New White Slipcover Ikea Couches

We finally got our white Sofa & Loveseat from
Ikea this past week! We have been
wanting this set for quite some time now,
but we loved the couches we had & wanted to
do lots of research before we sold our set &
bought the new Ikea set.
Our first dilemma was that we do not live
right by an Ikea…
{The nearest one is Charlotte, NC which is about
4 hours away from us.}
After researching which would be cheaper, it
turned out that it is cheaper to order in the store &
have it shipped to your home, rather then to order them online
& have it shipped. We were taking a trip to
Charlotte anyways for Mr. LMB’s college baseball
game this past week, so we decided to go to Ikea while we were in
Charlotte. It was my first experience at Ikea.
Ikea is amazing, & I can’t believe it took me 24 years to get there!
After sitting on the couches & making our final decision,
we picked our couches out & had them sent to our house.
Shipping was so quick {5 days!!} & putting them
together when they arrived was very easy {Video of
us putting them together at the end of this post…}

I love them! I have not tried to get the wrinkles out yet, but
I do not mind them at all.. I think the wrinkles will fall out
with time & I might try steaming them to help them fall out.
In all the reviews I have read, I have learned that after washing them
& putting them on the couch when they are damp, the wrinkles fall
out very nice.

The one thing I was surprised about when we got the couches set
up was how short the sofa & loveseat were compared to other couches.
I was a little taken back at first, but now I can’t even tell the difference.

 I still need a rug, but I did finally pick one!! Ordering
soon.. It only took me 2 years to finally pick the right one haha

  I really love our Media center, the shape & storage are amazing,
but the paint finish will be changing very soon.

 & that chair you ask? Well, I blogged about it before {here}
but in short… It’s a chair I purchased off of craigslist
& bought an Ikea slipcover off of ebay to put on it..
yup.. I cheated a little.. but it still fits in perfect :)

 You can see the changes we are making to our living room post
{here} & I am very happy with our progress & enjoying the
ride of all the changes…

What I love about the couches….

- Washable slipcovers
-Very comfortable
-Replacement slipcovers are only $49.99!
-The white goes with everything
-They are pretty much my dream couches

We set up my computer in the living room while we assembled the
couches & recorded all of the fun… Here is the 45 minutes of us
putting the couches together… don’t worry it’s only 5 minutes long ;)
Don’t mind us staring at the TV in the background, It was opening
day for the Detroit Tigers.. we are pretty big fans haha…


What do you think of the new couches? Do you have
any furniture from Ikea? What are your thoughts?
Let me know in a comment below or on the facebook page!
I will be doing a review in a month or two to give you all
an update on how I feel about the couches & a full review.

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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  1. I love them!! I think you can spray them just a little bit with water to get the wrinkles out (this is what I do with mine).
    I can’t watch the video!!, it says that it’s private (??), maybe bc I’m watching from Spain? :(

  2. Looks great Liz! I think new couches {or the right couches} seem to make the whole living room! Enjoy your new space!
    Happy Easter friend!
    xo Becca

  3. Awesome, I LOVE them! I have always wanted pure white couches… someday. :) I love your time lapse video, what a fun idea.


    • Thanks Anna!!! Yes, I love them.. & suggest them! I will give review in a few months about my thoughts. & thanks.. the video was fun to look at after putting them together.. haha

  4. Love it! White couches freshen the room up so well and you can put any coloured pillows on them! We just redid our living room with white too!

  5. i love those sofas! they happen to be in my living room too ;) i picked them out from an ikea catalog and when we moved to new york a few years later, we were only 15 minutes from ikea!

    we started out with the white ones and now we have the beige sofa w/the attached ottoman and the loveseat sleeper. unfortunately our original sofa was ruined by a water leak we had in our house.

    but we have loved our sofas from day one! i know ya’ll will too. and a tip? don’t dry the slipcovers. they are made to fit almost perfectly and drying them can shrink up the edges of them. no fun!

    • I loooooove that you still love yours :) That makes me feel really good about our purchase! & thank you so much for the tip about drying them.. I have been told to put them on the couch when they are almost dry..I’m hoping that works to make them fit well with minimal wrinkles.. Thanks again for the sweet comment & tips!!

  6. Love, Love, the look. Love, love, the couches. But I have to warn you…I have these exact couches and slipcover and although they are washable you will want to be sure to have the extra set of covers. You will be washing the covers at least 2 times a month because they do get dirty easily and having the extra set make is easy because you won’t have to leave the couch uncovered while your washing the dirty set.

  7. Don’t you have dogs? How will that work? Those couches will get ratty very soon, sorry but its a horrible idea to keep washing the covers time after time.. they will get run down looking.. And yes, everybody buys stuff at IKEA. I myself have three wardrobes and an expedit bookshelf unit for my purses.

    • Hi Jenka! Yes we do have two little fur babies :) But the nice thing about them is that they do not shed at all & they are very clean because they are inside & groomed. I have a lot of white in my house & have never had a problem with anything… I’ll keep the blog updated with my review on them in a few months. All of your Ikea stuff sounds wonderful.. I am excited to purchase some more items from them :)

  8. They look great and love the video… As I was reading the post I was wondering how in the world you would assemble a sofa and loveseat… And now I know! ;-). I have white slipcovers on my “to sew” list, with little chicks around, I hear it’s super easy to oxyclean and bleach as necessary. One day I might actually get around to sewing them. Happy Easter!

    • Oxy clean probably would be perfect… thank you for the suggestion. & I’m glad you loved our silly little video haha.. & you are awesome to want to sew some.. I was too lazy.. & wish I wasn’t.. it’s just a fact.. I’m not a sewer like I want to be. If you get a chance when you do end up sewing them.. you should link it on the fb page so I can see :)

  9. Nicole Thomas says:

    I just ordered these! I was so excited to see them in your room. Can’t wait to see the rug you put with them. What color are you thinking of changing the room to?

  10. I was born and raised in Baltimore with 2 IKEAs. I am a huge fan and when I moved to PA I started my friends on the the thought of IKEA. 3 years ago I started a bi-annual trip to IKEA with friends and have converted about 10 people to IKEA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them and will not shop anywhere else. They have greta furniture and a great price. Another perfect thing is since i have a 2 year old I don’t worry about spills or any mishaps, just means another trip to IKEA! YAY!!

    • I’m so glad you are such an Ikea fan!! That makes me feel better then I already was about our purchase!! Thanks so much, & maybe I should start planning a bi-anual trip there!!!! ;)

  11. I love the white and the look of the couch and love seat. Wish I could do white but one jump up on them by our dog and I would be cleaning the slip covers. I feel like it would be a battle I could never win!!! Have fun with your new furniture!

    • I hear you! If we had dogs that shed, I would have never thought about getting them.. my long dark hair sheds enough for our entire household haha Thanks so much!!!

  12. I love white couches, I have two big ones from Bassett and love that they go with everything. I am currently trying to teach myself to slip cover and have finished one chair, working on the barrel chair.
    By the way, where did you find those beautiful pillows?

    • You go!!! I’m so happy for you to be learning how to sew slipcovers.. one day I will do it! & the pillows are all actually from TJ Maxx! I seem to always find cute pillows there… Thanks again for the sweet comment!

  13. Hello! I just bought a white Ektorp sofa! I haven’t put it together yet because we are waiting till we get our carpets cleaned tomorrow. But I’m so exited! I have wanted white a slipcovered sofa for sooo long! I’m hoping to get a chaise lounge or love seat someday, too! And I have 3 little boys so I’m hoping they wash as well as everyone in Blogland claims they do! :D Hope you will love yours!

    • I hope so too! I am a little nervous!! That’s funny because we are getting new floors.. and maybe we should have waited to put ours together.. but we couldn’t wait haha….. So far so good over here :) I hope you looove yours!

  14. Your new sofas look great! They’re so versatile because you can change up your accessories and have a totally new look!

  15. I was hoping this was an old post (found it thru pinterest) so I could ask you how the couches have held up. I slipcovered my current couch white and I love it but I want to get another couch and not have to make a slipcover. So I wanted to get an IKEA ecktorp but when I saw them in the store they looked so beaten down. As for taking care of the white slipcovers, most of the time I keep a white quilt over the seat cushions to prevent me from having to wash ALL the time (because I’m lazy) and I really wash my slipcover less than once a month. Haha! Good luck to you and yours!

  16. This looks lovely. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.

  17. Alice Ann Crawford says:

    Hi, I love the couches. I’m getting ready to make a white slip cover for my couch, I hope it turns out OK as this will be my first attempt at making a slipcover.
    I have looked all over for the link to your video on putting the couch together, I hope it’s stll available since that was the part which made me decide to make a slipcover. If you read this please let me know about the video. I’m about 45 minutes north of Atlanta but at least it’s within a driving distance albeit nobody wants to go far these days because of the astronomical gas prices. Alice

  18. So exciting getting exactly the furniture you have been dreaming of! I have the exact same sofa and the exact same bycycle pillow,but for some reason yours looks so much better….Maybe I will bring it out and try again.

  19. I have two of the white love seats…..I can give you a little tip on getting the wrinkles out. Wash the slips overs in cold water, put them in the dryer, take them out when they are still damp. As the covers are drying pull them to fit, I pull the skirt to the floor and I pin the corner pleats together. It will fit much better. (Never try to put it on when it is totally dry!) Also I have found this fabulous company called, “Bemz” they make beautiful colourful slip covers for all Ikea furniture.Have a look at their website. Cheers

  20. I have these sofas and just love them! We also live a few hours from our closest IKEA, we bought two sets of the covers so that we can swap them easily for washing or for when one wears out- although they are so sturdy I think it will be quite some time away!

  21. The couches look great! It took me 60 years to discover IKEA, but now I’m only 20 minutes away, so I’m making up for lost time…! Your room is looking lovely!

  22. They look great. We are lucky…we have an Ikea that I pass just about everyday when I drive my kids to tennis. You’re right about the height of the sofas. So long as you don’t have another sofa from somewhere else in the same room you’re good. Lol

  23. I absolutely LOVE this sofa. I have the Ektorp corner sofa in the gray. I debated and debated on this because, I loved the ones we already had, but needed darker with 3 kids and 3 animals. However, I stumbled across a bad review about how the cushions go super flat and they couldn’t find “just” replacement cushions. I’m so sad now, because after 3 months ours are starting to go flat and we’re not couch potatoes, but still. Now I’m kinda thinking “Oh gosh… what?” :(

  24. Kristi Staples says:

    Thank you so much for posting the video on the assembly of the couch and loveseat! It is exactly what I was hoping to find before we buy the same exact furniture! I have loved the look of white slipcovered furniture for a while now. The assembly doesn’t look nearly as intimidating now and they look really soft and comfy. We have a similar problem with Ikea being a few hours away in Canton, MI and we’re in Newaygo. I think it would be worth the trip. The only time I’d been to Ikea was when we went to our 1st Tigers game last year. I am a HUGE Tigers fan. I try not to miss a game on tv…I could go on forever about the Tigers….Anyways, thanks for posting this video and I LOVE your furniture!

  25. Hi, I have the couch, chaise lounge, and chair in my living room, and the sectional in my family room. The living room stuff is 5 years old and the family room sectional is 4 years old and it all still looks and feels brand new. I have 2 sets of slipcovers for them. white for the warmer months and darkers colors for the winter months. I love that I can change the look of my rooms every 6 months. One bit of advice, never, never, never dry them all the way in the dryer. I put mine in the dryer with a couple of dryer sheets, for 5 minutes to get out the wrinkles, then put them back on wet. still love mine as much as the day we bought them! Enjoy!

  26. You two are just the cutest putting those sofas together…reminds me of me and my Michael, lol! I have been wanting the sofas as well, may have to just do what you all did. They are perfect in your home and they look as good as I thought they would! Thanks so much for posting the video…it sure helped me in maiking my decision!

  27. where did you find slip covers for your couch for $49.99??
    I have a lazyboy couch that looks like yours. I read that Ikea slipcovers
    are only made for Ikea couches. I can’t find any cool / different looking fabric slipcovers, for a Lazyboy 3 cushion sleeper couch / sofa. I have searched and searched and no luck. Your room looks really inviting and comfortable. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Chrissie says:

    Wondering how much delivery was when u purchased in store? How far are they willing to deliver? Buying online is 299 delivery :(

  29. I am very close to going ahead and buying an Ektorp sofa and I am so happy to hear that buying at the store and arranging shipping is less than the shipping when buying online! I will definitely be checking out that option when I visit my nearest IKEA this weekend. I live about 3.5 hours from there…similar to your situation. I have been researching every other option I can think of for getting a new sofa to my house for a more affordable cost – I will be so thrilled if their in-store purchase delivery charge is in the ballpark of my other options as it would be so much easier! Thanks for the great info!

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  33. I have had the white chair and ottoman for nearly two years…and five cats. I bought it used from a friend who had it for two years. I wash the slipcovers once a month and feel they get better and softer with age. I bought an extra and have yet to open the package after two years!!! I’ll be driving from Albuquerque to Denver to buy the sofa this July!!! We love the chair and are looking forward to the sofa. Can NOT wait!!!!

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  38. I came across your blog last night and I’m officially addicted! :) I have the same IKEA couch being delivered today. So excited! Wish we took the plunge and got white after seeing your living room. We opted for the gray. How’s it holding up? I see it’s been over a year and a half? My main concern is the cushions going flat, Again….LOVE your style and blog!!!

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  42. I have a question regarding your research not sure what has changed at ikea since you bought these but you said you were about 4 hours from home so you pulled the products yourself and they delivered 4 hours away? $59? Verses I think it’s minimum $299. Order online.

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