Amazing LED Lights…

   I wanted to do a quick little post on an amazing product I picked up today at Lowe’s. In my last post you saw my new Vanity Closet Re-do & I had mentioned that lighting was an issue in the closet for doing makeup. While at Lowe’s today I picked up a pack of two battery operated LED “puck lights”. They are amazing! I had planned on using the double sided adhesive on the lights to attach them under the shelves over my vanity mirror, but to my amazement when I got home, they were magnetic!!! & since the shelves are metal, that was perfect. I know I was a little too excited, but for the price of less than twenty five dollars for two of them, I was amazed at how awesome of a product this was. The brightness of the LED bulbs was also a bonus…..

Here is the Vanity closet before LED lights were in
Here’s one of the LED lights. They are super bright!!
I also love that they are magnetic, so I can move them around as needed. Very convenient!  The lights use 3 AA batteries each (which came with the ones I got.)
Don’t mind my scrubby saturday look… but I wanted to show the light output of these little suckers… & that is a picture of me not even directly below the lights. These lights will be helpful at 6am monday-friday when I can barely open my eyes as I get ready for work… maybe. 
Here is the light output shown on the vanity. Ok. You get the point. The lights are bright. & this is probably not as exciting to you as it is to me, but my vanity closet is just that much closer to be complete.  I was also thinking about getting more of these & using them in other places of our home. You could also use these as under cabinet lights in your kitchen, very affordable accent lighting.
Okay. So now a question for all of you! I had a few requests to do my favorite makeup products. Well, I had an idea.. I used to make “makeup” videos for youtube, & I was wondering if you guys would like to see my favorite makeup & cosmetic products video or blog post once a month here on Liz Marie Blog.. Let me know what you thin. Is that something you would like to see? 

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