Barn Owl Primitives Giveaway

  Ever since I started blogging a year ago, I always heard about this amazing Etsy shop, Barn Owl Primitives. I have always admired her work, her shop, & everything she has done in the blog world. You can imagine my excitement when I was chosen a few weeks ago to hold a giveaway for you, my readers, for one of her beautiful designs!! “Meeting” Kristi through email, you can tell what an amazing person she truly is. Her kindness is amazing, & her humbleness is stunning. Now Kristi’s amazing work has been licensed & picked up by some amazing stores including the happiest place on earth, Target!! You can find this lovely little beauty there now…

   So, this is it folks!! Kristi is generously giving away one of these beautiful “Be Real” canvases to one lucky winner who will be chosen at random. All you have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a comment. Yes, that’s it. Just leave a comment below & all I ask is that you are a follower of Liz Marie Blog in some way either on Facebook, Twitter, Followers, or some other way. I want this giveaway to be a special gift for my followers. I will pick a winner Sep. 5, 2012… Good luck everyone & enjoy the giveaway!!

Talk to you soon…
xx Liz Marie

PS. Be sure to visit Barn Owl Primitives and show her lots of love shop • facebook • twitter • pinterest

This post is not affiliated or sponsored by Target.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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  1. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  2. I’ve had my eye on several of these signs for a while now. Great giveaway!

  3. Karen Partin says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! LOVE the signs!!

  4. So cute! Such a great giveaway! !!

  5. I love Barn Owl Primitives!! I stalk there shop on etsy and drool over all the cuteness!! I love the rainbow colored you are my sunshine board- but who could choose a favorite :) Best giveaway ever !!!!

  6. Oh my gosh LOVE the bandaid! I need a gigantic bandaid for my life right now!

  7. Jamie Taylor says:

    Love the You Are My Sunshine sign : ) That is our family song!


  9. LOVE the signs and what a GREAT story she has!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  10. Christine Brown says:

    Fingers crossed (;

  11. Tana Fisher says:

    Diggin’ the signs! It would be great to see one of these everyday! Very inspiring!<3

  12. Sheena Girard says:

    I would LOVE to win one of her signs. They are gorgeous. Love her blog too. I am a Facebook follower of hers. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  13. Love her signs! and especially the “you are my sunshine” one!

  14. Wow! These are great and I’m in love with them! Thanks for the chance to win one, Liz!

  15. Im lovin’ this giveaway! Thank you!

  16. Oh my I love the you are my sunshine sign. My grandma used to sing that to us as kids. Now I sing it every night to mine. :) lovely work.

  17. I’m excited!!! I love that shop

  18. Would love one of these for my classroom!! :) first grade rocks!

  19. Lover her stuff. LOVE.

    Awesome giveaway ;)

  20. Robin Troxell says:

    Love her stuff!!!

  21. Great giveaway!! Love her stuff!

  22. Love her art =) So fun!

  23. Love Her signs dearly! <3

  24. Elizabeth George says:

    Love love love the BE REAL sign!

  25. What a great giveaway!!! Thanks so much for hosting!!!

  26. I always look at these and love them! Great giveaway Liz! Thank you!

  27. Leslie Stewart says:

    Love these signs! What an awesome giveaway! I’m so glad I have found your blog!!

  28. What a lovely giveaway! The signs are all beautiful :)

  29. Wow I love her stuff. Can’t believe it will be in Target! Awesome.

  30. What a sweet giveaway.! I’m a FB follower of yours Liz Marie. Ü

  31. Whitney Freeman says:

    I LOVE B.O.P. =] There are several of her things that I want to get! and It’s so cool that she now has pieces in Target!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Elizabeth Mendoza says:

    LOVE IT!! Great giveaway!

  33. Jeannette E says:

    Cool giveaway !

  34. New follower, and I’ve admired BOP’s signs for a long time now!

  35. What an awesome giveaway!!!!

  36. melissa eaheart says:

    liked your page :) awesome giveaway!

  37. How exciting! I would love to have one of her pieces. :) I’m a new Twitter follower!

  38. I would LOVE one of these!!!! Any of them would be perfect in my house!!

  39. Great giveaway! Thank you to both for making this world prettier!

  40. I tell my daughter everyday that she is “my sunshine”!!! Love this. :O)

  41. Jeanette Tweed says:

    I love the “you are my sunshine” sign! it would fit perfectly in my kitchen or livingroom! i hope i’m the lucky winner! :-)

  42. Shanda McReynolds says:

    OMG!!! I couldn’t be more excited. I have wanted one of these signs for SO long. Hoping to be a winner!!!

  43. Great signs, love them! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  44. Stephanie Zajac says:

    I love her signs!!

  45. Emily Shagen says:


  46. Heather C says:

    Those are adorable! Would make such a nice pop of color somewhere in our very white house! ha

  47. Love her work!!! BEautiful!!

  48. SIGN ME UP! i Love it! :)

  49. Brittany D says:

    Fantastic giveaway! I love her work!

  50. Love her signs!

  51. Annette Taylor says:

    Love Love Love these signs!!

  52. Kristin C says:

    Love Barn Owl Primitives!! Just found your blog and I’m in love!!! Lots of great inspiration :) Thanks for the giveaway too!

  53. Jorgeann Hadder says:

    Thanks for the giveaway Liz! Very cute stuff!

  54. What a great giveaway! Love her signs and your blog!!

  55. Dee Ann G. says:

    What a cute giveaway. I’m always inspired when I see cool things on Liz’s blog and now on Barn Owl Primitives.

  56. I loooove barn owl primitives stuff! Would love to win one!

  57. Oh I absolutely adore Kristi!!! She’s such a sweetheart :) And congrats on being chosen!!
    I follow you through facebook :)

  58. shawn baker says:

    Awesome Giveaway! I love their stuff!

  59. rebeca casas says:


  60. LOVE THESE!!! Great Giveaway! : )

  61. Who doesn’t want one?

  62. Loving each and everyone of these cheery little signs! I follow you on Facebook and on your blog, Liz Marie. I would love to have one of these signs hanging in my home:)

  63. She does awesome work I would proudly display her signs in my place of business and home.

  64. I’m a follower, a fan…and hopefully a winner!!!

  65. OOOh awesome giveaway! Beautiful signs! Thanks for the chance :)

  66. I am so in on this…I already have the perfect space on my wall all picked out…You’re kind of a big deal…

  67. Anette Taylor says:

    I love these signs! I have wanted one for so long!!
    Thanks for a great blog & a great giveaway!!

  68. Brenda Fales says:

    I’ve seen these type of signs in stores… love them! So cute!

  69. I have loved Owl Barn Primitives for SO long! I would be beyond thrilled to have her art in our home! Thank you for the chance to win Liz! :)

  70. Lindsey Muller says:

    I follow your blog and on facebook! I love love love you stuff! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  71. Great giveaway! I love those signs!

  72. Charlotte Amaro says:

    I found you through Ruby Jean. I didn’t know you were here before but I am following you now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Danielle M says:

    I would LOVE one of these signs! Awesome giveaway!

  75. LOVE being a “follower” of your blog via facebook and Pinterest! Such great inspiration and useful posts :)

  76. Sooo cute!

  77. Holly Hepworth says:

    Oh MY!!!! I love them all. What talent!!!! And I really LOVE your blog! You rock girl!

  78. Love it! :)

  79. I would love to win one of her signs!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway Liz!

  80. Lorianne Alvesteffer says:

    I LOVE these…..I NEED one….I will overlook all the times that I haven’t won anything LizMarie if I win a sign please :^)

  81. I love her signs! :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  82. Lauren Danczak says:

    Love the yellow “sunshine” sign! I’ve been stalking it for a while for my little boy’s room. What an awesome giveaway! Love following you blog and Pinterest pins Liz!

  83. Sara David says:

    These signs are so pretty!!! :)

  84. Thank you Liz Marie and Barn Owl Primitives for teaming up! I love both of your products a bunch and am happy to see you two working together!!

  85. There isn’t a sign I don’t love! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. Also, looking forward to following your blog as well. Have a great day!

  86. I am a BIG BOP fan! Glad you get to give one away! :)

  87. Just adorable!!! I would love to win one. :)

  88. Stephanie ragusa says:

    Love those signs!!!

  89. I follow you on Facebook and I LOVE BOP!

  90. Yes yes yes I also follow you on fb!

  91. Yayyyyyy. Love love love these!

  92. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a twitter follower… @sandpaperglue :)

  93. I am a big fan both of your blog, and also of the primitive style. LOVE the signs and the warmth and whimsey they give!

  94. AnnaMarie says:

    SO CUTE! I am new to her stuff but LOVE the style!!

  95. dawn matthews says:

    Love the “You are my Sunshine” sign….I’m forever signing this to our little great granddaugter. She is the sun shine in our lives. I enjoy so much following your blog.

  96. Alisa Ricketts says:

    Thanxs for the giveaway!!!

  97. Kimberlee says:

    I would love to win this for my home! Love all your work!

  98. I have been obsessing about the “You are my sunshine” sign for months!!! I love the other ones as well…so cute Kristi!

  99. These are beautiful

  100. Yay! So glad you got picked to do this giveaway, Liz! I love your blog and love Barn Owl Primitives! Hoping I win! ;)

  101. Elizabeth G. says:

    I follow on Facebook and Twitter.

  102. Absolutely love “you are my sunshine”!!

  103. Thanks for the great giveaway. I absolutely BOP!

  104. OMG SO CUTE! Love these!!! How will we know who one?! Here my comment! Love!

  105. Wow I spelt won wrong hahaha

  106. Liz you rock! and this stuff she has is amazing and so positive! we all need something more positive in our lives… :)

  107. Her signs are beautiful! I hope I win:) I follow you on FB.

  108. Wonderful giveaway! I like you on FB and subscribe. I love the Family Rules sign :)

  109. Thanks so much. Love her signs.

  110. Great giveaway! Love the signs! Hope I’m the lucky winner! ;)

  111. Would love to find a spot for one of these gems in our new house! Love them all!

  112. I’m a follower! what awesome art work!

  113. I love BOP signs! I would love the sunshine sign for my baby’s nursery. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  114. Love the signs! Thanks for the giveaway! You’re so sweet!

  115. barbara n says:

    I am a email subscriber and would love to win one of the beautiful signs!

  116. Luv her signs! Thanks for making this offer.

  117. Awesome giveaway! Signs would be a great addition in my new remodeled kitchen!

  118. Catherine Mikelson says:

    Kristi’s work is the best out there; her pieces are definitely on my Christmas shopping list this year! Love!

  119. Would love to win one of these signs! I have been “eyeballing” them for some time!

  120. Great giveaway! I’d love to win one of these signs!

  121. love! thanks for the chance to win! :)

  122. awesome giveaway! love her shop! love the rainbow colored you are my sunshine, plus many, many more! :)

  123. Maggi Barth says:

    I love your blog-so glad I found it!

  124. michelle w says:

    great giveaway! I would love to win a sign I follow you on fb

  125. Aracely Campbell says:

    Hope to win!!!

  126. I’m a recently follower via Pinterest and those signs are adorable!

  127. thank you!!

  128. I must be living under a rock because I am not familiar with her shop!!
    So I moseyed on over to her shop and I have to say that I am impressed!! Kristi has talent! Whoever wins is a lucky gal/guy!! How fun and thanks for the giveaway. :)

  129. I have been following you for some time now…definitely everything you do is lovely-any furniture makeovers my me drool! I would love a win-need a big inspirational vintage sign for my bathroom…hope for a win.

  130. I saw Kristi’s post on Instagram an had to come check out your beautiful blog. I’ve entered 4 different giveaways in the past few months trying so hard to win that gorgeous “You are my Sunshine” sign. I adore her and her work! I sang “You are my Sunshine” to both of our kids when they were young so it has such beautiful meaning behind it. I’m now a new follower. Looking forward to following your creative posts!


  131. Ahhh! What an awesome giveaway! I want one of her signs so bad! I follow your blog through Bloglovin’ AND on Instagram! Happy to be a brand new follower! <3

  132. Love her work!!! So many beautiful signs!

  133. Katie Rincon says:

    Awesome giveaway! Yay!

  134. Oh I am just in love with her amazing signs! She’s fabulous! Crossing my fingers!

  135. Pretty sure I’m a follower on your blog FB and Twitter. <3 getting my updates and would love one of these signs! Great giveaway!

  136. J Ortenzi says:

    FB follower…and I love Barn Owl Primitives, You are my Sunshine is my current fav.

  137. Such sweet signs!! :)

  138. So cute! Love the Band-Aid one!

  139. Oh my goodness how cute! Thanks for the great give away

  140. I adore her shop! Such cute items!

  141. Aria DesRoberts says:

    Woohoo! That would be simply wonderful!

  142. Lauren Harper says:

    Yes please :)

  143. I love Kristi’s work. I have a piece of hers in my bathroom. Love, love, love!

  144. Hilary Carl says:

    This giveaway is awesome! I love Barn Owl Primitives and their signs.


  145. Sabrina Schneider says:

    I’m a fan and follower! I love the sign!

  146. I was already following you by email, but now I’m following you on Pinterest too!

  147. I love BOP! Such a great giveaway!

  148. I love BOP! Great Giveaway!

  149. Kristi F. says:

    I love all the positive, uplifting signs! It would be difficult to choose just one :)

  150. I’m following you on Twitter and Pinterest, and liked you on Facebook. I REALLY hope I win – that “Oh the places you’ll go” sign is absolutely wonderful!

  151. Love her stuff! :)

  152. LOVE this giveaway!

  153. I love BOP! I’d love to win!

  154. Just started to follow you on pinterest! Excited to look through your boards…oh, and to be entered into this giveaway! Thanks!

  155. Love BOP! She does great work! Liked your facebook page. Glad I found your blog!

  156. I love Barn Owl Prim. Great giveaway!!

  157. I love BOP work. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  158. Kathy Nagel says:

    I love Barn Owl Primitives and have always wanted to have one of Kristi’s pieces of art!

  159. I am a new fan on Facebook. Thanks to Ruby Jean!

  160. Allison Lewis says:

    I heart Barn Owl Primitives!

  161. Leslie F. says:

    Just found you through Barn Owl and have been reading through your blog. Love what you do so am a new Facebook fan and email subscriber!

  162. Charlotte says:

    I love Barn Owl Primitives! Her work is amazing…

  163. Ah! What a sweet giveaway. I have envied her work for awhile now! What a perfect addition this would make in our home.

  164. I would love to win….You are my sunshine is my favorite!

  165. I love Barn Owl Primitives! She does such great work. I follow you on Facebook! Love your blog!

  166. What an awesome give a way! I’m sure would love to win, but truly understand…’s only one but love Barn Owl Primitives! I “liked” you on FB and now am also following you on Pinterest! Cheers to the winner!

  167. Alice Jones says:

    OMG! I’m in love with “you are my sunshine” one!
    My mom sings “You are my sunshine” to my kids all the time.
    We are re-doing my mom’s office to Yellow and grey! This would mean to much to my mom! I could only hope to win something so nice and give it to my mom for her new office!
    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, this would make me so happy…! (if I could win) Fingers are crossed on this one for sure! :)

  168. Alicia sutton says:

    I would love to win!!!

  169. I LOVE her signs! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  170. yay! Love your blog (and pinterest boards!)

  171. alexis peck says:

    omg i have to have the yellow one!!!

  172. I NEED the yellow sign! PLEASE

  173. Yay! Great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  174. lovin the Be… sign. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. Gina Manning says:

    Such awesome signs! I love them.

  176. erin noie says:

    Amazing. I’ve been a long time fan of Barn Owl Primitives and own one of her gorgeous signs. I love how inspirational they are and looking at it reminds me that I can indeed “do hard things.” I would love to own a “Let it be” or “Keep Calm” sign <3!
    I follow you on twitter and FB and same with B.O.P!
    thank you for the chance!

  177. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Twitter and Pinterest follower!
    I LOVE BOP!! I have a Playroom Rules sign upstairs and would LOVE to have MORE of these amazing signs!
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  178. Nickie Laurence says:

    My husband and I are buying out first home. I would love one of these to hang in it!

  179. I love her stuff. ♥

  180. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE!! Great memories of my great kids!!

  181. Love them! Thanks

  182. How exciting! These are adorable and one would look great on my picture wall! :)

  183. Such fun signs and such a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  184. Love your stuff!! Especially the ‘you are my sunshine’! Will definitely be looking at buying down the road!

  185. great products. can’t wait to check out her etsy shop!

  186. wendy sweeney says:

    great giveaway :)

  187. Reann McManus says:

    I loveloveLOVE barnowl primitives designs! (was so excited to see her gorg wall sign at target too) thanks for hosting this giveaway and for always being such an inspiration Liz!!

  188. This is beautiful. I would love to send it back to college with my daughter when she leaves in a few weeks!! Thank you for hosting such a great giveway!

  189. Great Giveaway! And thanks for turning me on to Barn Owl…. I love chcking out other peoples art!

  190. Andrea Seretny says:

    Great giveaway!!! Love her stuff!

  191. Leah Doyle says:

    Awesome artwork! I can’t wait to find some more of your treasures on Etsy! Keep up the great work!

  192. Sweet! I really hope I win!

  193. Bridgette says:

    I love all of it!

  194. Joy Clark says:

    Oh my…please let her pick me! (fingers crossed!)

  195. I love this canvas and would be so excited to win it!!

  196. Cute giveaway! I’m a follower on twitter

  197. Love love love her stuff

  198. Thank you for the give away. The signs are wonderful the saying is perfect for my daughter’s apartment! Would love to give her a treat!!!!

    Found your info on Pinterwst perfect. Following on FB

  199. Super cute!!

  200. I follow you through RSS, Twitter AND FB! I looooove B.O.P too…would love to win this sign! :)

  201. Great giveaway! Thank you! :)

  202. Girlfriend! That has my name written all over it!!!: )

  203. Too cute!

  204. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! I love this sign and the shop — it would go great in my newly painted play room/den :) I follow you on twitter -lemontart5

    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  205. These are so cute! One would look great hanging in my new apartment :)

  206. Erin Young says:

    love these signs – thanks for the giveaway! :)

  207. These are awesome – love them – I now follow you both!!! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win!

  208. LOVE IT! I’m a blog, pinterest, and FB follower! :)

  209. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Quotes that touch a person or motivate are one of my favorite things. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  210. Nicole Thornton says:

    I’m so excited for this giveaway!!!

  211. I adore them all! Thanks for the giveaway!

  212. Loooove! Congrats to Kristi! xx

    Hope I win!

  213. Love! *crosses my fingers*
    Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  214. How wonderful! I love it :) I am a follower via google reader and twitter (@lzabadal)!

  215. Amanda Summers says:

    What a beautiful piece of art work!
    And a great reminder.

  216. Love her signs!

  217. Those signs are so nice!

  218. Congrats on getting all up in Target..too cool- what great exposure for you! Hopefully your sales are through the roof, you are so talented Kristy!

    Liz- I follow your blog via Bloglovin’ (Yours Truly is my blog name I follow with).

  219. I love Barn Owl Primatives! I definitely need one of their signs in my life… ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. This is a great giveaway! I love Barn Owl Primitives but I didn’t know I could find Kristi’s stuff at Target – good for her!

  221. Excellent. Thanks for the giveaway.

  222. Awesome giveaway! I hope I win. =]

  223. So glad I’ve found you! Such inspiration.

  224. As always, beautiful items, and even better that this is a giveaway :) Hopefully I win!

  225. What a fabulous giveaway! I am following you via Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, & Facebook! Your blog is always inspirational! I love this canvas and it suits me to a T! I hope I win!

  226. Patty Page says:

    I love Barn Owl Primitives! Thanks for the giveaway!

  227. This is great Liz!!

  228. Love these signs!!

  229. Love…Love….Love….!

  230. I love these signs! I have a place picked out on my mantel for one! It will be perfect! Thanks so much! I follow on Facebook.

  231. Great giveaway…..thanks!!

  232. Love it all! Love following LizMarie’s “LOL” on Pinterest!

  233. Ashley Kelly says:

    Love every sign!!!

  234. Sheree Perelman says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway. Her work is amazing.

  235. Wonderful giveaway!! I follow you and like your Facebook page. Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  236. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  237. Kristen Palombi says:

    I love the “you are my sunshine” canvas. I sing that to my husband at night. Yes, I’m a nerd, but it’s our little thing.

  238. may riedel says:

    Thank you for the chance!! Love these signs especially you are my sunshine!! Good luck everybody and have a great day!!

  239. I love her work, so cute!

  240. What an awesome giveaway! She does great work! :)

  241. I love his etsy shop. I’ve been eyeing a couple of different things for weeks!

  242. Love all her work! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  243. Love her signs!!!

  244. Sabrina Waters says:

    I’ve long been an admirer of Barn Owl Primitives. I am now following you on Facebook.

  245. amy williams says:

    i ♥ this giveaway!

  246. Lauren Vincent says:

    I love to win one!

  247. Love her stuff. And your blog.

  248. Love this!!

  249. you are my sunshine…that’s what i tell my baby girl everyday!

  250. Brenda Rupert says:

    Fantastic Giveaway! Thank You! :)

  251. Kaleena Cote says:

    …New follower, Etsy addict, and completely DIY-obsessed now that I’m recently engaged! Love *all* of the Barn Owl Primitives signs. :)

  252. Sandra Dupal says:

    Love it! Thanks for the chance!

  253. What a Great giveaway!

  254. Dana Summers says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  255. I love her shop! She’s so talented!

  256. What a fabulous giveaway, thank you for the opportunity… I follow you and BOP ;-)

  257. KelseySheigh says:

    Need one of these for my new apartment!

  258. I’m a new Facebook follower now! Love the signs!!!

  259. love them!

  260. I wish I could make these myself..dangit…lol

  261. Exciting!! Thank you!!! :)

  262. Oh my, would love to win! If not, I have to go to Target. Love this!!

    Facebook follower

  263. I am a huge fan! OX

  264. I am a huge fan!

  265. Wow, what a great giveaway! I would love to have these in my home!

  266. Kirah Campbell says:

    The BE REAL Barn Owl Primitive sign would look FABULOUS in my craft room! Thank you for such an awesome opportunity! I follow LizMarieBlog on FB! <3

  267. I am always singing You are my sunshine to the grandbabies. Loving all the signs…very talented! Love your blog to liz. Keep up the wonderful sharing, and Thanks!

  268. Catherine Mikelson says:

    I love Kristi’s work and would LOVE to win this!!

  269. Ohhhhh! Hope I win! :)

  270. Love the signs – and your blog!

  271. Candice Schurr says:

    Soo cute I’d love to win!!! :)

  272. Miranda Cagle says:

    Love these!!!!

  273. Lisa Satkowiak says:

    Would love to win this great give-away sign me up!!!!

  274. I follow via blogger. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. I love the saying on these signs and pin them all the time! I would LOVE to own one!! I’m crossing my fingers and toes :)

  276. ashley wise says:

    i actually saw you post a picture of this when u were at target and i ran out immediately to buy one… i didn’t see it there and was bummed! do you know if they will eventually be in all states? this would look PERFECT in my “getting ready room”!

  277. Great Giveaway! I love Barn Owl Primitives! I love to browse their etsy shop too!!!!

  278. Awesome giveaway!! I love the sunshine canvas!! Too cute!

  279. Maribeth Uhlenhopp says:

    I’ve loved Barn Owl Primatives for a long time! Glad she directed me to your blog!

  280. What a great site and giveaway!

  281. I love her signs!

  282. oooh, I would LOVE to win this!! and even if I don’t, thank you for introducing her to me! :)

  283. Love your blog and love Barn Owl’s signs too! Great giveaway, would look great on any wall in my house! Fingers crossed!

  284. lesley dean says:

    oh my i would love to win one of these lovelies.

  285. Renee Carter says:

    What a cute piece of artwork, it would be perfect for our nursery!

  286. My twin daughters are getting married; one 12-8-12 and the other 12-12-12! I can not afford anything except wedding things right now. WOW I could sure use a surprise for ME!

  287. Alaina Ivey says:

    This would be wonderful since we just moved from VA to FL and the house is seeming very empty on the walls. :-)

  288. lisa burnell says:

    I just recently discovered Barn Owl Primitives and now I’ve discovered your blog! Thank you so much!

  289. Would LOVE the be real sign for my daughters room. Love this!

  290. Such a great message on this sign! Through Barn Owl Primitives, I found Liz Marie Blog! I’m excited!

  291. This is great. I would like to be such a person! I follow your pinterest (Lubka Kotmanikova), bloglovin and twitter (@Klubka)

  292. I found you today from Barn Owl Primitives! So nice to find you and I’ll be following along from now on with FB.

  293. Love her stuff. Have about 20 signs I’d like to do!

  294. I decided to follow you via Pinterest as Mickey Louth. Hope that counts! I would love the Art!

  295. Maria Halaris says:

    LOVE…your work!!!

  296. Love Barn Owl Primitives!! And just found your blog! Very excited about the contest and your blog!

  297. Love your blog! enjoy all your pics of projects….
    Would love to win one of these cute signs.

  298. Terressa T. says:

    I just found your blog today through a linky party for the DIY dish detergent! Oh. my. goodness! I am in LOVE with your blog! What a fun site. I am excited to explore some more. and I figured, what the hey! I might as well enter the giveaway too! I LOVE that canvas-perfect for our home!

  299. I want one of those wonderful signs! Thanks for the giveaway — I’m following you on facebook and pininterest.

  300. Love this giveaway…much like you, I’ve been admiring her work for some time now!! :]

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  305. Donna Maggard says:

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  311. Shannon Cook says:

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  318. Michelle Moriniere says:


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