A New Coffee Table…

Do you remember the post a while back where
I showed you our living room & all
the changes that I wanted to make to it…

 haha lots of changes! & guess what?? There are
already so many changes that have been made!
But today I am only showing you the new coffee
table that we just added yesterday…

I love this coffee table for many reasons…

-Lots of storage
-The shape & detail in the wood
-Dark finish
-The top lifts up for easy laptop use exd…
-It’s bulky size really centers the room
-Great quality, it will hold up for a long time 🙂

My passion in life is painting furniture, but this piece
will not be painted… {For now haha}.
The one thing I may change is the hardware on
this piece, which will change the whole look
of the coffee table.

This particular piece is from Ashley Furniture for
those of you who were wondering,
but my experience with them was not too pleasant…
But we did get an amazing deal {practically free}
So I guess you have to weigh your pros & cons.

This has been a long makeover process, &
It’s no where near being “finished”,
but I’m okay with that because I am a busy lady
& I am just taking it one step at a time 🙂

 What do you guys think about our new addition to our living room?
Do you see one big problem? Because I do.
I need to pick out a rug for the living room..
I am just so indecisive!!
Do you have a favorite place to buy rugs, where are all the good
deals? I would love to hear your suggestions!
Share your thoughts with me in the comments below or
on the facebook page, or tweet me!

Talk to you soon,
Liz Marie