Rest {Moss Letter Art}…

   This weekend didn’t even feel like a weekend.. Other than the fact that my husband is still gone due to the military, I worked my little booty off all weekend on projects around the house. I am almost done with my bathroom vanity re-do. I can’t wait to show you all what else I have been working on.
  You want to know what my problem is? I start too many projects with out completing any.. yup. I have 5 huge projects that I have started right now & not completed.. but they will be on the blog asap.. promise. Anyways, One of my projects this weekend, ironically, was making these moss letters for one of our guest bedrooms that spell out “REST”… My obsession with moss continues…

Let me tell you. I did this the hard way. Normal people would have bought a sheet of moss to wrap each letter, but not me. I couldn’t find the sheets of moss so I had to buy the big bag of loose moss from a local craft store. I had to glue each individual piece of moss to each letter. 
I chose to put the “REST” letters on the window sill in one of our guest bedrooms to set the mood of relaxation for our guests. I want to make more moss words.. I’m thinking maybe, “NEST” next time. Maybe for our living room.

I love the texture of the moss. Anything with a natural feel like this is my obsession.
To make these letters the way I did it.. All you need is hot glue, letters & bagged moss (found at any local craft or floral shop) I broke the moss up in pieces & hot glued it to the letters. Pretty simple. The only time consuming part was making sure the entire letter was covered. I love how they turned out!
This past weekend my friend Christine made letters for her baby boys nursery… Check them out….
She made these with scrapbook paper, distress ink, and a few other items.. You can see the tutorial HERE. She is one crafty mamacita & soon to be mommy!

 I hope you all enjoyed seeing my “Moss Letter Art”. Have you made any Letter Art lately? Go link up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook & show off your “Letter Art”.  I would love to see them all. I hope your weekend was fabulous.. as always it was too short if you ask me. This upcoming week will be filled with finishing projects, 50 hour work week at my job, & blog posts.. Have a fabulous rest of your sunday everyone!!