My First Stenciled Sign

I have been wanting to make a stenciled
sign for quite some time now, but
Never really got around to doing it…
I finally had the opportunity the other day when
I wanted to recycle the drawers I took out of the dresser
for my “Dresser to Shelves” Makeover.
I came up with the idea to use the drawer “faces” for
making my own DIY sign…

I went to Michaels & bought
some Martha Stewart stencils & grabbed a few other
items I had around the house & I made my very first stenciled sign…

 So, it’s not perfection.. but it’s my first attempt & I love the shabby chic
sign that reminds me of where my home really is.. After being moved from my home in Michigan to North Carolina because of the Marine corps & going through deployments with my husband being away from me for seven months at a time, I realized what home really meant… Home is not a house or a structure, home is the presence of the ones you love.. no matter where you are. I was inspired by the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes… 

 What I used for my DIY sign…

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint- Olive
Martha Stewart Paper Stencils-Typewriter font
An old dresser drawer
Sponge paintbrush

More about the drawer I recycled for my sign…

 I had these drawers laying around from my dresser
to shelves makeover
& I didn’t want them to go to waste.
First I removed the face of the drawer from the rest of the drawer &
then removed the hardware. Finally I patched up the holes where
the screws were & prepped the drawer face for painting…

From a drawer to a sign… I love it! & I have plenty more drawer
fronts to practice my new love for sign making…

 For now this little sign is sitting on my office desk,
but I’m sure it will find a more permanent home soon.

I hope you liked my first attempt at making a stenciled sign.
Have you made one before? I am not the most patient person
when it comes to stenciling & figuring out where the letters should
go & making them strait & perfect. Do you have any tips or tricks
that would help a sister out? I would love to hear them!
Share them in the comments below or on facebook, twitter, or
google+… I would love to chat!

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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