Sun dried Kelp…

Remember that Stenciled wall
I painted in my bathroom a while back?
Well, I had this wonderful color left over 
from that project.. & I decided to use it 
this weekend on a few furniture pieces.
They turned out very lovely


The nightstand was actually in great shape, 
solid wood & amazing quality…
It just needed my “Lovely touch


I love the soft blue/ green color of Sun Dried Kelp. 
Very calming & a great color
for a bedroom. {Or a nursery}

I changed the hardware finish to a satin nickel 
to pair with the new color.


don’t mind the mess in the garage or the fact that my before picture
cam after one paint stroke of primer. oops. 

Here is the head & footboard that I painted in the 
same color. Don’t you love the shape of this piece?
I love the geometric lines & the spacing between the spindles. 

These two pieces are not a set, but they could be put together
in a room and look wonderful. 

Thanks for stopping by to see 
what pieces I was working on this weekend.
I have a really awesome dresser to show
you this week as well.
I’m in love, it’s one of my favorite pieces I have 
ever done, can’t wait to show you!
These pieces are for sale in my shop if 
you are interested in purchasing either one. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend,
Today we spent remembering 9/11
 Who would have known 10 years ago, 
sitting in my 8th grade math class 
watching the 9-11 events unfold,
 that I would someday be 
married to a Marine 
fighting a war started on that day. 
May the Lord comfort all the families 
who lost loved ones on that day 
& who continue to loose loved ones
 in operation enduring freedom. 
I love my marine
God bless & we will never forget.
Talk to you soon…
xx Liz Marie