Turmeric Face Mask

I am so excited to be sharing this beauty tip with you!
I first started researching Turmeric & all of it’s benefits a
few months ago. I was so impressed by all of the amazing
reviews that I had to experience Turmeric for myself.
You may be wondering what Turmeric is…

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for centuries
by women in India for beautiful glowing skin.
It has been proven to help with anti-aging, preventing
acne, soothing inflamed skin, & giving a beautiful complexion.
Turmeric is one of the universes healthiest spices.
It is an anti-biotic & anti-inflammatory that when ingested daily
has been known to prevent & treat many kinds of cancer, chronic
pains, Alzheimers, diabetes, & acne.

Basically, turmeric rocks whether it’s eaten or
put on your skin.
Let’s make a face mask to minimize those
pores & make our skin glow…

What You will Need { & some other options}

1. Turmeric- you can find this spice at your grocery or
you can find it raw & grind it yourself!

2. Milk- I used milk, but you can substitute plain yogurt, sour cream,
honey,  olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil… the list goes on!

3. Finally ground oats- I used oats, but you can use milk powder,
sandalwood powder, oatmeal flour, & again the list
goes on!

4. Bowl & spoon for mixing

5. Honey- Honey is optional, but I’m obsessed with honey
& it’s anti-inlamitory properties, so I include honey
in all of my beauty rituals.

I keep finally ground oats around at all times. I will blog about my
love for oats & all the skin benefits I have discovered soon.

This is what your face mask should look like…

It looks a little scary. I mean it’s a strange orange/yellow color
& let me tell you, you should be a little cautious.
A couple warnings… It will deposit color on your clothes, rugs,
& other items.. no worries, I have had no problem washing it out.
Also apply a thin layer on your face, you can use a sponge
or an applicator. I use my fingers & I have had no problems
with it staining my skin like some have said that have had.

 I apply the mask to my face & let it set for about 20 minutes before
I rinse it off with warm water.
I am left with a glowing complexion with a more even skin tone &
my sensitive skin loves this homemade natural mask!

 Final thoughts:

Turmeric has become one of my favorite things in the world.
I mix it in my green tea {adds a distinct flavor that I love} & I am
going to continue consuming it for it’s amazing health benefits.
As far as using it on my skin… I AM OBSESSED! My pores
are minimized, & when I apply it to my breakouts they become
less inflamed & less red. I also make a spot treatment out of it
by simply mixing water & turmeric together & applying it to the
breakout.. It works like a dream!

 Have you experimented or used Turmeric before?
What was your experience or thoughts?
What do you think of the turmeric face mask?
I would love to hear from you in the comments below
or on the facebook page {here}.
If you try the mask, let me know how much you love it!


  1. I love turmeric. I’ve done this mask since childhood but use chickpea flour instead of the oats.


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