Roll Top Desk with Pop of Color

I have been working on a few pieces of furniture this week,
& I plan on sharing them all with you, but for now, this one
really stood out to me this week because of the unique
request I had from the client…

It’s a roll top desk with three drawers for
great storage. The client wanted the
piece to be painted all white.
Pretty standard right???
But the unique part was that she wanted
the inside of the drawers painted blue.
I was up to the challenge & happy
that I got to try something new…

The lovely little desk was a shade of blue before & needed a little update….

There were a lot of imperfections on the wood, but after some sanding & repairing
with wood filler, the desk was ready to be painted.
The client wanted the desk to be white just like the coffee table I had painted
for her this past summer. You can read more about the coffee table {here}

The desk coordinates well with the coffee table with
it’s fresh white coat & pop of blue…

Ready for that pop of color I keep talking about??

There it is.. The blue I used is the same color blue used on
the baskets in the coffee table pictured above.
She wanted the inside of the drawers painted blue,
but I decided to take it a step further & paint
the outside of the drawers blue too…

 I personally wouldn’t want to put anything in the drawers
because the blue is too pretty…

The hardware was the hardware that the client had on
the desk before & she wanted it on the refinished piece as well.

& some more pictures of those lovely drawers…

What do you think of this desk makeover? Are you a fan of the pop
of color on the drawers. It reminds me of “peek-a-boo highlights”
haha.. I am personally a fan of the added element of surprise,
but let me know what you think! Tweet me, facebook me,
or leave me a comment… I would love to hear from you!

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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