It feels good to be back!! I know it’s only been about two weeks, but I missed the bloggy world… a LOT!! So, where have I been you ask? Well, hubby & I took a last minute trip up to our beautiful home state of Michigan. Best. Decision. EVER! We had such a relaxing time hanging out with family & friends while enjoying the comfortable summer weather compared to the unbearable humidity in North Carolina. We spent a lot of time at my parents lovely cottage on the lake… I feel so refreshed & rejuvenated.. this vacation was much needed! I had all intentions of blogging while I was home, but having my computer off for two weeks & being cut off from the world was great for my mind, body, & soul.. I recommend you try it sometime! I completed a few projects before we left on our road trip, & here is one of them, my dandy-lion tables….

Love this color! It’s my new favorite.. It’s part of the Martha Stewart collection called, Dandy-Lion.

I picked these tables up for about $13 from Goodwill… They just needed some love. 

I felt like these retro styled tables needed a retro color to liven them up… I wish my house needed some yellow tables, because I love the finished product!
All I did to prep the tables was a little bit of cleaning and sanding. Primer or major stripping was not necessary. 
The distressed detail added more charm.
I painted these in my house because it was too hot outside to paint, but this is after all the painting was done & before the distressing & stain. I distressed with an 80 grit sandpaper & brushed on a dark walnut stain to mute the yellow a tiny bit. 
I think the yellow is beyond perfect for these tables. Have I said that enough? 
These tables would add a lovely pop of color to any room. They could be used as bed side tables, or couch end tables.. the options are endless really.


I love the legs on the tables & all the detail on the side. 
okay. I hope you loved seeing my lovely little Dandy-Lion tables. & thank you for bearing with me with my cut off from the blogging world. I am back & I have a lot of posts lined up.. Also more giveaways. I hope you all had an amazing fourth of July.. It was so good to spend Independence day with family & friends! Swing by Liz Marie Blog facebook page & share with me what you have been working on lately.. I would love to see!!!

xx..Liz Marie

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