Repurposed Birchboxes…

I wanted to share with you another Idea 
that I blogged about for BirchBox a few weeks ago.
I blogged about ways you could recycle your Birchboxes,
You can go look at the post I did {Here}.
 If you don’t know what BirchBox
is you can click here or here to learn more.
Here are my lovely reused Birchboxes

You can reuse your birchboxes for lovely gift boxes.
My friend Christine & I made these lovely boxes
with doilies, felt, and twine. 
& a gift in a handmade gift box is just an extra lovely
touch that makes the gift a little more special.

The doilies are from Michaels & so is the twine. 
We made the gift tag out of a manilla folder
& used doilies & a floral scrap book letter to decorate it. 
& Christine is the felt flower master,
so we spruced up the boxes with some lovely cream

Ready for some more ideas for those

Birchboxes arre great for drawer organization…
Makeup, jewelry, craft supplies, or that junk drawer 
that you have been mean to organize forever.

& last, but certainly not the end of the possibilities
of recycling these boxes…
You can use them to organize recipes, pictures,
postcards, receipts, & so many other things.
Simply label the boxes to keep them organized & pretty.

I love recycling & repurposing things that I already have,
so this project was really fun for me.
I hope you are all having a great weekend,
my weekend has been wonderful & I’m looking forward
to the rest of the weekend as well…
Enjoy your weekend & I will talk to you later!
xx Liz Marie

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