DIY Boxwood Wreath

HI friends! I have been very into natural greenery wreaths lately & I wanted to make one of my own. For Free. So I did. And you can to. I wanted a wreath that I could hang in my home that was fitting for any season. I love the simplicity of this wreath, but you could add accessories to it to change it up very easily. I hung this particular wreath that I made in our master bedroom which you can view {here}. I am pretty obsessed with this wreath so I’m sure you will see some more around our house soon ;) Here is how I made my lovely rustic DIY Boxwood Wreath…

Let’s be honest here, this is a really easy project that looks complicated. I literally went into my front yard with a scissors, in my slippers, and started cutting our boxwood bushes up and collecting stems in a pile. My neighbors already think I’m crazy at this point with all of the furniture they see me bring in my house & the antique hoard I have in my garage so that’s all out the window at this point anyways. I collected all different sizes, shapes, and amounts. There was no science to my plan, just a crazy idea that actually worked. You could collect greenery from any plants around your house, it doesn’t have to be boxwood plants. I took the boxwood stems and weaved them into a stick wreath that I already had on hand from my halloween decor you can see {here}. You can find one of these stick wreaths at any craft store, I believe mine was from Michaels. I hot glued only the stems that were a little out of control, but I wanted it to look a little messy & natural. The rest of the stems were just stuck into the sticks, and weaved around.

I love how the stick wreath pops out in parts for that rustic look, but you could make yours super full as well. The way I hung this wreath is also super easy. I took a piece of scrap burlap and looped it around the wreath & then pinned it into the wall using an upholstery tack. Not just for furniture people! Speaking of furniture, you can see this lovely mossy dresser re-do {here}.

The great thing about this wreath is I think it’s going to last forever. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve had it in our room for a month and it’s still green and fresh as when I first made it. Have you made a boxwood wreath before? How did you make yours? I would love to see your wreath, link it below, post it on the facebook page {here}, Tweet me, Tag me on Instagram.. and as always Talk to you soon!!

xx Liz Marie

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    DIY Boxwood Wreath

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