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   I wanted to do a quick little post on an amazing product I picked up today at Lowe’s. In my last post you saw my new Vanity Closet Re-do & I had mentioned that lighting was an issue in the closet for doing makeup. While at Lowe’s today I picked up a pack of two battery operated LED “puck lights”. They are amazing! I had planned on using the double sided adhesive on the lights to attach them under the shelves over my vanity mirror, but to my amazement when I got home, they were magnetic!!! & since the shelves are metal, that was perfect. I know I was a little too excited, but for the price of less than twenty five dollars for two of them, I was amazed at how awesome of a product this was. The brightness of the LED bulbs was also a bonus…..

Here is the Vanity closet before LED lights were in
Here’s one of the LED lights. They are super bright!!
I also love that they are magnetic, so I can move them around as needed. Very convenient!  The lights use 3 AA batteries each (which came with the ones I got.)
Don’t mind my scrubby saturday look… but I wanted to show the light output of these little suckers… & that is a picture of me not even directly below the lights. These lights will be helpful at 6am monday-friday when I can barely open my eyes as I get ready for work… maybe. 
Here is the light output shown on the vanity. Ok. You get the point. The lights are bright. & this is probably not as exciting to you as it is to me, but my vanity closet is just that much closer to be complete.  I was also thinking about getting more of these & using them in other places of our home. You could also use these as under cabinet lights in your kitchen, very affordable accent lighting.
Okay. So now a question for all of you! I had a few requests to do my favorite makeup products. Well, I had an idea.. I used to make “makeup” videos for youtube, & I was wondering if you guys would like to see my favorite makeup & cosmetic products video or blog post once a month here on Liz Marie Blog.. Let me know what you thin. Is that something you would like to see? 


  1. We use these as well, so our young boys can find the bathroom LOL!

    I'm following you now and hope you'll honour me with your presence as well!! Thanks.


  2. I would love to see your make-up tutorials! I'm always up to trying new things with make-up, so any ideas are LOVED!

  3. CarliAlice @ GG2Life says:

    I love the vanity and how excited you are about the lights. The fact that they are magnetic is cool as I've had something similar in the past and they did not work well since they were not magnetic. And yes, I'd love to see the make-up posts.

  4. I am need of a good eye shadow tutorial. How to apply it, the techniques, which brush is used for which technique, etc.

  5. Love your whole make-up set up and the light definitely bring it to life.

    I'm a new follower through Swingin' by Sunday hop. Hope you can visit my blog as well.

  6. kristinleigh says:

    Do a makeup video blog post =) So in love with your vanity area. Ah!


  7. I love the idea of putting the lights in, now your makeup will look perfect everyday.
    i would love to see some beauty posts! xoxo

  8. Liz Marie says:

    Thank you ladies!!!! I am for sure going to do a beauty favorites video once a month… This will be fun.. Minus the part of me being nervous and awkward in front of the camera.. but we will have fun with it!! I look forward to it! Thanks again for all your feedback.. -Liz

  9. ♥ Miss Tea says:

    what a gorgeous vanity! and you look beautiful! i love the idea to put LED lights on it. great job! i'm not one who knows how to put on a make up, it would nice to know step by step on how to , lets say, apply your foundation etc hehehe

    I'm following you from let's get social weekend hop!

    Susan @

  10. Liz Marie says:

    @♥ Miss Tea Sounds awesome!! I will try to get something together.. :) Thanks for leaving a comment & letting me know!

  11. LED Lighting says:

    Wow! Great looks….thanks buddy……i like it….

  12. Love Andie says:

    So, since I am doing the same, would you recommend LED lights over Halogen?! :) P.S. Love your blog! You are too cute!

  13. LED Backlighting says:

    WOw lovely lights. Thanks for sharing awesome pics and post.

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