Toned Down…

   As we all know, I love cute little shabby chic pieces & funky bright vintage restorations, but sometimes it can be too much. Case in point,  a shabby chic armoire I purchased a few months ago. I loved the over sized piece when I first received it { You can read about it HERE}, but after getting it into my house I realized it was too much shabby chic for one piece. I knew this piece would be truly appreciated more if it was toned down just a little bit…

It’s still a shabby chic piece with the brush strokes & not being a perfectly smooth finish, but it is more simple then what it was before….
The shabby chic was a little too much on this oversized piece for me. 
This armoire has so many different opportunities for the ways it can be used, & unfortunately I am selling this piece because it does not fit in my house, but the possibilities are endless..
– A linen closet {add some shelves & some pretty linens}
-A TV armoire {Like I show in the pictures below}
– A closet armoire {add a bar to hang clothes}
– A craft closet {organization at it’s finest}
-So many possibilities for one armoire… 

Crafty Armoire.
Linen Closet Armoire.

Another Crafty Armoire.
Laundry Armoire.
This armoire could obviously hold a bigger television, but I just used the one we had in our guest bedroom & it left a lot of room for decorating. 
A little tip:
I have a personal rule of thumb I use:  For every one shabby chic piece in a room, two pieces should be more simple. For example, if my coffee table is shabby chic, my TV armoire & book shelves are more simply painted ( of course they can still be fun colors). I do this so that the room doesn’t look cluttered and overwhelming, but also so the shabby chic pieces can stand out and be appreciated. A comfortable room has a good balance between all of the furniture & fabrics used. 
How was your weekend? Is it sad that hubby & I have not done much of anything this summer because of the heat? Yesterday we explored some cute towns not far from us on the water, & otherwise we have had a very relaxing weekend. Those kind of weekends are my favorite. I hope you all have had a great summer even with the crazy high temperatures! I didn’t even do all of my projects I had planned for this weekend.. well, I  guess I have a lot to do this week! Thanks for stopping by…