Eclectic Plate Wall…

I wanted to share with you a little update
Remember that cute little plate wall?
My plate wall was actually on an
episode of “Secrets From a Stylist”  
on HGTV with Emily Henderson!!! 
I almost died when a follower of my blog told me.
It’s on the episode called “Graphic Antique”
if you want to go watch it.. don’t blink because it’s a
quick flash of it… but hey, I’ll take it!!

Well I ran into a little dilemma the other day…
I was getting sick of it, I was about to take down all the
plates & do something different with the wall
until my husband said something that changed my mind.
He suggested among all the white plates, I hang
one colorful plate. BRILLIANT!!
Love him. He seriously inspires me a lot
& this was one of those times. 
I love how it turned out, so I will keep the 
Eclectic plate wall a little longer…


I loved the wall before,
I am just me & I always am making changes
to everything in my home.

I took some plates down & switched a few around.
After that I added one green bird plate
adding a pop of color in my eclectic wall art. 

The yellow bench is still there,
but there has been talk about that changing too.
I am on the lookout for a buffet instead
of my pretty hutch. 

The plates are all hung on the wall
with plate hangers {found at Lowes}
You could always make some homemade 
plate hangers out of paper clips and hot glue. 
The plates are all from TJ Maxx, except the bird plate
that one is out of my plate set from Peir 1.

I love the pop of color of the plate
with the pop of color with the yellow bench, & the
blue hutch.

I am a clean freak & a perfectionist
so at times the plates look crooked & I could
adjust them forever, but I’ve learned
to embrace the imperfections of my plate
wall. To me it gives it more character 
& aesthetic appeal.

Along with all my painted furniture,
I have been debating on bringing in natural wood
to warm up the dining/living room…

The black table? Changing soon!!
Stay tuned for that.. I’m excited about all the changes.

Have you made a plate wall?
I would love to see it,
Link it up on Liz Marie Blog Facebook page!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today…
It’s been such a busy week in my
“paint studio” I can’t wait to show you
all of the finished products.
Talk to you soon…
xx Liz

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