DIY Deer Head Pallet Mount

There is a lot of ways to my heart.. one being cherry coke from Target. Another being my husband coming up with a DIY project & working on it by himself. Yup, I owe this project to him. With out making you want to gag by telling you how much I love him & how awesome he is.. let’s talk about how awesome this Deer head Pallet mount is!!

I bought this deer head from TJ Maxx about a year ago & it sat in my craft closet that whole time with no where to hang, that is until my genius husband made this lovely pallet mount for the lovely little faux deer head. If you do not have a deer head lying around, you can make my DIY Deer Head {here} using a christmas reindeer that you can find at your local craft store. It’s the perfect time of year to make one!

Making this pallet mount was really quick & simple. We gathered weathered pallet boards that we had lying around, applied support boards across the back, & placed a screw where we wanted to hang the deer head on the pallet boards. We hung this pallet on the wall using a wall anchor and screw that was fit for the weight of this piece.

We decided to hang this in our living room on a bare wall that had always been empty. I have this indecisive issue that if it’s not perfect than I don’t even want it hanging there temporarily. This pallet mount is perfect for this space & really adds a lot of character to this little corner.

You could mount other things on these pallet boards like art, picture frames, the options are endless & not limited to faux deer heads. Have you used pallet boards for hanging anything? I would love to see what you did.. leave a link or tell me about it in the comments below 🙂

This is my new favorite addition to our house. What do you think of our DIY Deer Head Pallet mount? We seriously need to make one for our master bedroom re-do, which is coming along great by the way. I painted the entire room today & I can’t wait to show you the new color. I hope you are all having a great week!!

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