DIY Terrarium…

As some of you know I work in the lighting industry.
It’s not my forever job, but I do love learning
about lighting, & all the options you have
in designing your space.

This project started when
there was an outdoor light that was being thrown
away at my job because it no longer worked.
Makes sense right? Call me a hoarder but
I went and grabbed it from the trash because I had
bigger dreams for this little broken light…

The broken light before….

This project was actually really easy & only involved some
tools, moss, & a cute little birds nest..

 First things first.. I removed the socket by simply
taking off some nuts & bolts.

 Next I had to remove the socket adapter which just
twisted off with ease.

 I filled the light with moss & added a cute little nest with some
eggs that can all be found at your local craft store.

 After screwing the lid back on… there you have it,
your very own DIY terrarium.

A terrarium is a great way to add spring to your decor.

I still have my dried hydrangeas from my hydrangea plants
from last summer… I can’t wait to have some fresh ones again 🙂

 You can find a very beautiful terrarium at Pottery Barn for a very hight
price {here} but I will take my free terrarium any day..
unless you are buying 😉

Have you made a terrarium before? How did you make it
& what kinds of items did you use?

I love my new DIY terrarium so much.
Not only because it was free, easy, & turned out
so cute, but because it means spring is almost here!
Have you started decorating for spring?
What kind of spring like DIY or Crafts have you done?
I would love to see them.. Link them on the
facebook, tweet them, or comment below!

Talk to you soon!

Liz Marie

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