Lovely Painted Mason Jars…

… We all know my obsession with Mason Jars.. & here they are again making another debut again in my home. Recently I have become obsessed with the look of painted jars & the fresh clean look they have. I decided to paint my own mason jars…

These were very simple to make & you have so many options like jar size, paint color, & even embellishments such as twine or burlap.
I used a creamy white for the jars, but I think a pure white or a robins egg blue would be very pretty as well. I simply painted the inside of the jars with 2 or 3 layers of paint (I used interior latex satin, any paint will do.)  to completely coat them. After letting them dry for 24 hours, they were all set. 
I still don’t know where these lovely little jars will be in my house, but I love them so much & I think they will look cute anywhere.

As I mentioned earlier.. Some twine or burlap wrapped around the top of the jar would be very cute. The flowers I used were silk, but you can use these jars for other things as well.

I think I love these so much because it’s a combination of my two favorite things: Mason Jars & hydrangeas. Love.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I am currently getting my house ready for my husband to come home! It’s been two long months.. I know it’s nothing compared to the seven month deployment we just went through.. but I still miss him like crazy. I always go crazy right before he gets home.. for example I currently am taking a break from ironing my currents.. Really?!? Like he’s gong to notice the curtains, but it makes me feel better & passes the time. I am so excited… 3 More days!!! 
Enough about my marine & I… I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone… I reached over 1,000 followers on my blog. How cool is that? I just wanted to say Thank you.. & look out for my giveaway I will be doing soon. Also if you want your blog featured on liz Marie Blog or are interested in advertising e-mail me at
  xx Liz 

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