Spring Branches…

   While wandering through Michael’s craft store this past weekend enjoying all their great sales, I found these wonderful pussy willow branches. Better yet, they were half off regular price. Win. I’ve needed a new centerpiece for our cute little dining room table. I wanted something very simple & tall for spring, so these branches were the perfect match for my tall green “bottle vase” I already had….

Simple. Love. 
A spring centerpiece for less than ten dollars. I’ll take it. 
Okay. On to something sad.. My newest addition to our house….
I bought this BIG beautiful Armoire this past weekend at an antique store, but there’s a problem. It’s too BIG. I bought it to go in our master bedroom so we could put our TV inside & also it has great storage in the bottom.. but my measurements were off & it’s too big.
The doors both slide back & it was big enough to hide our flat screen.. because let’s face it, a TV is not the best interior design element. I love how shabby this big piece is, and the antique white is great.
The armoire is currently in one of our spare bedrooms awaiting its fate. I have not decided if I was going to sell it or make it work in one of our other bedrooms. 
I hope you all are having a great week!! My week has been going so fast because of how busy work has been. Love it! What are your spring centerpieces looking like? I would love to see them.. Go link them up at Liz Marie Blog Facebook & show off your spring centerpieces. Thanks for stopping by Liz Marie Blog today..