November Favorites…

So I finally did it… I have been saying I was going
to do it for some time now, & I’m sure you
all didn’t think I actually would…
I made my “first” Youtube video for you guys!
I say ‘first’ because about three years ago I made
a few makeup videos, but those have since been lost in
cyberspace… Anyways My first video is my November
Favorites {Makeup I have been loving} 
Now, I feel like the video is not really “me” because I felt
so awkward talking to myself about makeup,
but I’m sure I will warm up to the camera soon.
I mean talking to yourself gets easier right? haha
But really… I wanted to make videos for you guys,
& maybe some DIY & crafty videos too…
For now I hope you enjoy my first video & let me know
If you want to see more beauty videos…

xx Liz Marie