DIY Chalkboard Label Mason Jars


I was shopping in Staples the other day when I came across the Martha Stewart line that they carry there. Since when did Staples get hip with Martha? Maybe I’m behind because I never go to Staples, I just happen to be there with my husband. I lost all self control & purchased a bunch of her goodies there, including these o so lovely chalkboard labels. $30 later I was walking out of the store with a bag of cuteness. Well played Martha,Well played. These labels would be perfect for labeling boxes, containers, books, drawers, pantry items, & so much more. I decided to makeover some mason jars with the labels…

I can’t ever get enough chalkboard, so I decided to paint the lids with chalkboard paint as well. For double the labeling power or just to draw pretty pictures on 😉

I still don’t know what I will be storing in my lovely mason jars, but I just wrote in some examples quickly, you get the idea 😉

Here is the supply list for my DIY chalkboard label mason jars, but of course you could add and subtract things as you wanted. There are so many possibilities! I simply painted the mason jars with the sample of cream in my coffee Valspar paint that I got from Lowe’s. It took about 2-3 coats to completely cover each jar. I also put about 2 coats of chalkboard paint on the lids of the mason jars. After the paint was dry I stuck on the chalkboard labels to the jars that I got from Staples. & there you have some lovely chalkboard label mason jars!

I think the back of the jars are just as pretty as the front. I’m just a sucker for painted mason jars.

These jars could be stored in a pantry, closet, or cupboard or they could be a part of your home decor. The would look great in a kitchen, craft room, bedroom, or any room of your home.

Have you painted mason jars lately?? I would love to see your version!! Share them below in the comments or share them on the Facebook page {Here}. Like I said before, there is something about a painted mason jar that gets me every time. I hope you had a great weekend! My husband and I worked a little more on our master bedroom, put our christmas decorations up {You can see a sneak peek (here) on the facebook page}, & had a great time with friends. We both had five days off so it was a pretty amazing long weekend.

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