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… Do you remember this window shutter post?? Well, it was time for a change of scenery in the Galvan kitchen because you know me, I am constantly changing everything around our house! That’s normal right? We will pretend it is for now. Anyways, so here is my lovely little shutter in my kitchen  that now looks very lovely with some bird plates from pier one…

As listed in the previous post, where I used twine wreaths to decorate window shutter, I got this shutter for very cheap at an antique store in Michigan. Sorry about the bad lighting in these pictures.. I  need a “Shooting in bad lighting with my Nikon 101 class” any takers?
I wanted a {Quick} & {Easily adaptable} way to decorate the shutter. These plates were being displayed in my hutch & now they are simply attached to the shutter by clothes pins. Yup. Clothes pins
I simply hot glued the clothes pins to the back of each plate like in the picture. After the clothes pins were glued to the plates I clipped the plates onto the shutter. The plates I used were very light so they are very sturdy. 
I absolutely adore these plates. 
If you follow me on my Facebook Page you know that….. MY MARINE IS FINALLY HOME!!! The past few weeks have been really hard on me because he kept getting delayed & when they are gone for months at a time.. that tends to be very annoying. But he is back & I am one happy girl!!! We have been having a fabulous weekend… Today we are headed to a play ( Steele Magnolias) at our local theatre downtown because one of our friends is the lead role (Good husband Card for my hubby!!). I hope you all enjoyed this very quick post on a lovely quick change.. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!!! 

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