Changes In The Living Room…

I get asked everyday if I will
do a house tour of our home.
I really want to do a house tour, but I always
feel like my house is never quite “done”.
So I decided I would bring you on my journey…
Through changes big & small in our home.
Right now I am really working on our 
living room & dining room area.
As you have seen in previous posts,
we are transitioning from black furniture to 
white {& a few other surprise colors}….

So there you have it. 
All of the changes coming to our living room.
My problem is everything being such a slow process…
This week the entertainment center is 
getting painted, stay tuned for how it turns out…

I love my sunny living room & don’t get me wrong
 I can’t wait for everything to fall in place, but I still love
my cozy living room space. 

I can’t wait for my dark wood floors to be installed
& I can’t wait to find white slip covers.
{I have had no luck finding any that are affordable for 
my couches, any advice of where to get them would
be amazing!! Thank you} If I can’t find them
anytime soon, I will be purchasing some slip covered 
Ikea couches. Now if only we lived close to an Ikea…

This part of our living room
needs a little pick me up to…
the wood floors & some new accessories 
will really liven the space up.

See that black dining room table in the back…
not for long. I have not started on it yet because
I’m still deciding on colors.
Won’t these couches look fabulous with some 
white slip covers? I really can’t wait.
I love my couches, everything about them,
I just love white more.

Well there is a start to my “House Tour”.
I can’t wait to be at the point where I feel like our house is
finished, will that ever happen?
My husband & I love DIY projects & we both enjoy
changing things.. so I think the answer is No.
But really, what fun would it be if things were finished,
I would be bored…
xx Liz Marie