Chalkboard Desk & Goodbye

This is a hard post for me to write. You see, one of my best friends, Rachael, moved away yesterday. A huge part of the military life is saying goodbye. You say goodbye to your families when you move away to your duty station, you say goodbye to your husbands when they deploy, & you have to say goodbye to friends when they exit the military or move to another station. & the goodbyes never get easier.  She wasn’t just my best friend of 5 years, she was the one who got me through deployments, the one by my side when my husband was always out of state, out of country, and I was there for her when her husband was gone as well. It’s not easy being that kind of friend, you have to be there through lots of tears, lots of lows, but with those lows, come the highs. The highs of homecomings, buying our first houses, getting pregnant, having her baby, going on couples vacations, morning coffee dates, & endless shopping trips. She was the one who captured all of our family photos through the years which is one of the best gifts she could have ever given us. All of the memories will never be forgotten. This isn’t going to be easy not having her around the corner, but it’s going to be worth it. Thank goodness for skype, iphones, computers, facebook, and the fact that when we move home to Michigan she will only live a few hours from us. This girl, her beautiful daughter, & her amazing husband have been such a big part of our life & I will never trade our friendship for anything. A little trip down memory lane.. sorry for the picture overload, but I had so much fun going through old photos & each one holds a special memory that I will never forget…

Ok. so you may be wondering what the DIY chalkboard secretary has to do with anything.. well I wanted to paint one last piece of furniture for her before she moved away & this secretary was very special to her and it really needed a makeover. So in a couple days that I had to work on it, this is what I came up with…

This was the piece before, you can tell they used it a lot…

She wanted something shabby chic & I knew that her husband and her used this piece as one of their main office pieces so I wanted to create something very functional yet pretty…

I decided to chalkboard the entire inside so that they could label the shelves, write notes, take messages, and little their beautiful daughter can draw mommy and daddy pictures.

The best thing about secretary desks is the fact that you can close them up and hide the “office” & it turns into a beautiful piece of furniture. Also they have great storage in all of the drawers at the bottom. Secretarys are great in any room to make an instant office anywhere in your home.

This piece was so last minute, that I only had about a day to work on it, but despite the fact  that I was rushed, I love how it turned out. The paint color I used is Valspar’s Woodlawn Valley Haze with a dark wax over it. The white popping through was the paint before. I’m loving all of the layers and how shabby chic this piece looks.

I hope this piece always reminds her of me in their new home & that it makes her happy when she’s missing me ;) Love you so much Rach! I hope you all had a great weekend, other than helping her pack up her house against my will { I was tempted to unpack every box}, hubby and I have had the most relaxing Sunday we have had in quite sometime because guess what?!? THE SEMESTER ENDED THIS WEEK! The hardest semester of my schooling is over, & I couldn’t be happier. How was your weekend? Do you have a secretary desk  in your home? What do you use it for? Have you had to say goodbye to a good friend before? What has helped you get through it? Share your thoughts in the comments below or {here} on the facebook page.



  1. Awww…it IS hard to say good-bye! I live in a town that has a military base and it is sad to make friends with military folks who are with us a couple of years and then have to move on. I’m not very good at keeping up with them after they are gone but they enrich our lives in more ways than one. Your friend will have a great memory of YOU every time she uses the desk that you painted for her. Great photos of the two (or more) of you gals!

    • Thank you so much for sharing.. It really is so hard to say goodbye especially when you have connected with that person on such a deep level. I hope this piece always reminds her of me and our great memories. & I’m glad you liked the photos.. it was hard to pick from hundreds of photos we had, but it was so much fun looking back on them!! xx Liz Marie

  2. I have several friends who are Military wives- one of them just sent her husband off for the first time. While I don’t know the feeling of seeing my spouse leave and having to worry every single day, I do know the feeling of saying goodbye and not being able to help them through daily troubles.

    When you move back to Michigan- I’d love to be your girlfriend :)

    • Hello Emma! I just looked at the photos of your home! How fun.. we actually own a home in Michigan that we have started renovating.. I will be sharing it on the blog soon.. and yes we will most likely make our journey back to Michigan in the next couple of years.. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time!! & yes it’s the worst not being there for your loved ones through their highs and lows.. it’s very hard for sure! xx Liz Marie

  3. What a lovely post, that made me cry. I’m sure you’ll continue to be the bestest of friends. Big hugs from the UK. I love your blog. Jo xx

    • Thank you so much Jo! Thanks for the hugs.. Definitely need them today.. I’ve been in my PJ’s all day eating and watching movies with the hubs.. that always seems to help! thank you for your sweet comment you made my day a lot brighter :) hugs back! xx

  4. In these days of technology its easier than ever to stay close – even when you are far apart — I said goodbye to my best friend 43 years ago when I moved away from our home town. In those days long distance phone calls were expensive and saved for special occasions – so we wrote letters — all through the busy days of babies, work, husbands, PTA and more – we found moments at the end of the day to send off letters, many pages long, to keep close. and now …. we email every single day!! Life is still busy, but we manage time to visit back and forth a few times a year – and email, email, email ….. your friendship will only grow — I understand how you are missing her – but that kind of friendship doesnt die because you are far apart ..

    • That is so amazing Brenda!!! hand written letters mean so much & that is so special! And how awesome that you email everyday.. I know that we will talk everyday through text, email, facebook, phone, or skype… & that means a lot to me! Thank you for the words of encouragement… it means a lot!

  5. Absolutely love this desk! Especially the color and it shabby chicness! I would love if you would share this over at my blog hop

  6. That was a very sweet post. The desk turned out really cute. Chalkboard paint being all the rave right now but I have to say this is on of the best uses I have seen for it. Nice job.

    • Thank you so much Anne! That means a lot to me.. Chalkboard paint is all the rave and I use it a lot.. but I really thought this piece needed it. Thank you for your sweet comment! xx

  7. Misty Bragg says:

    Liz, I’m so sorry…..You and Rachael are two peas in a pod & I know there is NOTHING that can separte you two. I did shed some tears for you, I know how close you guys are and how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you love so much! I will be praying for you both. Your piece looks awesome as always, congrats on school!! We are so happy for you guys!! Take care & chin up chickie! :-)

    • Thank you so much Misty! That means so much to me… seriously, we were {are} so close.. I feel like I’m missing a huge part of me.. Nothing feels the same. It’s hard! You think deployments would have made this easier!! haha and thank you so much for your encouraging words.. you are amazing and you made me smile! I hope you and your cute little fam are doing good.. I sure do miss you guys and those sweet littles of yours who I’m sure are not so little!!! Thanks again for your comment :)

  8. This is awesome! I love it! I know you’re sad about your friend leaving. That’s so hard. We lived in SanDiego for a year while my husband was in the Navy and I had 2 very close girlfriends that I had to leave behind. They were like big sisters that I never had. It’s hard to leave them. Praying y’all stay close even though the miles are many!

    • Thank you so much Annie!! It’s hard leaving friends for sure! That’s awesome that your hubs was in the Navy, being a military spouse can be hard, but rewarding at the same time! Thank you for your prayers! xx

  9. That post nearly made me cry (not hard at the moment anyway I’m 37 weeks pregnant!) I’m lucky enough to have great friends like that as well – that I’ve had to move away from – but friends like that are friends for life! Just makes it hard when you cant ‘pop’ over to see them. And I love your desk renovation!

  10. Wonderful colour choice! It looks so wonderful, thank you for showing your wonderful desk!

  11. gorgeous, of course! i expected nothing less from you:) all my friends growing up were military since the city i’m from has 3 military bases and the air force academy…i feel your pain:(

  12. Hi! I love this re-do! Can you explain how you did this in a few steps? Did you sand or put primer on it below the new paint? What kind of dark wax did you use? Thanks!


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