Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

   Hi everyone… I am back with yet another Mason Jar post. So, as many of you saw this past weekend on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page, my hubby & I put up a new bead-board backsplash in our kitchen… I LOVE it! A Blog post on the backsplash will be up soon. I have a lot of {Do’s & Don’ts}{advice} if you are planning on doing a bead-board backsplash as well. Anyways… I made a new soap dispenser for our kitchen & it’s a Mason Jar of course. I know a lot of you like Mason Jars as much as me, so enjoy….

Recognize this painted mason jar?? It’s from this post that was on Liz Marie blog a few weeks ago.. I absolutely am obsessed with painted mason jars at the moment. I also love them for this project because personally I like how you can’t see the soap through the jar.. is that weird??
So here is how simple it is to make this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser….
{1} Get a mason jar with a lid {painted, clear, antique, large, small…doesn’t matter}
{2} Get the soap pump you want to use on the mason jar soap dispenser. I used a pump from an old soap dispenser I no longer use.. you can even use a plastic one off of a disposable soap dispenser!
{3} Put the lid onto the mason jar & grab your drill & start drilling a hole into the center of the lid. Make sure the hole is large enough to fit the pump.
{4} Fill the soap dispenser with your favorite hand soap.
I love my little cute soap dispenser.. & you have a little sneak peek of the bead-board backsplash in the photos.
Post coming about that in the next few days.. stay tuned!
I hope you all love my little mason jar post! Have you been doing any mason jar crafts lately?? Link them up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook Page, I would love to see them! Also, I am doing a post on all YOUR crafty little wreaths tomorrow.. Do you have a wreath you want to show off? Link it up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook & I will include it in the post!! Thanks for stopping by! 

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