DIY Striped Rug

Onto the second DIY project for our laundry room
re-do {which I will be revealing at the end of the week.}
You can see the first DIY project for the laundry room,
A DIY wire basket light {here}.

Mkay, so this DIY project was a painted rug.
I wanted a shabby chic striped rug, & I wanted it on the cheap.
I made this project really hard on myself, but I do love
how it turned out. The one thing about this laundry room
is the lack of natural light, everything looks better with
some natural light & of course I can’t show you the entire room
just yet…

I’m not too happy with how the rug looks in the pictures.
The cream is turning out different in the pictures, but you get the idea.
Before this rug from Big Lots {$19.99} was not so cute…

This is where I made things hard on myself. You should purchase the rug
in a color that you want to be for one of the stripes. I chose to paint
the entire rug a cream color & then paint the shabby chic black lines
on the rug. ummmm, no fun. haha. I should have purchased
a cream rug to begin with. Just a fun tip 😉

After painting on the first layer of cream & letting that dry, I taped
off the rug into sections as seen above & used a roller to put the black
paint on. I used regular Valspar latex paint. Yes, not fabric paint
or anything special. The texture does change, but it’s not too
much different & does’t get too stiff or have a sticky feel.

 I wanted a little of the cream to show through the black to give it that shabby
chic worn look. I didn’t want it to look too modern,
but I wanted it to look more vintage &
used for many years.

 I wish I could show you the whole room, but you will have to wait for that! Here is the rug
from above.. Yes, my crazy butt stood on top of my
washer & dryer.. anything for my readers 😉

So there is the rug that I made for about $20, pretty good deal compared
to simular rugs I found for $300+. I can’t not wait to show
you the total room makeover, I have one more DIY to show you
after this one & then it’s time!

Talk to you soon,

Liz Marie

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