Homemade Chalk Paint vs. ASCP

I get asked everyday the differences between
my Homemade chalk paint & Annie Sloan Chalk paint.
I have my own opinions after working a lot with
both of them & I feel like I’m at a point now where
I can give my honest opinions on both of them.

 Homemade chalk paint Pros:

– Easy to make! There are only 2 ingredients {Unsanded grout & flat latex paint}
-No prep work! No sanding needed. This paint adheres to any surface
-Cheap! Unsanded grout is less then two dollars & can be added to any
existing paint that you already have.
-Endless color options- you choose the color to mix the grout with
– Durable & long lasting finish- finish off with a poly or wax to seal it
– Easy to distress & antique with simple sanding
-Covers a piece in one coat because of the thick consistency

Homemade chalk paint Cons:

-Has a very rough texture when it dries {Needs a light sanding all over}
-Needs to be sanded all over in between coats to smooth out the roughness.
-Can become clumpy while you are working with it {add water if this happens}
-Can “crackle” in areas on the piece after it dries, which can add to the charm,
but if you don’t want that look it can be un-welcomed.

{For this recipe, to help with clumps: mix the unsanded grout with water
to make a paste & then mix it with the paint.. try it!}

My Pro’s & Con’s for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…

ASCP Pros: {Where do I start?!}

-No prep work needed. No sanding. No priming. Period.
-So smooth & easy to work with
-Very versatile & can do so many looks with it {layering exd..}
-Dries very smoothly with a velvety finish
-Covers {most of the time} in one coat because of the thick consistency.
-Very Durable with a long lasting, quality finish.
-Very easy to distress for the perfect shabby chic look.
-Unique color selection- Annie sloan is constantly coming out with new colors
-Annie Sloan waxes are amazing as well! So soft & easy to work with

ASCP Cons:

-A little bit on the pricey side {But so worth the cost! A little goes a long way!}
-Limited color selection {You can mix the colors to make other colors}
-Finding a location it’s sold at {You can order online here}

All in all, Annie Sloan has my heart. A Big thanks to R. Lucas Scott
for introducing me to it!! ASCP makes painting so easy
& I know my pieces are always going to come out looking great.
I will forever be in love with my homemade chalk paint & will
continue using it because of how affordable it is & when
I need certain colors, but there is really no comparing it to
the quality & loveliness of ASCP.

I hope this post helps all of you who were wondering why
I used both Homemade chalk paint & Annie Sloan Chalk paint
and what the differences were. What are your thoughts on
Homemade chalk paint vs. ASCP?
If you have any questions, comments, or opinions post them in
the comment section below or on the facebook page {here}.
I would love to hear from you!

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15 thoughts on “Homemade Chalk Paint vs. ASCP

  1. Lyn Excell

    There are several inexpensive Chalk Paint Powders that you can buy on Etsey and online for in the 10.00 range. You add to any latex flat paint. They do not require sanding after painting as the grout method. Check them out:) the nice thing is that you only mix what you need. A little or a lot.

  2. Myava

    I would love to check those out so I could get started on some beginner pieces. And also what do you wax with using the homemade chalk paint?

  3. Le'Sann

    I have made chalk paint with corn starch, mixing 1 part corn starch to 4 parts paint..it’s not rough nor needs sanding. You can mix the corn starch with just enough water to dissolve it before mixing with the paint. If you want the paint thicker you can do a stronger ratio of corn starch to paint. I’ve also used powdered wall texture product to make chalk paint for walls..Works beautifully and holds up well. Makes your color a shade paler than original color. You can mix as thin or thick as you want it..if you want to do a texture design on your wall it works great for that also. Just mix thicker than for regular painting. It can be put on with a dry wall spackle knife or stout brush.

  4. Lauren

    I stumbled across your blog and love your style! What color Annie Sloan chalk paint did you use on the piece with 6 drawers pictured right above your Annie Sloan pros and cons? Thanks!

  5. Gloria Tulip

    I used the Annie Sloan was on regular latex paint, not Annie Sloan paint, and while applying the wax, the paint came off.

    1. Jan Belcher

      I have some sanded grout left over from a tile job. Would it work the same as unsanded grout? Thanks.

  6. Donna Kennell

    I use Plaster of Paris when making my chalk paint, as long as you mix the P.O.P. with water really well and then add the paint it does not get clumpy and the finish isnt rough at all

  7. Harley with Harleys Custom Farm Tables

    Liz: I’ve started using AS, long before it became an epidemic in the USA. Every comment I’ve read on making “home made Chalk paint the writer uses every type of powder except what CHALK PAINT IS MADE OF, AND WHY its called Chalk paint- its got CHALK in it. If its made with unsand grout, Plaster of Pairs, cCorn Starch, dirt, sand or any other powder, its Not Chalk paint! And won’t paint, like chalk paint the finish will not be like chalk paint because its not ” CHALK”. CHALK paint is made with calcium bicarbonate. You can buy it at any health food store, or online, mixed with “the cheapest” flat paint ($9-12) a quart. It will last for years, will never get hard like plaster of Paris, will not be rough like using unsanded grout, and will be more durable than cornstarch. Clear wax, any soy wax with a bit of carbnuba added. Minwax will not blend well with chalk paint.

    1. Shannon

      Harley…how much calcium bicarbonate do you add to latex paint to make it Chalk paint??
      And also…I painted a piece for my mother-in-law with A.S. Chalk paint and she hates the matte finish. Can I paint over it with regular latex paint? Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide!!!

  8. Natalie

    Hello, What projects do you think work well with the homemade product? Would you use it on chairs, tables, bookshelves or us it better for outdoor items or smaller projects like picture frames, decorations etc??

    1. Le'Sann'

      I used it on an armoire in my living room…My daughter did a whole bedroom suite, a coffee table, and several other pieces. You can use it on anything large or small for inside your home. I don’t know how it would hold up on outdoor furniture though. If you used several coats of wax to keep out moisture it may be OK in a sheltered area. I personally haven’t used it for anything out doors.

  9. Diana

    I just want to correct Harley about CHALK paint, its Calcium Carbonate, bicarbonate is actully sodium bicarbonate, two different chemicals, yes, REAL chalk paint has no latex in it, that is the problem, people want to mix it with the wrong paint, everything Harley stated is correct, I have used ASCP, Poet’s paint, I love it, Fusion, Fossil by Kathy van Gogh, my all time favorite, but it is easier when you are a Crafter, DIYher, to make your own. I buy my Calcium Carbonate, not bicarbonate, on amazon, ASCP, I will never use her waxes again, read the ingredients, you have to wear rotevive gear, it is harmful to your skin, causes dryness, irritation, fusion, Van Gogh, both have all natural waxes, you can actually eat them and they will not harm you, I wouldn’t do it though, lol, point is, there safe for our invirement, if you have small children and they put there mouths on the furniture, you using it, all natural is always best, I’m a eco-chic so I great a bit crazy when it comes to harming our world but there waxes are great, you can use your hands, no gloves, no bad smell. try em, for you guys that have your own recipe for not real chalk paint but it is working for you? keep using it, you just can’t call it chalk paint, it doesn’t have chalk matter in it unless it has calcium carbonate, thats what chalk is made out of. try new things, or don’t, if you like the way your recipe is working, don’t change it, be happy, enjoy what your creating and bringing old unwanted pieces that were going to be taken to the dump before you all found it and gave it new life and turnedi it into a beautiful piece of furniture again, bless you and mother nature thanks you and most of all, that piece of furniture thanks you, you gave it a new life and many more years to be enjoyed, thank you for letting me get that out. I am very passionate at what I do, I love to see others passion for it, does it matter if its not the (right) ingredient? if you’re happy no, if you’re sellling them, then yes, you can’t say its donte in chalk paint, so what, its your special paint, thats all you need to say.
    Stay Colorful!!

    1. Elyria

      Thanks for clearing up some misconceptions- You also said that real chalk paint has no latex paint in it- so, what do you mix the calcium carbonate into? And what for color? I’m new to this and trying to find the most non toxic paint process I can.

  10. Kenai

    What is the difference between the quality and application process of ASCP and the new chalk paints that are sold at box stores like Lowes?

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