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Hey guys! I am back with my “How I wax furniture” tips & tricks post. I get so many questions on how I wax my furniture pieces. I wanted to share with you how I wax my pieces with clear wax {I will do a blog post & video using dark wax later}. One of my main tips is to find what works best for you. I love trying new ways & seeing the results I get. First of al,l waxing is my favorite way of sealing my furniture pieces because of the natural & durable finish it gives the pieces. The natural luster really goes along with the style of furniture I do. I choose to use the Annie Sloan Soft wax because it’s so easy to work with. Just like the name suggests it’s super soft, easy to apply, easy to buff off, & leaves the furniture with a lasting finish that I can be happy with. As you can see in the photo below, the wax gives your paint a richer tone & really highlights the distressing of the piece…

Steps I use with the Annie Sloan Clear Wax:

1. Choose your tool: I like applying with a brush, but you can apply the wax to the piece using a lint free cloth such as cheese cloth, old t-shirts, or drop cloth pieces.

2. Scoop wax in a disposable container such as a bowl, paper plate, or anything you have on hand.

3. Get some wax on your brush or cloth. A LITTLE GOES A VERY LONG WAY. Brush the wax onto the furniture piece in small sections making sure that area does not dry before you come back and buff it off.

4. Use a lint free rag to buff off the excess wax. Really work it into your furniture piece making sure it’s completely buffed in so that it doesn’t dry tacky & leaves you with a very durable finish on your furniture piece.

5. After the wax is dry {doesn’t feel tacky} You can choose to distress your piece now using sandpaper. After you have distressed you can be done with your piece. Or you can apply a second layer of wax the same way you did your first layer.

6. After you have applied your last layer of wax & it is dry, you can choose to buff the piece even more. The more you buff, the smoother & shinier the piece will become.

7. Allow wax to cure for 24-36 hours before placing anything on the piece or really putting the piece into action.

8. To clean your brush different things may work depending on the tool you use, but try some mineral spirits & some warm soapy water to clean all of the waxy product off the bristles. You can soak the brush in oil {vegetable oil exd} & then wash with warm soapy water. Again, you will find what works best for you.

I made this quick video for you guys to see how I wax furniture. It was a hot, rainy, and humid day here in NC so don’t mind my crazy hair & the fact that I’m sweating without hardly moving… hey it happens 😉 I can’t wait for fall to finally come to the south…

You can see more pictures of this coffee table {here}
I hope these tips & tricks answered some of your questions that you had on how to wax furniture. If you have any more questions, please leave them below & I will update this post with the answers that I have. If you have any tips & tricks of your own, leave them below or on the facebook page {here} as well!

Talk to you soon..
Liz Marie

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  1. Hi Liz Marie! I just came across this video on waxing furniture. I’m actually obsessed with Annie Sloan paint and wax as well, and I’ve used it on things like an old door headboard, guest room dresser(which I just tagged you in on Instagram the other day!), bench, and my dining room table and chairs. So the question I have for you is about my dining table. I used Annie Sloan Old White, dark waxed the edges and nooks, and clear waxed the rest. The top, however, shows the overlapping brush strokes of the wax in certain angles of the light. We buffed it, but it still didn’t turn out just right. What would you suggest?? I’ve considered sanding the top down, staining, and poly coating it..I like that look your coffee table!

    Let me know what you think!
    :) Alyssa

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