Eclectic Shelf Decor

  Hey everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on how I styled my Crown Molding Ledge from Pottery Barn. I have a few of these shelves around my house & I love them! This particular one is hanging above our bed in our master bedroom, & I wanted to show you how I styled it for now… {Disclaimer this is an old post do not mind the photography}

Rustic Frame: TJ Maxx $7.99
MirrorCSN Stores Online $30.00
Candle sticks: Local Antique Store $5.00
Stems: Local Craft Store $2.00 per
Bird: Michaels $4.00
Vases: They were candle holders, but I transformed them. & they were a gift.
I love the eclectic mix of items on the shelf & also the beach(y) feel all of the textures and whites give, but also how transitional it is from season to season. {i.e. Winter}
If you have been following Liz Marie Blog for a while you know that our master bedroom is under construction & has been for quite a while.. but it’s getting there & I promise there will be many posts to come….
No, those are not my kids in the frame. I don’t have any kids. Don’t judge, I have not put a picture in it yet.. you do it all the time.. don’t lie.
Okay. One more…
So there was a quick look into how I styled one of my pottery barn shelves. I hope this inspired you to decorate any shelves or ledges you may have in your home. & now some pretty fun news….
It’s {Giveaway} Time!!!!
You can win a necklace similar to the one I am wearing in the picture above from Sunshine Blossoms Etsy Boutique. It will be a simple giveaway, by leaving a simple comment HERE {not this post}, you could be randomly chosen to win a beautiful necklace like this one…
Kourtney from Sunshine Blossoms actually made these necklaces especially for Liz Marie Blog by including the charm that says. “All Things Lovely”. How cool is that?? I love the length of the chain & the quality of the necklace.. More on that tomorrow…
okay. I’m really done now. The contest post will be up by tomorrow night & you will be able to comment on that post to enter to win. Thank you for stopping by Liz Marie Blog.. xx Liz Marie

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