Recent Favorite Finds

So I am constantly discovering great pieces…
Whether it’s an antique or just a wonderful treasure
from a local store. I wanted to show you some
of my recent favorite finds

I picked up this lovely little scale up at an antique
store that is about an hour from our house.
I never really said “hey, I want an antique scale.”
but, when I saw it, it was love at first sight.
For now, this lovely scale graces my kitchen counter,
I’m sure it will be in a blog post to come…

The next thing makes my heart skip a beat
every time I see it…

I found this vintage 60’s leather ottoman in this unique barn
sale that my husband and I happen to stumble onto
one sunny afternoon… I was the happiest girl alive when I got
it for the amazing price of $10…

& the next two things are similar, but different…
does that make sense? haha
You all know I have this love for nature in my decor &
you can see an example of it in my DIY Deer Head Post {here}.

 I can’t take all the credit for this one…
My husband & I were in TJ Maxx one night & he saw this
beautiful chrome deer head sculpture, I died.
He was so proud of himself & kept repeating “I found it, you’re welcome”
haha he is too cute… & I couldn’t believe what a steal it was…
This sculpture was under $15 dollars & way cheaper then any
sculpture I had found anywhere else.
Unfortunately he does not have a place in my home yet,
but I am finding him one very soon…

 & last but certainly not least is not really a find,
because it was a gift from someone who knew that
I had been looking for these for quite some time now…

Yes, deer antlers. aren’t they beautiful?
I love how perfect they are, they honestly look hand
painted. Nature is a beautiful thing people!
I can picture these babies ending up on my coffee table on
a stack of antique books… ahhh bliss.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite finds of
this past month…. It’s always nice to see others finds for
inspiration, ideas, & lets face it… it’s fun to be nosey
& see what other people are finding!
I will be sure to update you on where all of these lovely
finds end up in my house.

xx Liz Marie