall. For your next project check out Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Tree for your plate hangers. When HL's are on 50% off they're only $.99.

  55. Jennifer Ingram (Gracious Spaces) says:

    Hey Liz, just stumbled upon your blog. I love your style and have a thing for plates myself. I love the inspiration. If you have a minute, I'd love for you to "like" me on Gracious Spaces, my restyling business. So glad to find your blog!

  56. Jenna @ SAS Interiors - Simple. Affordable. Stylish. says:

    Hi Liz-
    Your style is just amazing and I've awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award ~ take a look:

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

  57. inspiredhousewife says:

    Love this style! My question is…where did you find such fabulous plates??

  58. Ali Richardson says:

    I love it!! This is seriously beautiful. Great job. Just popping in from the TT&J party :)

  59. abeachcottage says:

    Visiting from the blog hop, really cute idea. Love that it stands out and makes your wall very interesting and nice to look at. Great job!

  60. SUPER SUPER CUTE! I love this idea! I am also in love with the little bird plates you have displayed on your blue shelf. Please please let me know where you found those!

  61. saw this on tatertots & jello – love it!

  62. Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever says:

    Gorgeous! Love how different they are, but thanks to the color it's a perfectly cohesive!

  63. It is look really fantastic:)

  64. I LOVE all the colors you use in your home! So pretty! I'm your newest follower!!

  65. Nita {ModVintageLife} says:

    I love the wall of plates. It looks fantastic with your china hutch. I really love the color of that china hutch. I kind of love a gallery wall full of something like your plates. I have a bathroom that I just keep adding mirrors to the walls of. I have over 60 mirrors so far. I love how it looks like its wallpapered in mirrors….just like your dining room could be wallpapered in white plates.

    Here's a link to my walls of mirrors.

  66. The DIY Show Off says:

    Beautiful! I have a white plate wall in my dining room too (I added some design). I use dischangers to hang them (another great option – no wire hangers showing). I love the different sizes you have and you have the perfect spot for your pretty display!

    Thanks for sharing in the DIY Project Parade!


  67. Michelle @ Loving Every Second says:

    Love the wall, love the bench, love the hutch!

    Stopping by from The Girl Creative linky party.

    Michelle :)

  68. Saw this on the DIY Show Off and had to come look at this because I am working on one of these myself for our dining room. I am looking for some more plates though. Where did you get all of yours? Any tips?


  69. i like it – it could be way cool to have started on one side of the china cabinent and then go up and over to the next wall……just thinking out loud……i love plate walls.

  70. raniaclare says:

    well, well, well, now i know what to buy…as i have plates i've been dreaming to hang…thanks for sharing this beautiful wall art:)

  71. Can something so simple be any more beautiful, I think not. I love how white has such a ka-pow {did I just say ka-pow, yes i did} impact.

    Me loves, a lot.

    you bench is something I want desperately. where did you snag it? Let me guess craigslist, garage sale?!

  72. Three Sisterz says:

    i love this! i have a blank wall in my dining room & have been puzzled as to what to do with it. thanks for the inspiration!


  73. this looks great! I love your yellow bench & blue…uh…what's that thing called again? :-) oh yeah! China cabinet! It all looks wonderful…like a magazine!

  74. I love your room, the white pops your other pieces. I Blogged about it, really lovely job.

  75. Looks great! I also love that you have that cute yellow bench in your dining area.

  76. Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista says:

    Awesome project, your pics make it look magazine worthy!!

  77. love the room! The plate wall display is awesome!

    Now following you on facebook.

  78. I love it! The collection of all of the plates put together makes such a nice statement. Very nicely done!

  79. Decorating the Ville says:

    Love the plate wall, I have been looking all over for pretty white plates and have come up empty handed – where did you find your plates!? Please share your source!

  80. Love it! Fab job & I am lovin your sideboard next to the plates!!!

  81. MommyMeagan says:

    ok- questions….where did you get all your fun plates? have you been gathering for a long time? what is the name of the color on your fabulous yellow bench? ooo…i LOVE your decor. Can't wait to keep reading for more inspiration!

  82. Jordin- I Love That! says:

    Hi Liz! I love your plate wall and the color of the walls! Looks great. I want to do a collage wall but it is kind of overwhelming on were to start. Thanks for the tips!

  83. Rachael says:

    Stopping by from Thrifty Decor Chick and I LOVE this wall o' plates. I've been thinking of doing something similar in our dining area. I love the white plates with the yellow bench and the blue hutch. Soooo pretty…totally my style… following along!

  84. kimberly @ craftyland says:

    that is fantastic! i'm also stopping by from tdc's before and after party. that little bench is just darling as well. love the white and yellow against your soft grey walls. fab!!


  85. Butterflies & Seashells says:

    I love your plates and am wanting to do the same I have some of those hangars but the plate i have it won't quite workit does not seem to catch it right.

  86. Hyphen Interiors says:

    Looks great! I love the bench color – it really pops in the room.

  87. I love it! My risk-taking was putting nail holes in the wall too. It's so hard!

  88. Love it! I too have a thing for plates and have hung up a lot, but I love all your white plates together. Absolutely beautiful. Please visit me anytime at

  89. This is my favorite "risk" I've seen so far! I saw Nester's random plate wall and sent a link to my sis telling her I want to do something similar. I love yours and will be copying it in the near future!

  90. I love your wall of plates – thanks for posting! I am wanting to do this in my newly redone kitchen/dining room. I just have to find enough white plates!

  91. Prized Possessions says:

    Looks great! And I love your bench and your china hutch!

  92. Little Miss Penny Wenny says:

    Um that is seriously amazing! I absolutely love it. Looks fantastic with that blue hutch and your darling yellow bench. I have been patiently waiting to put one up in my kitchen (as soon as my buffet is finished) but now I am even more eager! Love it!!!


  93. Looks A-MAZING!! and thanks for sharing the process!

    :D Lynda

  94. freckled laundry says:

    Very beautiful! Caught my eye immediately among the links at Holly's White Party.

  95. So lovely! Love the color combo of the plates against the wall with the bench and cabinet.


  96. Steph @ BirdhouseFamily says:

    Looks great! The whole room looks amazing, but this new plate wall ties everything together nicely.

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  98. Kathryn Michelle Jenkins says:

    so lovely. I love the white simplicity of it. you did a great job.


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  101. 1 Funky Woman says:

    Loving this, such a great idea for the space!


  102. Emily at the Fine House says:

    Love love! So pretty. I've also hung plates using Command velcro strips. They're a little more expensive but then you don't have to put holes in the wall and they don't have that plate hanger rattle :) Now I want to add more to mine.

  103. Jen @ Bungalov says:

    OMG I am in love. And clearly I am not the only one by how long it took me before I could post ;) I have been trying to figure out what I could do with a big empty wall I have in my kitchen. I painted a few stripes and it just did nothing for me. This is very inspiring to me and I might have to hang some plates. I hope if I do it looks as good as yours came out.

  104. I love your canvas prints! I have been wanting to print some of mine on canvas for a while now, but I have been waiting for the perfect photo on canvas to come around to print :)

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  108. Liz @ says:

    I don't know if you knew this, but I was watching Secrets From a Stylist on HGTV (Graphic Antique- episode 18), and your plate wall was used on Emily Henderson's "inspiration board." I recognized it and thought… that's on Liz Marie's blog. It's the exact same photo. Congrats! That's awesome!!!

    Do you want to give me a month of free advertising for loving your blog so much that I recognize your sideways pic on Secrets from a Stylist??? haha just kidding! I think it's awesome!

    ~ Liz

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  112. So lovely!

  113. makeup artist in Sydney says:

    nice one

  114. Excess Lighting says:

    Very creative and resourceful in a way. Makes me interested to have some not in my kitchen but in my room. Wish me luck!

  115. I love all of your white plates. The funny thing is I have some plates just like yours hanging in my kitchen. What are the odds? You must like shopping at TJMax too, that is where I got mine.

  116. wengdell00 says:

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