Jewelry Organization 101…

I wanted to show you a pretty
basic way to organize all of your lovely jewelry today.
Literally kindergarten level of organization.
but hey, it works!! 
I can’t stand clutter. Period, so any organization 
gives me happy little butterflies inside & that’s 
the simple truth of my life.
Well maybe I was really happy because this
is what I was dealing with prior to organizing..

Having trouble deciphering what is what? 
No, it’s not your eyes.
It’s a big ball of necklaces,bracelets, earrings & many other
little girly things.
As you can see the clear bowls on the tray above
just aren’t cutting it anymore. 

That’s Better. 

I used the hidden jewelry drawer in the top of one of my dressers. 
It was empty before & is the perfect size for
jewelry, but you can use any drawer that you have available.

I used different sized drawer organizers 
{about .75 each at WalMart}
You can also find prettier organizers, but I did this
very last minute, so this is what you get.
I also was thinking maybe a silverware drawer organizer would
work very well too!
I have a lot of extra space in the back of the drawer
 for more jewelry,
 which is good since I hadn’t put all my 
jewelry away when I had taken these photos.

I separated my bracelets, stud earrings, cocktail rings, watches & hanging earrings.
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I hope my jewelry organizing spree has inspired you 
to go organize your jewelry stash.
This weekend has been a good weekend so far…
Today I worked on a few furniture pieces that will be in 
my shop soon & a few customized pieces for 
clients.. It was a busy day!!
Tonight I’m enjoying the Michigan game with 
my husband, I’m jumping off the couch as 
we speak cheering, so I better 
let you go, Thanks for stopping by!!
xx Liz Marie

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