Antique Bathroom Stand

One day I will have a few large bathrooms
in my home that I can fit beautiful
hutches in with all of my fresh linens &
perfumes. Until then, in my lovely craftsman style home I will
enjoy cute “bathroom stands” to hold linens
& other bathroom amenities for my guests.

 This little antique stand was almost thrown away,
but I saw some potential in this little piece.

 With a little Yellow paint {Arles by Annie Sloan}
& some new hardware this little stand was brand new again…

This particular piece is now in our guest bathroom
so I added some towels, some painted mason jars
with q-tips & cotton balls, & a glass vase with potpourri.

A stand like this paired with some towel hooks on the wall is
the perfect combo for a guest bathroom.

I know this get’s said a lot around this blog, but this
bathroom will be going through some big
changes here soon. I mean, I really can’t go too long
with out changing something. Call it a curse, but I call
it exciting ;)

What do you think of this yellow bathroom stand?
What kind of furniture do you have in your bathrooms?
I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on furniture
in bathrooms!!

Share your thoughts, questions, & your bathroom furniture
in the comment section below or on the Liz Marie Blog
facebook page {here}
. I would love to hear
from you!!

Talk to you soon..

Liz Marie

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  1. I adore this little stand! You couldn’t have picked a better color :) .. I only have one bathroom and it’s pretty tiny as well.. not much room to fit any kind of furniture.. Although I do have a tiny little stand beside the toilet for decor, kleenex and air freshener.. That’s all that I can fit in mine, aside from the laundry basket..
    Thanks for sharing-Jordann (

    • Thanks for sharing!! Yes, both our bathrooms are very long & do not have too much room for big pieces.. someday!! I’m glad you enjoyed this post :)

  2. Melissa giglio says:

    Love it! You have such wonderful taste!

  3. Yoselin says:

    AMAZING job as always Liz! That color is so bright and cheery, I really like it. I also really like your rug, where did you get it???

    • Thank you so much Yoselin! I get all of my rugs mainly at TJ maxx.. this one I got from there about a year ago.. I’m sure you can still find one just like it there.. they usually carry basics like that.

  4. Its so cute, i wish i could get my hands on some anne sloain chalkpaint, i have to order it and thats not cheap, im new to this painting and i get alot of ideas from you.

    • Yes, I completly recoomend Annie Sloan.. It really is worth the price!! & I’m glad you get ideas from my blog… that is what it is here for :)

      • Can I ask why you didn’t just use your own chalk paint recipe with this piece? Also, I’m wondering what the difference is or rather the point in using chalk paint as opposed to regular latex? I’ve made some of mine own and I wonder, “why am I doing this? Why didn’t I just put the latex right on?” I wonder what I’m missing? Very pretty piece, by the way!

        • Of course you can ask! Well, I had purchased the color so that’s why I used it on this piece & in my opinion Annie sloan chalk paint is very different from homemade chalk paint for many reasons, but the main one is the texture it is when it dries on the piece. Annie sloan is a lot smoother then homemade. I love chalk paint because of the very little prep you have to do to the piece beforehand. No sanding required. That’s the main reason why I love it.. Did I answer your question? I hope so! I am planning to do a post on this very soon…

          • Ok, so it’s more or less that it eliminates prep work, not so much that the final product is different? Looking forward to forth-coming post!

  5. Love it, the colour is perfect! Also love the Painted jars! what a nice touch.
    Guess what I’m gonna go do now after getting inspired!
    Love your blog!!

  6. I LOVE the yellow that you chose and I really like the style of the stand as well.
    I like using a metal basket or bucket for extra TP, I also currently have a dessert stand on the bathroom counter with guest soap, shower gels and other toiletries. I have been working on a post for the bathroom so when I get it done I’ll be sure to let you know! It’s great to use items for other than what they are made for.

    I hope you have a wonderful night! I’m having my very first blog giveaway and would be delighted to have you stop by!


    • I’m so glad you love the yellow.. I fell in love! Yes, I would love to see your post when you are done with it.. It sounds wonderful! & I agree.. I love using items in unexpected places. & Thank you for stopping by.. I will stop by to your giveaway.. thanks for the invite!

  7. We have one bathroom and it is barely big enough to turn around in, lol. I am jealous of the space you have! The stand is adorable, I really love that color!

    • I am very thankful for our space that we do have.. I should have said that huh? It is bigger then our first house we lived in.. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!

  8. Liz Marie, this is gorgeous! I love everything you paint! You are truly talented girl!

  9. I, too, love this little table Liz Marie! I picked up my second table just like yours for $2 last weekend at a yard sale. They are perfect for small places and can hold so much.
    Since these tables can unscrew into many pieces easily, I was wondering if you took yours apart to paint or not. Any details on how you painted/waxed would be appreciated.
    You are such an insperation! Thanks…Lyne

  10. Your stand is just lovely. The color and distressing you have done are just perfect with your wall. I love using furniture in my bathroom. I have a vintage bookcase in my powder room to hold little “pretties”, extra tissue, etc. I just love it in there. It started out dark brown, and ended up with Annie Sloan Olde White, AS dark wax, and distressing. It’s now one of my favorite pieces.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love what you did with this! I really need to get me some Annie Sloan paint; I hear it’s the best for these kinds of projects. I just redid a night table but had a lot of trouble with the paint I used. Anyway, this looks great and I’d love for you to share it here if you have a minute:

  12. I love it! Can’t go wrong with Annie Sloan. I love furniture in the bathroom but, unfortunately, I live in a small cape, with a bathroom so tiny there is no room for a hamper let alone furniture:( Your piece reminds me of a table I had and gave away. Sorry, I did.that. What a great upcycle idea!

  13. What a great recycled piece.

  14. so cute! i love its great warm color and chunky knob!

  15. Love it. Such a cute little piece and your makeover make it wonderful. 8-)

  16. I have this same little stand.. .thanks for sharing… I love the yellow

  17. Hi Liz! I was very inspired by your work and about died when I found a similar piece. I just made it over right and wanted to share it with you. I am giving this a shot out in my blog!

  18. I love the color of your walls what color is it?

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