How To Spray Paint & Distressed Card Catalog

Remember those days where I used to make youtube videos? O, you missed that? Well,
I used to all the time.. and then I got embarrased about how I looked & how many times I said “um” in the span of 5 minutes. But in order to share my passion with you guys & show you the way that I do things {It’s not always the right way, but it’s my way} I wanted to start making videos again so you could see first hand how I paint & other tips and tricks on how to pray paint. That’s what my blog is for, it’s to share my love for all things painting & DIY & to inspire others to do what I love to do.

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These were the drawers before I started working on them. My original goal was to have glossy black drawers with solid gold hardware. But after I recorded the video & really started putting the drawers together, I quickly knew that I wanted them to be really distressed & like they had been used in an old hotel for years. Yes, exactly like that.
These drawers actually aren’t finished yet. I have an idea for them, but I wanted to show them to you how they looked now in all of their distressed glory…

Here’s a video I made with some tips & tricks on how I spray paint. There are so many variables with each piece, and each piece requires different actions, but here are the general rules that I use to accomplish the final product I want…

After this video when the piece was painted a solid black, I simply took a sanding block and distressed the whole entire thing. I wanted it to look very distressed. To achieve the gold hardware I used rub’n buff.

What do you think about the distressed drawers? I can’t wait to finish them & show you the final product. What did you think about the video? Do you find these helpful? What other kind of videos do you want to see? Share your thoughts on the facebook page {here} or in the comments below I love hearing from all of you!

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