A Minty Fresh Dresser…

Lately my color obsession has been mint..
Mint shirts, mint scarves, mint shoes, mint pants, & now mint paint.
I had this little dresser sitting around for quite some
time & was just waiting for the perfect color.
When I ran across “Mint Gala” by Valspar, I knew
it was made for my cute little dresser…

 & this little dresser all primed and ready to be painted…

 I bought this sweet little dresser at GoodWill a few months
ago for practically free.. I love when that happens…

I kept the original hardware simply because it’s amazing.
The hardware is antiqued wonderfully & adds to the charm
of this little dresser…

Isn’t that hardware perfectly aged & wonderful?

Another charming part of this dresser is the Raggedy Ann & Andy
paper that lines the drawers…

I have not decided if I am going to keep this dresser or sell it
I love it so much that it is going to be very hard for me to
sell it.. It needs a good home :)  

Are you obsessed with mint??
What do you think of this dresser makeover??
Let me know what you think in the comments below,
on facebook or tweet me!


The winner of the $75 to Senseless Sophistication is Tera Leigh of
The Eccentric Leopard!! Congratulations to her &
thank you to everyone who entered!!!
More giveaways to come this month in celebration of my
Birthday month!!

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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  1. Just beautiful! I’m in love with the color!

  2. Um LOVE!!!!

  3. Love it!! The Howard Miller clock is a beautiful accent piece! :-)

  4. Looks really good and I love the color. I want to know how you find such good deals at goodwill…the ones around Raleigh are high! Or I am super cheap :)

    • Thank you so much April!!! It is hit or miss here.. Sometimes I want to ask an associate why the heck the price is so hight.. $100 for a dresser at goodwill?!? That is just ridiculous.. especially when it is in bad condition… I have not got lucky in a while.. maybe this week! :)

  5. Love this, I’m totally on the mint train too! I’ve been using Martha Stewart’s Sea Glass a lot lately, I’ll have to try out this color next time I’m doing mint.

  6. Looks awesome, Liz! I’m obsessed with mint right now too.

  7. Cindy Seymour says:

    If you decide to sell it relatively soon, I think I could make an awesome changing table out of that!

  8. Oh my lands…..I am obsessed with that color!!! It’s gorgeous! It’s so fresh looking! And you’re right…..that color was just “mint” for that little dresser makeover. Ba-dum-ching!! ;)

  9. So lovely…that liner is so cute! :) Enjoy! Megan

  10. This color is to die for!! I should just buy a few five gallon buckets and start painting everything this color, and the Raggedy Ann and Andy lining is perfect, definitely gives it even more of a vintage look. thanks for sharing this!

  11. I have a question. When you paint a piece like this do you finish it off with poly or some type of wax? I just finished painting a piece I have had for a while! I’m so excited to use it but thought it might need a coat of either one of those just to protect it? What do you recommend?

  12. I LOVE it!!! It’s the perfect color! Of course I’m bias because I love green. :) I have a dresser that I’ve been needing to refinish, I’m thinking maybe this is the perfect color.


  13. This is gorgeous! This color is awesome on the dresser. You did a fabulous
    job. I really like the scale with the books.

  14. Its adorable! I wish I could find cute furniture in need of a little love.

  15. Very nice restyle! I love the color and hardware but you forgot to mention mint choc chip ice cream too!

  16. Beautiful! Love the clock as well! Nice touch! Pleasse come by my party to link it up – I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  17. Hi There !
    I just wanted you to know that I gave you the Liebster Blog Award; I love to read your blog everyday, and I hope this encourages you! http://www.thedressingroomblog.com/2012/03/blogging-award.html


  18. I love your mint color! How fun! I’ve been a total green and blue kick lately! I might have to try out mint now!


    myblissfulhappiness.blogspot. com

  19. So pretty! I love the size of that dresser and love what you did with it! I’ve been moving mint lately too, such a pretty, fresh color, and perfect for spring!

  20. You have such a talent with furniture and your color choice is second to none! We’d love it if you wanted to link up to our Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal linky party, I know our readers would love to see it too! (It starts tomorrow- Friday, March 16th 2012 at 7:00 am and reoccures every 1st and 3rd Friday)

    -Whitney @ TheRoosterAndTheHen

  21. I have a loving relationship with mint as well! This dresser is absolutely gorgeous, and the liner is the perfect touch! I wasn’t able to go out and buy paint one day; I made my own mint color with some white Olympic paint that I had and a portion of aqua acrylic paint. It’s now one of my favorite pieces!

    The…Late, Young Family

  22. The mint is a nice choice! Nice and fresh for spring. Why can’t I seem to find any good deals at my Goodwill? Hmm. Anyway, the dresser is super-cute, down to the feminine, curvy apron at the bottom front!

  23. love everything about this, the color, the hardware, and, and the scale on top of the dresser. I’m all about vintage. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.

  24. This piece turned out amazing! I love the mint color and the hardware you picked is pure perfection.

    {my simple messterpiece}

  25. Did you glaze this piece after you painted it? If so, what glaze did you use and the process? Thanks, beautiful piece!

  26. I love it! The color is so refreshing! I am following you on Linky and Pinterest. I look forward to it! You can visit me at http://raisingdieter.blogspot.com/


  27. i LOVE this color! going to have to try it out! thanks for sharing!

  28. That dresser is just gorgeous. What a find and what a transformation!! Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  29. Beautiful color; looks fabulous against the walls and your carpet.

  30. Love the mint and I love the clock too :) Looks beautiful and fresh! Thank you so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!

  31. I absolutely love it! The handles are the perfect detail. I’m so glad you used them! And the color is minty but not too much. You really did a great job! Would you link up to my party?


    It really is so so pretty.

  32. What a lovely color! And gorgeous hardware! An all around beauty!! :)

  33. This is SO pretty! Nice work.

  34. Your dresser is amazing. I love that color, too!! It is perfect. I need to get to Goodwill for some great finds.

  35. Gorgeous!
    I am featuring you tomorrow… Thank you so much for sharing your project over at my party!

  36. You always do the best job! I mean, WoW!!
    I just love this color! Girl, you are so, so talented!!
    xo Becca


  37. Love the dresser and color!! Did you use a glaze on this??

  38. Love this dresser! It’s the most beautiful and prefect shade of mint! *drool* Fantastic job!

  39. LOVE this lil dresser! It’s the perfect mint color, it looks amazing!!!

  40. The mint is so perfect with this piece. Great job!
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  41. Everything you do is so beautiful! You have some serious talent friend!
    Thanks for sharing!
    xo Becca

  42. so cute liz! i would love for you to link this post up to the spread the love weekend wrap up party i host on my blog. http://www.lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com/2012/03/spread-love-4-elissa-hudson-giveaway.html
    there is also an AMAZING elissa hudson print giveaway going on right now as well.
    hope to see you there!
    {love} lauryn @ lovenotesbylauryn.blogspot.com

  43. A truly beautiful refinish job! If you decide to part with it, please get in touch. My Mom and I are re-doing the living room in a beachy/cottage theme and this color and look would be perfect for us. I would like to put the TV on it and use the drawers for storage.

    When you showed the Raggedy Ann and Andy liner I knew it was meant to be. My Mom made me and my sister our own Raggedy Ann And Andy dolls when we were kids and I still have mine!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us!

  44. I love mint too…especially on your beautiful piece here…lovely work! :)

  45. That color is gorgeous! I love blues and greens so much! You did a fantastic job!

  46. Laurie Rivera says:

    I love this and the side table you just completed! Why did you prime this and not the little table? Also if you prime do you not have to sand, and vice versa if you sand do you not have to prime? When should you choose to do one over the other? Sorry lots of questions in this post. I have a hand me down office desk that is half black and half cherry what color would you suggest for a man’s office? Thank you.

  47. Liz, do you sand and prime before painting a piece?

  48. Tatyana Duncan says:

    This looks great! Just gorgeous!! It’s my obsession too, both redoing furniture and anything aqua/mint/turquoise !! I actually stumbled upon your blog by accident, I’m looking for the perfect wall color. I love the color behind the dresser!!! Would you mind sharing the name and brand??? Thanks so much!

  49. Hey…I love the mint dresser and just curious how you finished the color? It looks like you first did a primer, then the mint color, then sanded down the edges? How did you make it look so rustic?

  50. christi mercer says:

    Can you tell me the exact glaze that you used on this furniture piece? Thanks!!!!


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