Stenciled Nightstand

I feel like I have abandoned my blog, & It’s only been a week
since I have last posted. We are away for the holidays visiting
family & friends in Michigan & I am having the time of my life…
Everyday is filled with fun things with family & friends
& every time we go home I am filled with so
much joy knowing what an awesome family I have & how awesome
the family is that I married in to is… we are very blessed.
We were way too spoiled by our families so traveling back to NC with all of our
gifts in the Jeep is going to be interesting & fun haha.
I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!!

I wanted to show you a cute little nightstand that I was working
on when we left for Michigan using a stencil from
Cutting Edge Stencils. It is not quite finished yet,
but I wanted to show you the progress so far….



I love the accented top with the stenciling.
I used the casablanca stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I used the paint roller from Cutting edge stencils to
paint over the stencil & it was so easy & clean to
work with. I used a sponge before, but the roller
was much easier to work with.

I know I will get asked what the blue
color I used is, but unfortunately  the can was not labeled.
The accent gray color is called filtered shade by Valspar.

This piece is actually not finished yet. There are a few
minor details I need to work on, like the hardware.
But I love it so far & I love the detail of the stencil.

What do you guys think about this lovely little nightstand
so far? I would love to hear what you think!
I will keep you updated on the changes I make to the
nightstand as soon as they are done.

I hope you all had a great Christmas,
& again I’m sorry about my lack of posts while
we were home for the holidays…
I know that you all are very understanding!
I will be back tomorrow with my Birchbox post &
later this week I will be sharing my favorite posts of
2011 with you… Stay Tuned!!

xx Liz Marie

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