Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

   Hi everyone… I am back with yet another Mason Jar post. So, as many of you saw this past weekend on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page, my hubby & I put up a new bead-board backsplash in our kitchen… I LOVE it! A Blog post on the backsplash will be up soon. I have a lot of {Do’s & Don’ts}{advice} if you are planning on doing a bead-board backsplash as well. Anyways… I made a new soap dispenser for our kitchen & it’s a Mason Jar of course. I know a lot of you like Mason Jars as much as me, so enjoy….

Recognize this painted mason jar?? It’s from this post that was on Liz Marie blog a few weeks ago.. I absolutely am obsessed with painted mason jars at the moment. I also love them for this project because personally I like how you can’t see the soap through the jar.. is that weird??
So here is how simple it is to make this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser….
{1} Get a mason jar with a lid {painted, clear, antique, large, small…doesn’t matter}
{2} Get the soap pump you want to use on the mason jar soap dispenser. I used a pump from an old soap dispenser I no longer use.. you can even use a plastic one off of a disposable soap dispenser!
{3} Put the lid onto the mason jar & grab your drill & start drilling a hole into the center of the lid. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the pump.
{4} Fill the soap dispenser with your favorite hand soap.
I love my little cute soap dispenser.. & you have a little sneak peek of the bead-board backsplash in the photos.
Post coming about that in the next few days.. stay tuned!
I hope you all love my little mason jar post! Have you been doing any mason jar crafts lately?? Link them up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page, I would love to see them! Also, I am doing a post on all YOUR crafty little wreaths tomorrow.. Do you have a wreath you want to show off? Link it up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook & I will include it in the post!! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Jacenda ♥ says:

    Came out cute.

  2. Lauren Michelle says:

    I LOVE mason jars. My cousin, Bridget, has loads of them she uses as drinkware. It makes me want to go to my nearest outdoor produce store and buy loads of jarred vegetables just so I could have the mason jars. I mean, I eat vegetables anyway, so why not get fresh produce where I could do something with the jar afterwards, right? :)

  3. Miss Tapia says:


  4. lauren @ West Furniture Revival says:

    Great idea. ive been buying alot of mason jars lately too. ill give this a shot…

  5. Lovely idea! I totally want to try it.

  6. Keenly Kristin says:

    Wow…you never cease to amaze me!

    Stumbled you! My post is:

    Thanks for linking up!
    Kristin :)

  7. Tina Peterson says:

    I bought 2 jars of jam from HyVee the other day and noticed they were the "decorated" kind with fruit in the glass (kind of 3D) – that would make a neat soap jar for the kitchen.

    I’m stumbling your post, would love a stumble back when you have a moment:

    Thanks! Tina

  8. What a great idea, so simple yet so professional.


  9. Mindie Hilton says:

    Very cool
    stumble me won't you
    You will be happy you did

  10. Leontien says:

    Very very cute indeed!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Whispering Peace says:
  12. bluebell screams says:

    That's an adorable idea. I may have to try this out-I've been wanting to redecorate the master bath for a while now.

    New follower from the Wandering Wednesday hop

  13. So perfect! I have a fear of drilling but I may have to suck it up just to make one of these. I know what you mean by not being able to see the soap in the jar. I also HATE labels on my stuff so as soon as I buy new lotion, facewash, or whatever…I tear off the labels. They're just not pretty to me. I know, that sounds really weird!! :)

  14. I love this idea. It would definitely stay filled longer! Stumbled this:)


  15. Cool idea!
    I've stumbled this post and hope you'll visit over my way soon. Have a great weekend – it's almost here!!!

  16. BellaVida says:

    Hi, I just landed here from Paisley Passions Wandering Wednesday blog hop. I'm a brand new follower.

    That's a very clever re purposing of a jar.

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  17. Christina says:

    I love this! So on my to-do list…I've got so many empty Mason jars!!

    Thanks so much for linking to "20 Below Thursday"!! :)

  18. Anonymous says:
  19. love this idea, can't wait to try it

  20. What a great idea! I love that you would be able to see the soap inside!

  21. Julia in West Des Moines, IA says:

    found you at sweep tight. very cute soap dispenser. will remember for future. a post like this would definitely fit into my linky, Frugal Tuesday Tip.

  22. I like my soap, lotions and things in pretty jars too and the mason jar shabbiness of this is just too cute! I shared a jar makeover this week too – only with twine.

  23. Funkytime says:


  24. Funkytime says:

    looks really nice! inspired me to do one out of a tin can!

  25. Wonderful idea! I love it. Guess I need to dig out some Mason Jars!
    Thanks for sharing at The Shabby Nest!

  26. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says:

    I love mason jars, too!

  27. Karen @ Goodbyecityhellosuburb says:

    I think the mason jar soap dispenser is so cute. I would love it if you shared it with WorkShop Wednesday. I would like to feature it next week!

  28. Chris Craft says:

    I love this look…nice job!
    I have a question…After you drill the hole in the mason jar lid, do you need to adhere the pump to the mason jar lid with an expoxy?

  29. Hello love this idea so i did it last night and i painted the top and the bottom, once it was dry i accidently dropped the lid, and some of the paint came off, was wondering what kind of spray paint you used so this dosent happen again, also the pump dosent stay one that great a little wobbly was wondering if you have an idea so it stays. I am going to make 3 more but want to make sure it looks better. Thanks love the mason jars

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