Beadboard Backsplash…

  I wanted to share with you guys my lovely new beadboard backsplash. I love it! Let’s just start from the beginning. So, I have wanted a beadboard backsplash for months, but with him being gone for a few months for the military & our busy lives, we finally got around to it on Memorial day weekend. So, thinking it would only take a few hours to put up the beadboard, I was sure it would not consume our whole holiday weekend. I mean how hard could it be? I was wrong. I should have known it was going to be a tedious project when we went to our local Lowe’s to pick up the beadboard & their saw was broken. We drove 45 minutes to the next nearest Lowe’s & purchased our beadboard & trim. So without boring you, let me just say that the project ended up taking 2 days, & about 7 additional trips to Lowe’s. It wasn’t a difficult project per say, but we did run into a few issues that made it take longer then expected. Thankfully my husband and I had a lot of fun working on this together even though there were some bumps along the way. If you are thinking about doing this project ready below for some additional tips & tricks… Lets admire some Before & After photos now….




The walls were flat paint ( Wood Smoke Grey)

To find out how much beadboard we needed we simply measured the length, width, & height of each individual section in the kitchen. We did the same for the shoe molding & dowel rods as well.
The lighting was not idea for the pictures.. but you get the idea. I love how the beadboard brightened up the whole kitchen!
To apply the beadboard to the wall we chose to use a staple gun so that there would be minimal damage to the wall. We used caulk to adhere the shoe molding and dowel rods on all the seams and edges.
I still have not fully accessorized my kitchen.. but it’s coming along & to see our complete kitchen to-do list see the bottom of this blog post!
I think the white really goes well with the busy granite. A busy tile backsplash would have been too much conflicting patterns for me. I like the clean serenity of the beadboard.


Things to have:

-shoe molding & dowels {craft store}
-Tape measure
-staple gun 
-kitchen paint {if you choose to paint the beadboard}
-skill saw
- & a handy dandy husband. 
This is the part of the project that took forever. Making templates to fit around the window & other parts of the kitchen that were not strait cuts. Just remember these do not have to be perfect because you can fill in the spaces with caulk….
The caulk was used to smooth out all the edges including around all the trim pieces. As you can see at the bottom where the beadboard meets the granite we used shoe molding and dowel rods to create trim along the entire counter top. We also did the same thing around the top where the beadboard meets the cabinets.
The cut outs for the outlets do not have to be perfect because they will be covered by the outlet faceplate anyways.
After the beadboard was all in place & before we put the outlet covers back on I painted a few coats of pure white kitchen & bathroom paint to really give the beadboard a pop of fresh white color.

Kitchen To Do List:

- New Lighting fixtures {pendants,ceiling lights,exd}
-Roman Shades for Window
-beadboard under the bar area {not shown in the photos}
-New Sink {I’m thinking black..?}
-New Faucet{touch on, touch off, of course}
-New Door for pantry {like a vintage door. with window}
-Add Crown molding on the top of the cabinets
-& accessorizing of course.

Sorry for the picture overload. I hope this post helped some of you who are thinking of doing a beadboard backsplash as well! I’m glad that I had my wonderful husband to help me with all this because if it wasn’t for him I would still be working on it & not writing this blog post. I am truly blessed that my husband loves all my crazy random ideas. Have any of you ever done a beadboard backsplash? Do you love it as much as I do? Well here is our next Facebook link up… You can go link up your backsplash {does not have to be beadboard.. we like variety!}  on Liz Marie Blog Facebook & I will pick some to put on the blog next week!!  
Talk to you soon,
Liz Marie


  1. jacin {lovely little details} says:

    you are so handy!!!! love this.

  2. Eschelle says:

    lovely work!! great job wish i could do this to my kitchen!

  3. I love it! Also your dress is so chic. Absolutely adorable. Where did you find it?

  4. Sabina@Slip Stitches & More says:

    Love your counter tops…the before pics of your lovely kitchen are nice, but it's amazing how adding the beadboard made everything even better. You guys did a great job.

  5. Liz Marie says:

    Thank You so much everyone.. I am really happy with it.. I am going to try to get better pics to post. I am not really happy with these. But i'm glad you can see the before and after pretty good! The dress is actually from TJ Maxx.. I really like it a lot and it was great for the carolina heat bc it was an outdoor wedding :)

  6. Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog says:

    Gorgeous, what a fabulous idea! I have been looking for a new backboard look and love this!

  7. Love your backsplash and congratulations that you did it yourself! I have a beadboard backsplash in my kitchen too, but I could never have done it! Kudoes to you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. it looks great!! i've been thinking about doing this with my kitchen as well, such a simple idea but it looks so fantastic!


  9. Mrs Gloves says:

    I would have never thought to put beadboard as a backsplash! Love how it looks.

    …stopping by from Mingle Monday…


  10. Junker Newbie Stephanie says:

    Love it! and that's a beautiful picture :-)

  11. That turned out great! Lightens up the space really nice :) Good job.

  12. LOVE LOVE this!!!

  13. Kristen says:

    It really brightens up your kitchen. When you start looking for your new sink, you might think about a white apron sink (farmhouse style). I think it would tie in with the fresh white beadboard, even though your appliances are black. Or maybe they make a black apron sink? I've never seen one but I'm sure someone makes one. That would look pretty neat too.

  14. acs-art says:

    Fantastic Liz! It looks beautiful! You give me so much inspiration! I love the look and style. :o)

  15. Kourtney says:

    The beadboard looks awesome!!

  16. Shannon says:

    Fabulous! We really must think alike because my kitchen looks almost identical to yours, and our to-do lists are literally IDENTICAL. The husband and I were planning on installing a beadboard backsplash THIS WEEK! How crazy! I'm not sure where you are located in NC, but if you are within a close driving distance of Gaffney, SC, there is a Pottery Barn outlet that is amazeballs. If you are looking for pendant lights, I snagged this little baby ( for above the sink there for $17! I'm also on the hunt for an antique door for our pantry! Great job on the backsplash, and good luck with the rest of the list!

  17. Splendiferous Girls says:

    Love it..great idea.

  18. Loving your blog!

    Also, I'm a new follower. Found you through Monday Mingle.
    Making It Count and
    Angie's Reviews & Giveaways

  19. The Painted Parlor says:

    Aw, you guys are so cute! (and so is your kitchen) ;)


  20. Susan @ Busy Home Adventures says:

    It looks great! It really does brighten up the room. I'm thinking about trying beadboard someday. Thanks for the hints!

  21. Denise McD says:

    How beautiful! I am so jealous of your kitchen! I did just recently get a new floor in mine and now my cabinets and such look horible!! lol

    I found you at the KdBuggie blog hope! Hope you can stop by my blog…

  22. I was thinking of doing a tile back splash in my kitchen, but I think this might work better, and cost less too!

  23. Looks Great Liz!! :)

  24. Sweet Peas and Bumblebees says:

    Love it….we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel….love the idea! I found your blog through a link party and LOVE it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  25. Thread In Her Hair says:

    This is fabulous!! It does make a big difference in the brightness of your kitchen. Well done!

  26. Craftberry Bush says:

    Hey Liz..the backsplash looks amazing….It makes me want to beadboard my entire house…!
    You look super happy with hubby by your happy for you ! xo

  27. Hello Liz,

    I'm a new follower (via Hope Studios) and I love your breadboard. I just did the same thing in my kitchen. It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

    Happy to be here and I will be back.

    Have a lovely day

    janet xox

  28. says:

    Very cute! I am contemplating doing a backsplash in my kitchen and hadn't figured it all out yet. But this is a great idea! Thanks!

    I host a weekly Friday link party I would love you to join if you are interested!


  29. That really came out awesome. Love the beadboard. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  30. L'Heure Bleue At Home says:

    That is a fab idea!

  31. This is so awesome! And I love your pictures by the way, including your personal pic, you look gorgeous! Found you at the Wednesday blog hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  32. What a great project! We did bead board in my son's room and I concur with you about caulk…it really does cover a multitude of sins. We also thought it wouldn't take very long to complete that project…we were wrong. Many trips to Lowe's…oh well, it looks great and so does your kitchen.

  33. abeachcottage says:

    You and your hubby did a great job! Looks really great and love the colour, it goes well with everything in your kitchen. Thanks for linking this up at BC Good Life Wednesdays.

  34. Jam Santos says:

    love it!

  35. Books at The Paperhouse says:

    Oh my gosh! STUNNING (you and the backsplash) :-) You are so handy.

    Stopping by from the hop. I'd love it if you could check me out at …

    Thanks ~
    Reading with Joey

  36. aquariann says:

    The beadboard looks great!

    -:¦:- Stumble Through Thursday: Bat Signals on Etsy -:¦:-

  37. baxter bunny says:

    I am soooo into art and design and I believe you both did a really nice job. You are right it does really brighten up the kitchen.

    I found your link on the Stumble through Thursday blog hop because I'm a bunny and I like to hop.

    p.s. you both look very summery for the wedding.

  38. Patricia says:

    Your hubby and you did a great job! I did brighten it up for sure.

    Following you via Wandering Wednesday blog hop. Already following every way I can. Stop by and follow me however you like.

  39. Beautiful job! Stumbled this:)


  40. Lauren Michelle says:

    That is so cool! I love the idea of putting beadboard as a backsplash in the kitchen. And it looks really nice with the granite, too. If it weren't for the granite, the beadboard would make the kitchen look cattage-y (not that there's anything wrong with cottage-y, because I like that style, too), but the beadboard kind of brings the style of the kitchen together with all the other elements. Fantastic DIY job! :D

  41. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says:

    Love the new backsplash!! I am so impressed that you did this yourself. You have so many awesome ideas here. I am your latest follower.

  42. Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch says:

    Forgot to mention that I just saw you like in NC. We love NC, and go there when we can; my husband's family has a cabin in the mountains there. Wish I was there now, it is soo hot here in Texas.

  43. Keenly Kristin says:

    Holy cannoli! You are GOOD!

    Stumbled you…my post is:

    Thanks for linking up!
    Kristin :)

  44. Wow! That looks fantastic! I love doing projects around the house, and this is a wonderful idea.

    I stumbled this post from Stumble Thursday. :)

  45. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says:

    I love the new backsplash- your kitchen looks so bright and pretty!
    I featured your mason jar soap dispenser today on my blog- I love it!! All of your mason jar ideas are so cute! I bought a bunch awhile ago thinking I was gonna be all holly-homemaker and preserve some food….screw that, I'm painting them and using them to decorate!!!

  46. Great idea! It looks wonderful! Stumbled!

    Would love if you returned the visit at !

  47. Mindie Hilton says:

    I would love to see this again at my link party. It will be a weekly link up Friday through Sunday. Hope to see you there. You can find the button for it on my blog now if you like.

  48. I love how this turned out! Did you find it to be a hassle? I recently used bead board in a bathroom and glued it to the walls but also nailed alone the top and bottoms so I had holes to fill and seams to fill. I found painting it and getting it to look super smooth difficult at best. Please come link to my party this weekend =)

  49. Thanks for linking up! I'll be featuring this on my blog tomorrow!


  50. Sassy Sites! says:

    I love the beadboard! Thanks for linking up at Sassy Sites for our ffa party! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!!


  51. Home Frosting says:

    I love your beadboard backsplash. It really brightens the kitchen! Great job!! Lesa

  52. It looks beautiful.Just the inspiraton I need to do mine.
    Thank you

  53. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Love your beadboard backsplash. I have beadboard in my kitchen and bathroom. We also put it in an apartment that we built for my mom (which is in our backyard.) I have heard that Lowe's has electrical plates in beadboard but I have not seen them myself. Your kitchen looks amazing.

  54. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    This is beautiful! I just love beadboard, we've used it before. Thanks for stopping by to add this to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday party! I hope you'll come back again this week.

  55. MoMomma says:

    You did a great job! We have similar colors in our kitchen and hadn't considered beadboard. Nice job!

  56. Tabitha says:

    It looks awesome! Great job!

  57. SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime says:

    I just featured this in Recognition Day Thursday Please feel free to grab the feature button :)

  58. Jacqueline says:

    It really doesbrighten up your kitchen! I wanted to the same to ours but just havent done it yet…thanks for sharing this aswell!

    Simply Creations Link Party

  59. Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life says:

    I saw your link at the Shabby Nest. We are also planning on using beadboard as a backsplash, so I am always interested to see other people's kitchens. It turned out great!

  60. Delaney says:

    Looks lovely! New follower from Simple Home Life hop.

  61. Korrie@RedHenHome says:

    This is really beautiful! I love seeing all your "in-between" photos.

  62. Faith's Place says:

    I did the same thing in my kitchen, but I used beadboard wallpaper!!!! I agree it brightens up the space!!!! nice job!

  63. Shannon Brennan says:

    Wow! That looks great! I wish I was that handy!

  64. It looks fabulous. I love the fresh look beadboard brings to a kitchen.

  65. Ann from On Sutton Place says:

    Saw your link at DIY Showoff. I can so feel your pain about a project that takes longer than expected! Seems like all mine are full of trips to Lowes too! This turned out great…templates are hard and you guys nailed it. Hope you are getting some rest this weekend!

  66. Jordan McCollum says:

    I love this! I've been looking for something to cover our subway tile backsplash (same tile as the floor and countertops, and the whole kitchen is 1987 brown brown brown).

  67. This looks great!:-)

  68. Steph @ somewhatsimple says:

    Your site is so great! Thanks for linking up to my link party- I need to browse here a bit more!

  69. I love the look of beadboard and would love to do something similar in my kitchen! My existing backsplash has a curve to it though, so I would have to remove that first.

  70. Carolyn says:

    Pictures were great… no overload, it made for an informative post. The beadboard looks good, you did an excellent job with it. A bonud to have your husband work with you.

  71. Looks awesome! Great addition.

  72. Karie Waters says:

    I want to do this to my kitchen~!

  73. simplychicforcheap says:

    this is awesome! i absolutely love beadboard!! :)

  74. Home automation systems says:

    I love seeing all your photos, very nice, Great addition.

  75. Safes San Francisco says:

    Amazing post by author on Beadboard Backsplash.

  76. Decor & Harmony @ 4290 says:

    I'm in the process of painting my countertops and cupboards thanks for the beadboard photos! Your kitchen looks great.

  77. Tampa marble countertops says:

    Very good information given by the Author beadboard backplash

  78. Spring cleaning services says:

    Fantastic, Amazing post, I like it.

  79. renee alberts says:

    What a great idea…everyone always assumes that Backsplash has to be tile (@ least I did). This is a great, clean look, I love it.

  80. Looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile so I’m glad I found this post with all of your helpful tips. :)


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  82. My husband and I did this last weekend and it looks AMAZING! Thank you for the super helpful tutorial. :)


  83. Nancy Kee says:

    How did you extend the outlets so they are flush with the beadboard…otherwise the outlet covers wouldn’t fit, would they?

  84. I absolutely love your work. This is amazing ! How did you get your beadboard to shine? ?

  85. Looks great! Thanks for all the tips…contemplating this for my own kitchen…

  86. Donna Kuchinskas says:

    Love the backsplash but wondering HOW you joined it together seeing it is only 4 foot wide?? Can you send me a pic of a close up of this??


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