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  I wanted to share with you guys my lovely new beadboard backsplash. I love it! Let’s just start from the beginning. So, I have wanted a beadboard backsplash for months, but with him being gone for a few months for the military & our busy lives, we finally got around to it on Memorial day weekend. So, thinking it would only take a few hours to put up the beadboard, I was sure it would not consume our whole holiday weekend. I mean how hard could it be? I was wrong. I should have known it was going to be a tedious project when we went to our local Lowe’s to pick up the beadboard & their saw was broken. We drove 45 minutes to the next nearest Lowe’s & purchased our beadboard & trim. So without boring you, let me just say that the project ended up taking 2 days, & about 7 additional trips to Lowe’s. It wasn’t a difficult project per say, but we did run into a few issues that made it take longer then expected. Thankfully my husband and I had a lot of fun working on this together even though there were some bumps along the way. If you are thinking about doing this project ready below for some additional tips & tricks… Lets admire some Before & After photos now….




The walls were flat paint ( Wood Smoke Grey)

To find out how much beadboard we needed we simply measured the length, width, & height of each individual section in the kitchen. We did the same for the shoe molding & dowel rods as well.
The lighting was not idea for the pictures.. but you get the idea. I love how the beadboard brightened up the whole kitchen!
To apply the beadboard to the wall we chose to use a staple gun so that there would be minimal damage to the wall. We used caulk to adhere the shoe molding and dowel rods on all the seams and edges.
I still have not fully accessorized my kitchen.. but it’s coming along & to see our complete kitchen to-do list see the bottom of this blog post!
I think the white really goes well with the busy granite. A busy tile backsplash would have been too much conflicting patterns for me. I like the clean serenity of the beadboard.


Things to have:

-shoe molding & dowels {craft store}
-Tape measure
-staple gun 
-kitchen paint {if you choose to paint the beadboard}
-skill saw
– & a handy dandy husband. 
This is the part of the project that took forever. Making templates to fit around the window & other parts of the kitchen that were not strait cuts. Just remember these do not have to be perfect because you can fill in the spaces with caulk….
The caulk was used to smooth out all the edges including around all the trim pieces. As you can see at the bottom where the beadboard meets the granite we used shoe molding and dowel rods to create trim along the entire counter top. We also did the same thing around the top where the beadboard meets the cabinets.
The cut outs for the outlets do not have to be perfect because they will be covered by the outlet faceplate anyways.
After the beadboard was all in place & before we put the outlet covers back on I painted a few coats of pure white kitchen & bathroom paint to really give the beadboard a pop of fresh white color.

Kitchen To Do List:

– New Lighting fixtures {pendants,ceiling lights,exd}
-Roman Shades for Window
-beadboard under the bar area {not shown in the photos}
-New Sink {I’m thinking black..?}
-New Faucet{touch on, touch off, of course}
-New Door for pantry {like a vintage door. with window}
-Add Crown molding on the top of the cabinets
-& accessorizing of course.

Sorry for the picture overload. I hope this post helped some of you who are thinking of doing a beadboard backsplash as well! I’m glad that I had my wonderful husband to help me with all this because if it wasn’t for him I would still be working on it & not writing this blog post. I am truly blessed that my husband loves all my crazy random ideas. Have any of you ever done a beadboard backsplash? Do you love it as much as I do? Well here is our next Facebook link up… You can go link up your backsplash {does not have to be beadboard.. we like variety!}  on Liz Marie Blog Facebook & I will pick some to put on the blog next week!!  
Talk to you soon,
Liz Marie


  1. I’m planning on doing this soon I’m repainting and have wanted beadboard forever what did you guys use to cut out the outlets? I’m going to have Lowe’s cut my bigger pieces but doubt they’ll do outlets and that’s what has me stressed the most

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  3. Hi, Liz — how has the area behind your sink held up over time with water? I was thinking about beadboard for a cheap backsplash in our new house but my husband is concerned with water damage.



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