DIY 5 Board End Table

This lovely living room above is in my best friend Christine’s house & that lovely yellow table you ask? Well, my handsome husband & I made that for her. Christine was looking for an end table that wouldn’t take up much room, but would still function as a sturdy & useful table. This table was our solution. It’s slim, yet very sturdy and provides a lot of surface space with out being wide & taking up a lot of room.

This table was fairly easy to make thanks to my husband {Thanks for doing the dirty work babe!} A few cuts to boards, some screws & wood glue & this 5 board DIY table was ready for paint. That’s where I stepped in. I painted this table Valspars Dylan Velvet ,and used a wax to seal the piece.

1. Choose the length, width, & height that you want your table to be. We measured Christine’s couch to determine our measurements. Cut board {1} based off the depth of your couch or wherever you want your table to be.

2. Cut the side boards {2} based off the height of your couch.

*Screw boards {1} & {2} together making the frame of the table*

3. Lay the table on it’s side. Lay boards {3} across the table to the angle of your choice. Mark off the boards outlining the table to show where you have to cut off the excess amount of boards {3} to make the perfect angles.

*After boards {3} are cut screw those into boards {1} & {2} completing your 5 board DIY end table*

What do you think of our DIY 5 board end table?? This table has so many uses and can be customized to fit anywhere in your home. Where would you put this table in your home?? I would love for you to share in the comments below or {here} on the Liz Marie Blog facebook page. I hope you all had a great weekend! ours was spent re-doing our master bedroom. I had no idea how many little projects were going to have to be done to complete it, but I’m so excited to show you the master bedroom re-do in a couple weeks! Did you work on any DIY projects this weekend??

Talk to you soon
xx Liz Marie

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