Facebook Changes & How To

We have all heard about it, Facebook has been making some drastic changes. These changes are making it so that fan pages, like Liz Marie Blog, are reaching less of their viewers than normal unless they pay to reach them. Some may be asking what the big fuss is all about… well, to me, facebook was is a great way of staying in contact with YOU! Some of you may follow me through email, twitter, google+, Pinterest, or Instagram, but a lot of you follow me through Facebook as well & I want to make sure that you see all of my posts, hear about my giveaways, have a way to talk to me & ask questions, see updates on my life, & see everything that’s going on here on the blog!

There is a few ways to make sure you see all of my updates on Facebook

First of all you want to hover your cursor over the “liked” button on the Liz Marie Blog facebook page {here} You will see a drop box with some options in it like: Get Notifications, Show In Newsfeed, & add to Interest lists…

Make sure the “Get Notifications” is checked. This ensures that you will see the updates from me on facebook by receiving updates when I update the facebook page.

Next.. Make sure that “Show In Newsfeed” is checked. This makes sure that my updates will show up in your newsfeed.

Another option facebook offers for you to receive updates from your favorite bloggers is by creating interest lists. You can add all of your favorite pages to lists so they are all combined in one area to view whenever you want.

After clicking “done” your list will show up on the left hand sidebar on your facebook page under “Interests” & you will be able to view all of the updates on your list by clicking it.

Did you follow that? haha. Trust me it’s easy & this will ensure you don’t miss anything! Do this for all of your favorite facebook pages & you will no longer be missing out on anything! If you have a facebook fan page share this with your followers so that they can do this for your page as well. I would love for you to follow along with all of my DIY adventures on Facebook, you can also follow me on Instagram {here} Pinterest {here} Twitter {here} Google+ {here} & I would love to hear from you in all of those places!! I love talking to everyone on all of my social media sites & staying in touch. Share your furniture makeovers, your DIY projects, & your crafts with me by tagging me so I can see you work…. Talk to you soon!

xx Liz Marie

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