New White Slipcover Ikea Couches

We finally got our white Sofa & Loveseat from
Ikea this past week! We have been
wanting this set for quite some time now,
but we loved the couches we had & wanted to
do lots of research before we sold our set &
bought the new Ikea set.
Our first dilemma was that we do not live
right by an Ikea…
{The nearest one is Charlotte, NC which is about
4 hours away from us.}
After researching which would be cheaper, it
turned out that it is cheaper to order in the store &
have it shipped to your home, rather then to order them online
& have it shipped. We were taking a trip to
Charlotte anyways for Mr. LMB’s college baseball
game this past week, so we decided to go to Ikea while we were in
Charlotte. It was my first experience at Ikea.
Ikea is amazing, & I can’t believe it took me 24 years to get there!
After sitting on the couches & making our final decision,
we picked our couches out & had them sent to our house.
Shipping was so quick {5 days!!} & putting them
together when they arrived was very easy {Video of
us putting them together at the end of this post…}

I love them! I have not tried to get the wrinkles out yet, but
I do not mind them at all.. I think the wrinkles will fall out
with time & I might try steaming them to help them fall out.
In all the reviews I have read, I have learned that after washing them
& putting them on the couch when they are damp, the wrinkles fall
out very nice.

The one thing I was surprised about when we got the couches set
up was how short the sofa & loveseat were compared to other couches.
I was a little taken back at first, but now I can’t even tell the difference.

 I still need a rug, but I did finally pick one!! Ordering
soon.. It only took me 2 years to finally pick the right one haha

  I really love our Media center, the shape & storage are amazing,
but the paint finish will be changing very soon.

 & that chair you ask? Well, I blogged about it before {here}
but in short… It’s a chair I purchased off of craigslist
& bought an Ikea slipcover off of ebay to put on it..
yup.. I cheated a little.. but it still fits in perfect :)

 You can see the changes we are making to our living room post
{here} & I am very happy with our progress & enjoying the
ride of all the changes…

What I love about the couches….

- Washable slipcovers
-Very comfortable
-Replacement slipcovers are only $49.99!
-The white goes with everything
-They are pretty much my dream couches

We set up my computer in the living room while we assembled the
couches & recorded all of the fun… Here is the 45 minutes of us
putting the couches together… don’t worry it’s only 5 minutes long ;)
Don’t mind us staring at the TV in the background, It was opening
day for the Detroit Tigers.. we are pretty big fans haha…


What do you think of the new couches? Do you have
any furniture from Ikea? What are your thoughts?
Let me know in a comment below or on the facebook page!
I will be doing a review in a month or two to give you all
an update on how I feel about the couches & a full review.

Talk to you soon…

Liz Marie

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