Marine Corps Ball 2012

As many of you know I am a very proud Marine wife who loves my Marine more than anything in the world.  Every year as a marine wife I get the pleasure of attending a ball for the marine corps birthday along with all of my husbands fellow marines. The ball is a time to celebrate the Marine Corps and all it stands for, & to celebrate our marines & everything that they do. There is always lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of dancing & lots of reminiscing on the history of the marine corps.

Of course for the girls, including me, there is a lot of planning that happens before the ball. The dress, the hair, the jewelry, the makeup, the shoes, the purse… It never stops. Even though I must say I hardly did any preparing this year & everything was done very last minute. & of course the men, including my husband get a fresh haircut and put on their uniforms, shine their shoes, & all look very handsome in their blues.

I am so proud of my husband and everything that he does. I am so grateful that we have the marine corps ball once a year to celebrate the marine corps & that we have a reason to celebrate all of our marines.

I didn’t take many photos at the ball, but I did take some via instagram. You can follow me (here) Here are a couple that I took, I won’t overload you with photos.. o wait, too late!

And, here is a picture of us at least years Marine Corps ball…

Last years dress was my favorite dress of all the years we have gone. I loved all of the bling  & it was so different than any other dress that night at the ball. Last years dress was from, I did my own makeup & my hair was done at a salon. I loved this years dress as well, it fit me like a glove & was very easy to move around in.. We did a lot of dancing this year & I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions 😉 How embarrassing would that would be.. o my! This years dress was from Group USA in Concord, NC. I did my own makeup this year {I love doing makeup!!} & my hair was done at a salon.

Isn’t he a handsome guy? & what a trooper for taking some pictures with me before the ball, got to love him. I regret not getting more pictures throughout the year with him in his uniforms, I need to get better at that. Have you been to a marine corps ball before? Do you have a marine in your life? Or any other military member? I would love to hear about it.. I love meeting other people who are associated with the military, we all share a bond that is very strong & let’s face it we all understand each other in some way or another 😉

xx Liz Marie

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