My First Stenciled Sign

I have been wanting to make a stenciled
sign for quite some time now, but
Never really got around to doing it…
I finally had the opportunity the other day when
I wanted to recycle the drawers I took out of the dresser
for my “Dresser to Shelves” Makeover.
I came up with the idea to use the drawer “faces” for
making my own DIY sign…

I went to Michaels & bought
some Martha Stewart stencils & grabbed a few other
items I had around the house & I made my very first stenciled sign…

 So, it’s not perfection.. but it’s my first attempt & I love the shabby chic
sign that reminds me of where my home really is.. After being moved from my home in Michigan to North Carolina because of the Marine corps & going through deployments with my husband being away from me for seven months at a time, I realized what home really meant… Home is not a house or a structure, home is the presence of the ones you love.. no matter where you are. I was inspired by the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes… 

 What I used for my DIY sign…

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- Olive
Martha Stewart Paper Stencils-Typewriter font
An old dresser drawer
Sponge paintbrush

More about the drawer I recycled for my sign…

 I had these drawers laying around from my dresser
to shelves makeover
& I didn’t want them to go to waste.
First I removed the face of the drawer from the rest of the drawer &
then removed the hardware. Finally I patched up the holes where
the screws were & prepped the drawer face for painting…

From a drawer to a sign… I love it! & I have plenty more drawer
fronts to practice my new love for sign making…

 For now this little sign is sitting on my office desk,
but I’m sure it will find a more permanent home soon.

I hope you liked my first attempt at making a stenciled sign.
Have you made one before? I am not the most patient person
when it comes to stenciling & figuring out where the letters should
go & making them strait & perfect. Do you have any tips or tricks
that would help a sister out? I would love to hear them!
Share them in the comments below or on facebook, twitter, or
google+… I would love to chat!

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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  1. You say it’s not perfection, but I think it is. Nothing can be perfect but that is beautifully done.

  2. Amanda Myers says:

    I love it :))

  3. Amanda Myers says:

    I am going to do something like this now, I love finding DIY projects that won’t break the bank lol

  4. I think it looks great! Nice job!

  5. Love love love this! & that quote. My friend Brittney just recently made a sign for her bathroom, they can be the cutest touch to a room :) Great way of re purposing scrap material! I’m totally loving your lamp in one of those pictures as well, you have great taste! (i always find myself re-pinning half the stuff you do on Pinterest without seeing who pinned it til after. haha! ) :)

    • Omg, I love it… I love that we have the same style :) I find myself finding the same peoples stuff on pinterest too.. it happens! haha Thanks so much for leaving this comment.. it made my day :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. great work! Looks fantastic :)

  7. I love this! The set up is really neat too. I love your picture with your husband and the key hanging on the wall. It’s really nice

  8. That is just lovely. I can sympathize–my husband just finished a 4 year stint in the Army. Sometimes I miss the structure of military life, and other times I am so glad we do not have to deal with the worry and the disorganization.

  9. Love it! I have old drawers and didn’t know what to do with them. Looks like I’ll be making some signs. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • yay!!!! So glad you are going to use your drawers for signs!! That’s awesome :) If you have time go link them on the facebook page when you are done.. I would love to see them!!

  10. I like how you made this from a drawer! Such a neat idea :)

  11. this is so fabulous!I’d love if you would link it up to my blog party. I know my readers in the uk love american interior style. hope you can make it!

  12. Love that quote ! I did almost the same thing a couple of weeks ago on a canvas , & I love reading the quote every morning when I wake up .

    Loving your blog ! – Sarah

    • Thank you so much Sarah!!! I do love the sign & it’s a great idea to put it somewhere that I will see every morning… Thanks for your sweet comment!!

  13. Your sign turned out so well! I agree with you. The shabby chic look is perfect for this project. And I’m so glad you posted this today. After a long week, this quote was just the thing to put me back into a positive state of mind, remembering that I have so much love and happiness waiting for me when I get home. Perhaps I need this sign in my home too as a constant reminder! Really love your blog and all your creative ideas!

    • I’m so glad this post helped you :) I know what you mean.. sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that family is truly the most important thing. I really think you do need this sign in your home to help you on those hard weeks. I hope you had a great weekend & that next week is a much better one!!

  14. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says:

    I have been dying to know how to make my own signs. I didn’t even know that MS made stencils. I am jumping for joy!!!! Thank you.
    BTW, I love the sentiment in your sign. Way to go!!!!!!! How true.

    • Yay! glad you found my post then :) I never knew how people did it either.. & there may be other ways, but this is just how I made mine.. I think I may discover knew ways to make them as well & of course share the ideas here on the blog! Have fun making your own!

  15. amanda coen says:

    I love that song!!!!! Not many people have heard of it

  16. “Home” is one of my all time favorite songs!!!! It’s definitely a song some of us military wives can relate to… always puts me in a great mood! Most of their music has that effect on me though! The sign looks awesome by the way! Will you be selling it???

    • Thank you so much! I need to listen to some more of their music.. I’m sure I would love it. & yes I completely agree about military wives relating to it… I think of that every time I hear it. I am not sure about selling this at them moment.. but I have been thinking of putting them in the shop.. I will be sure to keep you updated here on the blog & facebook page! Thanks again!

  17. Oh my gosh! That’s one of my favortie songs ever! The hubby and I just got out of the military a little over a year ago, and that song definately sums it up! I was thinking of making a little board with that saying too! Great job! Love it!

    • I think you should! Congrats to you & your hubby getting out & starting new adventures.. how exciting! I hope you are loving it :) Thank you so much for your sweet words!

  18. It’s super cute, great job. I love the quote, I think I might make this for a friend. :)


  19. Love the sign and it is perfection. It goes great with everything there. This gives me a couple of ideas to do something similar. Thank you : )

  20. Love how you reused the dresser front for the sign, how creative. It looks excellent with the rest of your decor:)

  21. Love the sign and love the vignette! You did a great job on your first stenciling project!


  22. That’s one of my favorite songs. Since hubby and I move around so much we always say “Home is where ever I’m with you!” This might make a nice Valentine’s Day gift for him. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • That is a great idea for a valentines day gift! I love how you and your husband say that.. because it’s so true! If you end up making one you should post it on the facebook page!

  23. I LOVE the sign, but most importantly I LOVE the message. Given your story of deployments and long absences, it makes perfect sense that you’ve learned what’s important. Many of us will remember this. You and your family are in my prayers. Thank you for the sacrifices you make for all of us. ~Zuni

  24. I love that song! great job with the stenciling on your sign.
    thanks for linking up to catch as catch can.

  25. Oh, too sweet! What a wonderful quote…and it’s so true about the ones you love most. <3 I think you did a great job for your first attempt! I would be thrilled if you'd share this special project here:

  26. Love the sign….and the song! I also made a few new signs myself and can’t wait to post them. Thanks so much for sharing this at my party!

  27. I think it looks great! I love how you are using all the parts of your old dresser :) Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

  28. I love the idea of making a sign from a drawer front. I would have never thought of that. Turned out great! I am a new Facebook fan visiting from Momnivore’s Dilemma. Vicky from Mess For Less

  29. bob saggat says:

    I am = I’m


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