Stripe Mania…

… I was catching up on all my favorite blogs earlier today which includes the lovely blog, Decor8. Love it! On the blog was a post about Stripe Mania, a blogger round up. Basically what it is, is an event where bloggers take a picture of them wearing stripes & post the picture on their blog, like a blogger party for all the lovely bloggers out there. Such a fun idea!! Luckily I read this post before I got ready for the day, so of course I chose to wear stripes today & my hubby took a picture of me.. such a good guy. Anyways so here is me in all my stripey glory today…

I chose to wear this striped long T-shirt with puffy shoulders.. My necklace, which is flying everywhere in this picture was made for me by Sunshine blossoms. I paired it with some high waist shorts from Express. My watch is fossil & that’s about it folks.. I love me some stripes!!
Picture via iPhone 4
I’m sorry if this post was pointless to some.. but I thought it would be fun to participate. If you are a blogger and want to participate, you have until tomorrow to post the picture… click here for all the info. I will be back to my DIY posts tomorrow… I have a pretty sweet table re-do that I have been working on this weekend that will be gracing my blog tomorrow… I hope you all are having an amazing weekend so far..  XX Liz


  1. Lauren Michelle says:

    I think it's fun to switch things up a bit, especially on the weekend. I don't get as much traffic on the weekends, anyway, so I figure if I'm going to do something different it needs to be on Saturday and Sunday. That's when people like to relax, cool off, and read fun things. So I think it's actually totally appropriate. Love the shirt, by the way! Stripes are great. Especially black and white. :)

  2. Craftberry Bush says:

    Hey i wore stripes today toooo….no pictures though….not a pointless post, you need the exposure from big sites like decor8…so I think it's a brilliant idea on your part !
    have a great weekend…xo
    so pretty…:)

  3. Alia Dalwai says:

    Im your new follower! I looooved your blog! Keep up thee good work, gal! :)


  4. Classic NYer says:

    You look good in stripes. :-)

    Stopping in from the LBS tea party.

  5. says:

    What a cute shirt!

  6. Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy says:

    You are rockin those stripes!!! You look beautiful as always! I love me some stripes too :)

  7. jacin {lovely little details} says:

    such a pretty lady!

  8. Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm says:

    I love stripes! such a fun idea for a blog party. xoxo! Britt

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