November Birchbox

It has been a long time since I shared my monthly Birchbox with you guys… yet another sign that this semester at school has been crazy! Only a couple more weeks & the hardest semester of my schooling will be over! I can’t wait to celebrate!! & you guys will be able to celebrate with me by seeing more blog posts from me ;) Maybe I should plan a huge “End of the semester giveaway”? I’m seriously jumping out of my pants so excited for it to be over, can you tell? This months Birchbox was pretty awesome. If you don’t know what Birchbox is… get with it ;) …. just kidding, It’s a monthly beauty subscription where you receive 5 samples a month based on a beauty survey that you take when you sign up. It’s $10 a month with free shipping. This month I recieved a full size mascara with built in mirror & a hair care product that I don’t know how I lived with out before this month, along with some other awesome goodies….

In My November Birchbox:

Feeling Smitten- Limited Edition Holiday Bath Bomb
MCMC Perfume- Phoenix
ModelCo- Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara
Oscar Blandi- Pronto Texture & Volume spray
Chuao Chocolatier- Chocolate barĀ 

I’m pretty obsessed with Birchbox, I mean that mascara alone was more then $10. & that volume hairspray has changed my hair forever! With out Birchbox I would never find out about all of these awesome products. This is a great Christmas gift too!! You can buy a subscripted to your mom, dad, brother {yes they have birchbox for men!}, friend, sister, cousin, uncle, second cousins mothers aunt… ok you get the point. It’s a great gift. You can also shop full size items on the Birchbox website as well. Do you have a Birchbox subscription? What did you get this month?

Talk to you soon friends!
xx Liz Marie

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  1. You got a bath bomb? Your birchbox was WAY better then mine I wished I would’ve gotten this box.

    • Yes! I haven’t used it yet.. so I’m not sure if I love it. But I’ll use it soon and update you. What did you get in your Birchbox? I’m sorry you didn’t get it!

  2. I LOVE that Oscar Blandi hair volumizing spray, I got that too! I didn’t get the mascara, but instead got the most amazing lip gloss by Model Co. The color is called Strip Tease and it has the mirror on the outside, it’s a great “color”, smells and tastes good and I’m definitely purchasing another.

    • Omg…. isn’t that volumizing spray amazing???? I’m purchasing the full size asap.. I am going to have to check that lipgloss out! Thanks for the heads up. & the mascara isn’t my favorite… but maybe it will grow on me. I’m glad you loved your Birchbox :)

  3. Looks tempting! I am a part of the love club box! It’s all handmade and small businesses and its really amazing. I plan to take pics of mine today and share. :-)
    I found your blog thru Pinterest with a pic of shutters, and I can’t find the post though. Can you help me? I’m trying to figure out the best way to mount the shutters on the wall for my gallery wall :-) thanks!

    • Heyyyy! ummmm I am going to have to check this love box out.. first of all, love the name haha. & it sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing! & yes.. my shutters.. do you want to know how I hung them? I literally put a nail in the wall and hung the shutter on it. Here is the post I think that you are talking about: Ummm I hate looking at my old blog posts haha it’s kind of weird, but fun at the same time. I would love to see your gallery wall! You should link it up at the linky party tomorrow or post it on my fb wall :)

  4. Hi, your box looks amazing. I have heard so much about Birchbox, good and bad. I just subscribed and already there seems to be confusion with the company but anyways. I would like your input. Im on the fence I subscribed to another box company also and I want to compare for a couple of months. I’m scared since im older(47) I will get alot of samples like for wrinkle cream lol. That is what I hear the older crowd gets,I want makeup. I have heard so many horror stories, about getting junk.

    • Hey Kathy!! That would be annoying if that’s the only kind of samples you would get.. My opinion is one of two things: Either leave your age off all together.. or put in a different age all together. It can’t hurt anything. or when they ask in your beauty profile what kind of skin care, or what your focus is on do not put anti aging and than you are probably not going to get all anti aging things. Also, one more thing. There customer service is awesome so if you ever have a problem contact them on their website and they are very helpful! I hope this helps! xx Liz Marie

  5. Thank to you as soon as i get off work i am officially ordering one! I am so excited!!! :)

  6. stopping by from my girlsih whims, love your birchbox! i got that mascara too love it, i kinda wish i got a bath bomb that is so awesome!

    • I have yet to try the bathbomb and I take a bath every night! I just keep forgetting.. I’m pretty excited to try it! I have yet to fall in love with the mascara, but I think I need to try it again!

  7. This month was my first Birchbox and I can’t say I was that impressed. If I got the box you had I think I would have liked it more! Its not that the samples weren’t nice (or worth the $10 because I’m sure the value of them is way more than that) its just that nothing really jumped out at me. The only thing we got the same of was the MCMC fragrance, which I like the smell of but I didn’t love it. . I have read different reviews from beauty bloggers and they say in recent months they haven’t been as impressed by the quality of the contents in the boxes. How long have you had a subscription and would you say you feel the same? I am also subscribed to Ipsy (it used to be called MyGlambag) with November being my first one as well. Those products were great, all makeup with a cute bag too! And that costs $10/month too. I’m wondering if I should give Birchbox another chance and see what I get in December before I cancel.

    • I agree with that statement that they are getting “less impressive” for sure… but with that being said.. they are picking back up again and getting better.. I keep getting more impressed every month again. I have had Birchbox for about a year now maybe even a little longer. I have yet to try glambag {ipsy :)} but I know I need to try it for sure because I have not heard one bad thing about it. It’s so weird that not one person has said they got the same products as me… I feel like I got a weird box or something! Let me know what you get next month and if you are sticking with them or not. You can give your feedback on the website as well.. I do every month and I’m very honest with how I feel about each product.. and if you give your feedback you get points to use for full size items. xx

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