Makeup Storage {Part 2}

Welcome back to Part {2} of my makeup storage series. You can go see Part {one} of my makeup storage series HERE. Okay, so while hanging out with a few girlfriends this weekend we came across this awesome blog (can’t remember the name, so upset!) With an amazing makeup storage idea. Here is my version of the magnetic board makeup storage….


A magnetic makeup board. love.  As you have seen in my previous post Here, you saw my new Closet makeover into my new “Makeup Vanity Closet”. This magnetic board makeup storage is perfect for my new vanity closet. I put most of my favorite makeup items on the two boards I made.
{What You Will Need….}
Fabric ( I used a shower curtain I got on clearance @ Target for $5.00!!), Magnets (Lowes $2.99), Sheets of metal (Lowes $4.00 per), & a hot glue gun.
I simply attached a magnet with hot glue to the back of my most used makeup products. To make the metal boards I cut the fabric (Shower Curtain) a little larger than the metal sheet. After it was cut I folded the sides over & hot glued the fabric to the sheet.
Maybe I will add A frame to the boards? We shall see….
This is so easy for me to be getting ready at my vanity & reach over to grab the makeup product I need. I love this!! My vanity closet is coming together. Remember to go check out the closet makeover HERE. Also go to Christine’s blog & check out her version of the Magnetic Makeup board here.
I hope you liked {Part 2} of my makeup storage series. How do you store your makeup?? If you try this idea, go link up your pictures/post on Liz Marie Blog Facebook. I would love to see them! Hope you all are having a great week. ummmm pretty sure I am so excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY!! I have never wanted time to fly by so fast… My hubby will be home soon. I. Can. Not. Wait. I’m so impatient. anyways bon voyage… & look forward to seeing more blog posts this weekend!!

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