Dresser to Shelves

My “craft closet” has been in some serious
need of organization.. I mean, it was really bad.
I’m glad I didn’t take a before picture of the
closet,because it may have been borderline embarrassing.
No worries, I did clean my craft closet up with a little
help from a beat up dresser…
I had this dresser in our garage for quite a while now, but
it was so beat up that I didn’t know what to do with it.
Until one day after struggling in the mess of a closet to
find glue sticks & almost breaking a finger,
I knew exactly what that dresser was going to be
used for, Some lovely organizing shelves…

The dresser before…

I wish I would have taken more before pictures, including one with
the drawers, but as you can see it was pretty beat up &
not worth saving for use as a dresser.

The top of the dresser was not salvageble, so it was beadboard to the
rescue! We had some leftover from our kitchen {you can see it here},
I stapled the beadboard to the top of the dresser, & caulked the seams.

After a lot more sanding,caulking,removing, & adding, I applied a
few fresh coats of white paint & the dresser part was done.
For the shelves, I measured the drawer space & had boards
cut for the shelves at lowes. I wrapped the shelves in burlap & stapled
the burlap on the wood….

 It fits perfectly in the office closet & this is just the beginning of
this closet getting organized…

I didn’t nail the shelves down to the dresser because they fit very tightly into
the space & it was’t necessary.

 Now for putting all of the stuff back in the closet…

 Those white drawers were going to be thrown away by a company,
but I knew that I could use them for something… They are now great
for organizing on my new dresser shelves.

On the top: My sewing machine, Glass containers, Glass vases for my
knob collection, some vintage key shadow boxes I made.

& the dresser has become a great place to set things that
I’m working on, or that don’t have a home yet…

On the shelves: Printer, books, fabric, craft supplies.
For storage I used my Birchboxes, drawers, & baskets.
Also do you see that lovely kaboodle? Very handy!

The size of the dresser is quite large & I still have room on the sides
for fabric & other large supplies.

Of course there are going to be lots of changes in this
little closet & you guys will be the first to know about
all the lovely little updates…

 I love how organized the closet is now! I want to add prettier shelving at
the top & making the closet more decorative so I can keep
the doors open & have it be more a part of the room.

I’m thinking of removing the closet doors & maybe adding some
curtains…. we shall see!

On the top of the closet for now, I am storing art work
& photos that I do not have a place for at the moment…

I hope you like my dresser turned into craft organizing shelves
for our office! It’s one of my favorite projects ever, just
because it gives me that joy of being organized & clutter free!

I would love to see what you guys think about this furniture re-do
comment below or write me on facebook or twitter.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!
Talk to you soon,

Liz Marie

ps. check out another post about the office here:

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  1. this looks great! Love the beadboard for the top…great idea!

    • Thank you so much! It was a last minute decision, but much needed! I wish I had taken pictures of the top of the dresser before.. it was not pretty lol.. Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  2. Super cute idea! If you find another dresser not worth salvaging as a dresser you could totally make me a bookshelf out of it!!!

  3. It looks great Liz and I see those Birch Box containers being put to great use!

  4. SO GORGEOUS! OMG I love it. You’re so talented with your furniture redo’s Seriously!

    And is it okay all I picture is myself TRYING to get that dresser into that closet and the impossibleness that would have been of that situation so you get extra bonus points for that!

    Pamela @pbjstories.com

    • haha funny you say that! After measuring & the whole re-do we went to put it in.. & it wouldn’t go! but after some maneuvering and me climbing my little booty in the closet, I finally got it with some awesome help from my hubby. Thank so much for the sweet comment, you made my night :)

      • haa. funny…. this is the first time ive found a pin with my same issue…i found a perfectly fine dresser on someones lawn (FREE!!~couldnt just drive on by)–but it had no drawers…. so, ive painted it a beautiful color….ive put different boxes in it…baskets…. it just still has that not right look….but its now that i realize from looking at your idea……… that its the “not right” shelving that i need to fix….soooo thank you soo much.. i wish i could send you a pic of my dresser…actually, i wish you would just come and motivate me and help me finish it with your creative guide!!!! thank you so much for the idea!!!!

  5. Looks great! So neat and organized! What a great idea!

    The Not So Functional Housewife

    • Thanks! It makes me feel so much better knowing that the closet is organized! I hate messes.. now I just have to work on the other parts of the room & the craft room will be done!

  6. It looks great! And I LOVE that window on the top shelf.

  7. Your creativity is off the charts! I can’t wait to see the entire room when it is finished. :)

  8. i do the same thing with my birch boxes :)

  9. I love it.. I think this is just what I need to do in my craft closest too!

  10. I love how it turned out–especially, the beadboard top. And it looks as though it fits perfectly in your closet, too.

    • I think this dresser was meant for the closet! I couldn’t believe that it fit.. Thank you so much, I really do love the beadboard top.. I think it made the dresser. Thanks again!

  11. I love this idea!!! Whenever we get a place I want to do this!!!

  12. Thanks so much for the inspiring idea!

  13. What a great idea. It looks beautiful. I love it. Visiting from A Girl Creative. :)

  14. How wonderful! If you ever pass through Little Rock, I need your help!! :)

  15. So funny, I have my craft closet in an big armoire. I dread opening it because it a reach in and hurry before everything crashes down on me! Need your organization tips, lol! Good job!

    • Ooo a craft armoire sounds so dreamy though! I wish I had room in this tiny office for something outside of the closet, but I was trying to save space.. I will do a full organization tour when I’m done.. this is me just throwing everything back into the closet.. it will look prettier soon! Thank you so much for the sweet comment.. it means so much to me!

  16. LOVE !!!! I love how you did not lose space in the closet and everything has it’s place.

  17. You’re re-dos are always amazing! I just love your site! You’ve inspired me to do so many DIY crafts! I WISH you did shipping!! Or that I lived closer to you! Keep up the beautiful work. You’re inspiring!

    • Thank you thank you thank you! You just made my whole day!! I am thinking about doing shipping so stay tuned! Thanks again for such an inspiring comment.. you make me love blogging even more :)

  18. It is so nice to have a dedicated crafting spot isn’t it? Looks great!

  19. Love it sis! Great job, as always!!!

  20. Love it!! I really like the beadboard top and the burlap on the shelves!! I really need to get a craft area designated in my house! thanks for sharing!

  21. Hey! Visiting from Home Stories linky party. This is an awesome makeover!!! Great work! I love how organized the closet space is now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You are so very welcome!! thank you so much for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment.. I do love the closet now, & it’s not even finished yet. Thanks again!

  22. Fantastic save. Love the addition of the burlap. It adds great texture and visual interest. I did something very similar to a large buffet I’m using as an entertainment center. Only I didn’t need to make shelves. Love your piece.

    • Thank you so much! I would love to see your piece it sounds beautiful! & such a great idea to use a buffet as an entertainment center.. that gets my brain thinking of some ideas!

  23. What a fabulous makeover! The dresser turned storage looks great. You did an impressive job on it. Very inspiring.


  24. What a fantastic job you did reusing that dresser! It looks great. I esp like the burlap covered boards. Everything looks so nice and orderly.

    • Thanks Patricia! It really helps for me to stay focused on projects when I am organized.. I’m to add for a mess.. nothing will get done haha. I’m hoping to add even more organization soon!

  25. This is so clever and so well-timed for me. I spent yesterday checking out Lowe’s and Home Depot for additional shelving for my recently-reorganized craft room with no success…all were either too narrow or too tall for my space. And then I saw your post…Bingo! This a great solution and I actually have an old dresser in the garage. Thanks so much for sharing this idea with someone who was looking for just this size shelving. I can’t wait to get started!
    Your newest follower,

    • Thanks Cheryl! That really was perfect timing, & so perfect that you already have a dresser! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! I would love to see it when you are done.. if you want to post a picture to my facebook wall or email it to me!

  26. Oooo I love this! Great use of an old dresser, Liz! I’m pinning this! This is a good way to get a nice, organized craft space even in a small house. I gotta remember this!

  27. This looks so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Love this! It’s beautiful!

  29. I LOVE this. So cute and functional! I want a dresser in my closets! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

  30. I love the idea of the burlap wrap on the shelves. I am in the process of turning a large dresser into a buffet and took out three drawers to make open shelving, too! I thought about wallpapering them, but fabric might be just the thing…thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank so much for the comment! I hope your buffet turns out amazing!! I would love to do the same thing.. such a great idea :) Wallpaper would be such a pretty add to a shelf, I agree!

  31. Tu idea es genial y te ha quedado perfecto!
    Voy a seguir tu blog desde hoy porque merece la pena. Felicidades!

  32. What a great way to repurpose. I love that it’s unique too and no one can run out and buy that. Now I have to conjure up the courage to attempt this. Well done.

  33. That is super and I just love how much it holds. I would have never thought to do that with a dresser. I am pinning this. I am a new FB fan visiting from Somewhat Simple. Vicky from Mess For Less

  34. Great job! Love the burlap on the shelves! And the beadboard on the top.

  35. I have a dresser sitting in my basement that I’m going to do the same thing, thanks for sharing at my party…love your projects!


    m ^..^

  37. this is so fabulous!I’d love if you would link it up to my blog party. I know my readers in the uk love american interior style. hope you can make it!

  38. Liz! You never cease to amaze me!! I love what you’ve done with the dresser!! Thanks so much for linking up to Sassy Sites for our Friday ffa party! Have a fabulous weekend!


  39. Whoa-sistah! I love it. Isn’If you get a chance come over and link up at my party- It is going on all weekend till Monday night!

    http://kim-toomuchtimeonmyhands.blogspot.com/2012/01/get-schooled-saturday-6.htmlt it great when the nice people at Lowes and HD cut your big and unruly wood for you. That burlap covering is great too!

    • I agree, it’s so nice to have them help you with that part of projects… I’m glad that you love it! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some love :) I’m heading over to your blog right now!

  40. LOVE this idea!!! I’m going to Pin it for my future! :)

  41. What a GREAT idea!! Now I need to be on the lookout for a dresser on the curb! Open shelving also motivates you to keep it neat…which can be a real issue for me when it comes to crafting supplies! ;) Visiting from TT&J!

  42. GOOD MORNING! Just so you know… you were featured today over at Sassy Sites! You got a BIG shout out so come by and grab a button! XOXO!


  43. Oh my goodness, this is pretty, functional, and so smart!! Nice job!

  44. I’m loving what you’ve done so far!

  45. that is fabulous! what great storage!

  46. That turned out great! I love it! I also wanted to let you know that I’m hosting my first giveaway…I’d love you to stop by my blog & enter to win a My Memories scrapbooking software.

  47. great pictures of a smart re-do. i bet you feel like a million bucks when you see it all done and in use. (and i bet it won’t always look so tidy …)

    also, i love those three old keys !!!

    : )

    • I do love the keys too!! :) & you are so right.. my craft room is looking a wreck right now.. but no worries!! It’s my creative space haha… Thanks so much again!

  48. Your dresser to shelves looks great! Super way to organize for sure!
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can.

  49. What a great looking space! Great job! I might try to incorporate this idea with my 4 year old’s dresser. He has a hard time opening and closing the drawers by himself. Something like this would make it much easier. Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s a great idea for him! I hope you love the project & that it works good for him.. I will have to remember that for my kids :) If you get the chance you should come back and show me a picture on the facebook page or email it.. I would love to see it!

  50. Wow! This is a fabulous rescue! Love the bead board top, and the burlap wrapped shelves, they all work together so nicely! I’d be SO pumped if you’d come and share this (and any other projects you’d like to show off) at the Head to Head Showdown link party, going on right now at http://www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com I hope to see you there! ~Jen

  51. It’s a great transformation! Very clever idea!

  52. I love the beadboard on top – very creative use of what you had, and it looks so amazing! The burlap lined shelves are pretty cool too!

    Thanks for linking up at Simply Klassic Home!

  53. looks fantastic! what a great idea!

  54. Love, love, love this! Just bought a Henredon sideboard at auction and plan to “re-purpose” it or give it new life somehow. This gives me another idea!
    Thanks much! Great job!

  55. I love these DIY shelves – definitely more unique than popping them on the wall. The lining inside looks great too.

  56. Oh Miss Liz Marie, firstly love the name…. We have an Elizabeth Marie and she is called Liz Marie or IZ Marie. .. Love that! However I have to say you have a serious problem… HOw neat and organized and you fit in a closet. WOW and Oh My… How do you do that! Love it and hate it at the same time. I have a space at the bottem of the stairs going to the family room that is about 12X12 and it is a disaster 98% of the time. I have about 5 book cases with stuff two Military issue desks and a file cabnet and two rolling carts and it is still a disaster. Truly you have inspired me to clear cull and clean and make it a beautiful and wonderful work space. Thanks and good job. cynD

  57. Liz! I LOVE this idea. In fact I have an old dresser that I plan on converting into shelves this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I liked it so much we will be featuring this tutorial over at Redeeming Creations tomorrow. We would love for you to check it out.

    As of now we are trying to build up blog posts and readers while preparing for our official launch date on April 1st! Thanks!


  58. I absolutely love this. I’m currently working on a beat up..really beat up antique dresser that I’m going to use as a TV console. Keeping one drawer and turning 2 of the drawers into shelves..wish me luck.

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