Homemade Chalk Paint

I love homemade anything…
food, cleaners, skin products, & paint?
Yes.. I love making my own chalk paint. 
{Not to be confused with chalkboard paint.}
& you can make chalk paint too…
It’s very simple & very affordable… bonus!
There are a few recipes on how to make homemade chalk paint
but here is the one that I use & love…

You can find all of these items at Lowe’s.
I found the un-sanded grout in the tile section for about 5 dollars.
You can also experiment with your grout to paint ratio
as well to get the consistency that you like.
Here is my most recent piece that I used 
chalk paint on….



This dresser was a pice of work to say the least.
From the top of the dresser falling apart
& there being about four layers of paint on it.
I had my work cut out for me. 
After sanding the dresser down, I used wood
glue to repair the chipping pieces.
After the wood glue, I used wood filler to fill 
in all the dips & divots in the wood.

The client wanted the desk solid white with out
any distressing. The chalk paint has such 
good coverage that it made it an easier task
to cover this antique beauty.

Benefits of Chalk Paint:
-You do not need to sand the piece of furniture before painting
-No primer needed
– A little goes a VERY long way because it’s so thick
-Easy to distress 
-Dries very quickly & dries with a very nice chalky finish

Now you are probably wondering If I have ever used
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & the answer is that I have not.
Don’t get me wrong, I really do want to try it sometime,
I just have not got around to ordering it & no
one in my area sells it. I will be buying it & giving you 
a review on it sometime soon!

I think in every blog post I talk about the 
cute ‘legs’ of the piece of furniture, but seriously…
look at them. & little wheels.. love them!

The client chose crystal knobs for the top two drawers 
& opted to keep the other wooden knobs…
I love her decision & think the crystal knobs look perfect!

Have you made chalk paint before or used Annie Sloan Chalk paint?
I happen to love it & I will show you more projects of me using 
chalk paint in different ways.
Good luck with your Chalk Paint adventures!!
If you have a chalk paint project go link it up on 
Liz Marie Blog Facebook page, I would love to see them.
O, & you know that little reindeer? more on that little guy soon!
I hope you are having a fabulous Halloween weekend…
I have been having such a good weekend & the Mr. has the 
day off tomorrow, so we get a three day weekend together..
I love long weekends with my best friend.
Talk to you soon!

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