Bathroom Closet Re-Do…

    Recently I began having big ideas for our bathroom closet. Yeah, I really do think about those kind of things. It’s a really big closet for inside a bathroom. I am not complaining about the size, but the amount of shelves was unnecessary for just my husband & I. What the bathroom was lacking was a nice area for me to get ready at. I’ve always wanted a makeup vanity in the Master Bedroom, but a vanity just wouldn’t fit ideally. That is, until now! After removing a few shelves, painting the inside of the closet, adding molding to the shelves, & a few other changes, I now have my own little room to get ready in…

My New “Vanity Closet”
Before During….
I forgot to take a before picture. Of course. I got really carried away with taking all the shelves down, but here it is with the shelves taken down & me patching the holes. This was also a great opportunity for me to do some “Spring Cleaning” & get rid of a lot of this stuff shown in the pictures.
I love that the mirror takes up almost the whole back wall of the closet.
I love that even though I removed shelves, there is still a lot storage.
I added molding to the front of the shelves to give it a more polished look. The two boxes are “His” & “Hers” for all of our bathroom products. The two plastic drawer containers are for my makeup storage.
The inside of the closet is the same soft gray as the rest of the bathroom.
I am installing battery puck lights under the bottom shelf to better illuminate the mirror. 
This is the vanity as you have seen in my past post HERE & the mirror that I re-did HERE. No all I need is to find a cute vanity chair for my vanity closet.
The storage: Two Tan Boxes, Target 9.00. & you can find the makeup storage containers at any Walmart, Target, exd….
So there is my “Vanity Closet” Re-do.  I have a few more things to add & still work on, but I wanted to show you the re-do as of now. I wish the lighting was better in my bathroom so the pictures would have been better quality… but you get the idea. What do you think of it as of now? What have you been working on this weekend? Go to Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page & link up your latest DIY projects. 

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