Magnetic Makeup Board…

As many of you know I blogged for Birchbox
last week. I had so much fun working
with them, & I wanted to share 
with you some of the things I blogged about
just in case you missed it…

I blogged for them a total of {5} Days.
Each day I wrote about something different
from my magnetic makeup board to my
favorite cosmetic products.

Here is my new magnetic board…

As many of you may know I made a makeup board
 a while back which you can see {here}.
It wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I made 
this one a little more lovely
& a little more me…

Items Used:

{2} Magnetic sheets from Lowes
{1} Antique gold picture frame from an antique store

I painted the metal sheets a pretty robins egg blue &
used super glue to attach the metal sheets to 
the back of the frame. 
I hot glued magnets to the back of my favorite makeup
products to make the products stick to the magnet board.

I hung my magnetic makeup board in my vanity closet.
It makes getting ready in the morning so easy
because my makeup is conveniently within reach &

Stay tuned for my other blog posts
from Birchbox.. I will be sharing them with you soon!!
xx Liz Marie

15 thoughts on “Magnetic Makeup Board…

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