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I was shopping in Staples the other day when I came across the Martha Stewart line that they carry there. Since when did Staples get hip with Martha? Maybe I’m behind because I never go to Staples, I just happen to be there with my husband. I lost all self control & purchased a bunch of her goodies there, including these o so lovely chalkboard labels. $30 later I was walking out of the store with a bag of cuteness. Well played Martha,Well played. These labels would be perfect for labeling boxes, containers, books, drawers, pantry items, & so much more. I decided to makeover some mason jars with the labels…

I can’t ever get enough chalkboard, so I decided to paint the lids with chalkboard paint as well. For double the labeling power or just to draw pretty pictures on ;)

I still don’t know what I will be storing in my lovely mason jars, but I just wrote in some examples quickly, you get the idea ;)

Here is the supply list for my DIY chalkboard label mason jars, but of course you could add and subtract things as you wanted. There are so many possibilities! I simply painted the mason jars with the sample of cream in my coffee Valspar paint that I got from Lowe’s. It took about 2-3 coats to completely cover each jar. I also put about 2 coats of chalkboard paint on the lids of the mason jars. After the paint was dry I stuck on the chalkboard labels to the jars that I got from Staples. & there you have some lovely chalkboard label mason jars!

I think the back of the jars are just as pretty as the front. I’m just a sucker for painted mason jars.

These jars could be stored in a pantry, closet, or cupboard or they could be a part of your home decor. The would look great in a kitchen, craft room, bedroom, or any room of your home.

Have you painted mason jars lately?? I would love to see your version!! Share them below in the comments or share them on the Facebook page {Here}. Like I said before, there is something about a painted mason jar that gets me every time. I hope you had a great weekend! My husband and I worked a little more on our master bedroom, put our christmas decorations up {You can see a sneak peek (here) on the facebook page}, & had a great time with friends. We both had five days off so it was a pretty amazing long weekend.

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  1. Oh, I adore this idea. I’m so glad I saw it. I have oodles of mason jars around with canning stuff from the garden. I didn’t can this year with having a newborn at summer’s end so, I’ve got jars sitting in the basement. Very, very pretty.

    • Thank you so much Dawn! Yes, that was my issue too.. I had so many mason jars with no purpose. Now they are pretty & serve a purpose in my home.. I hope you have fun making yours! xx Liz Marie

  2. I love these! Too cute. (:

  3. Love these. I’m so tempted to do these for the bathroom, to keep all the little things prettily contained.

  4. LOVE THESE! How cute!

    Feel free to bring your project over to our linkparty

  5. I love this! What a beautiful way to store things. I have a soft spot for mason jars- we used them in our wedding. Feel free to post on our link party too!

  6. So CUTE! I have seen these in blog land a lot lately, love this idea! I have those same martha labels, and I have my flour, sugar, etc. labeled on clear jars. Makes opening the pantry door just a little more FUN! =)

  7. I love the color on the furniture in the pic, is it chalk paint? Thanks

  8. Do you have to use a special paint that will adhere to glass? Paint the outside? They are so adorable!

    • Hi Lees.. nope just regular paint.. any kind! & I painted the outside for the matte look.. you could paint the inside for more of a glossy glass finish. I hope this helps :) xx

  9. Your jars turned out very cute!

  10. I love your jars!

  11. WOW!!!! How cool these cream jars look. Fantastic job. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the cream color you used for the jars, it makes them look so chic. As always, beautiful job Liz!

  13. Susan Hines says:

    I fell in love with the chalkboard labels the other day as well! Determined to find some use for them as gifts this Christmas . My Mom does happen to have a box full of Mason jars! Hmmmm….

  14. I’ve been saving jars- just ya know…in case- and this is a terrific project! I love it!. Hopping by from mom on a time out- would love a visit at my blog- ladies holiday.

    Have a great weekend.

  15. Such a cute idea.. I have a box full
    of mason jars and am going to
    give this a try…. stopping by from
    Debbies Pinterest party..
    Happy Holidays

  16. I knew that… and I had to run the other way before I got sucked in!! Pens and labels, pens and labels. LOL!

    Super cute girl. They look darlin’ up on the hutch :)

  17. I so love these jars! I have so many places I could use them to organize but when have I ever been organized! lol Thanks so much for sharing them on Transformed Tuesday Hugs, Peggy

  18. You always have such amazing projects! I love these chalk labels

  19. Hey girlfriend! Thanks for linking up at Create & Inspire last week! Tonight we’re featuring YOU! Can’t wait to see what you’ll link up this week! xo, Kimberly

  20. Hi Doll,
    I tried making these last year (before i saw your blog post) and even with a primer the chalkboard paint scratched off :( Did you do anything special, like sanding the lid, before painting? I would like to make these for my sister’s baby shower cups but I don’t want them to scratch off when the guests get home. Thanks so much for your help!!



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