Rustic Master Bedroom

Welcome to our rustic master bedroom! The time is finally here that I get to share with you our master bedroom re-do. I have been talking about re-doing our bedroom for quite some time now & at the beginning of November Mr.LMB & I finally decided to buckle down and really work on it. I wanted to create a cozy sanctuary that reminded me of an eclectic cottage nestled in the woods. I wanted a place where we could relax, hangout, & somewhere where we never wanted to leave. I think we have our cozy eclectic cottage room that we wanted, & we love it….

Are you ready to see some before photos? We never knew quite what we wanted in our bedroom, we always tossed it to the side & focused on the rest of our house. When all along I think that our room should have been put first, I think your bedroom is very important. You spend so much time in there, sleeping, unwinding from the day, spending time as a couple.. I mean, It makes sense! Here is a little trip down memory lane…

When we first moved in our house 3 years ago.. apparently I wanted purple walls. If executed correctly this could have been cute, but once again I never spent any time on our bedroom & tossed it aside. Moving right along to the next stage of our master bedroom…


Exhibit B. My attempt at making our room not purple, but still not wanting to put much effort into our room & tossing it aside. On October 31st we decided that November was going to be the month that we focused on our master bedroom, easier said then done. Between both of us in school, him in the marine corps, friends, meetings, homework, & some more business later.. we actually accomplished our goal! I’m very proud to show off our handy work…

There you have it! Our cozy, eclectic, cottage bedroom. Thank you so much for visiting. We certainly have things to do yet in the room {I will be sharing our to do list with you soon, starting with that ceiling fan ;) } I will be breaking down all the parts of the master bedroom re-do in separate blog posts. There was lots of painting, buying, making,  hanging, rearranging, & that all can not be possibly explained in one post. I hope you enjoyed the master bedroom reveal, share your thoughts in the comments or tweet, facebook, Instagram… you get the point…

Ps. A HUGE thank you to Rachael from Rach Lea photography for stopping by our casa to take these lovely photos of our room! I am so lucky to have such beautifully talented friends! Check her out at for more of her work.



  1. This is the most spectacular thing I have ever seen! Job well done. My mouth dropped to the floor I was so amazed at how great it turned out!!

    • I loooooove that you love it!!! That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. now come over and drink some coffee with me in the little chairs while Carter jumps on the bed ;) haha love you!

  2. Auntie Lulu from Connecticut for now says:

    Lovely niece: What a fabulous job you did on this room!! Will you rent it out please to overstressed relatives who need a solitude break?? That’s what speaks to me from this room ~ solitude. Adore you girlie :^)

  3. Liz, it’s AH-MAZING! So completely gorgeous and I love the use of natural colors and elements. What a HUGE difference from the “before” rooms! You must be loving it and spending every waking hour in there – well probably not, but you’re I’m sure you wish you could. Can I move in?
    xo Jenna

    • Yes of course Jenna! Come on over!!! Thank you so much… that means so much coming from you! I do love this room so much now.. I am now excited to move through the rest of the house :)

  4. Aunti Lulu from Connecticut for now says:

    Lovely Niece: What a fabulous job you did on this room! Will you please rent this out to overstressed relatives who need a solitude break?? That’s what this room speaks to me ~ solitude. Adore you girlie :^)

  5. Stunning!!! What an inspiration!!

  6. Me encanto, ya me hacia una idea de algo así, pero superaste todas las expectativas..

  7. It’s incredible! Warm, cozy, and “collected”. Sure to be the inspiration for many master bedrooms!

  8. Your master bedroom transformation is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I’ve been eye molesting that duvet cover at Target forever. I’m glad someone put it to good use!

    • Yes! I got it on clearance at the last minute.. we actually had other bedding picked out before this one.. I’m so happy we got this set.. it’s so perfect for us!!

  10. Sister. Once again you utterly amaze me. So proud of you and your accomplishments. I am so excited to see what doors God will open for you and those you choose to walk through. Love you and cant wait to smush your face soon!!!

  11. Wow…you’ve had quite the little journey with this room over the years! :) It looks fabulous! You have every right to be proud to show it off! Great job! Blessings ~ Judy

    • Thank you so much Judy! It is so fun to look back on the before pictures! It seriously has changed so much that I didn’t even notice until I looked back on the glad I had those!

  12. Elizabeth Moreland says:

    OMG. Amazed. You have such talent! I am totally jealous of your new room. Ps- Please blog about how you do your hair! I love it.

    • Thank you so much Elizabeth! I will do a video very soon on it.. because I litteraly do my hair like this every single day.. unless it’s dirty then it’s in a bun ;) haha.. which is today! surprise surprise!

  13. Lovely job! I love it!

  14. I love this! It a beautiful example of a large avenue of interior design right now…..”gorgeous rustic/vintage”. :) Well done!

  15. Julie Quates says:

    I absolutely love this style! I can’t wait to see how you did the wood wall behind the headboard. We’re in a rut in our master bedroom and just got married so I’m itching to re-do!

    • O yes! That will be my first how to post just for you! :) Seriously having a master bedroom you love can really make a huge difference in how you feel.. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! xx

  16. WOW!!! You amaze me every day and make me so proud!!!!! Lovely! :-)

  17. I can’t wait to see how you made your headboard!!

  18. love love love it! its so warm and cozy!! :)

  19. Looks fabulous!!! I love the wood on the wall. Where is the picture of the guy throwing a pitch from? I need that :)

    • Thank you so much Rachel! It’s actually from an antique store in Michigan.. the shop owner’s dad drew it in the early 1900′s. I bought it for my husband because he’s a huge baseball fan.. I love it!!

  20. This looks so cozy and I am loving all the gold and mustard colors. The befores were more feminine but this is much more gender neutral, I am sure Mr.LMB is loving. I must say all the deer details are my favorite!

    • omg you got it.. mr. LMB is loooooooooooving it! that was my goal.. to seriously make it a room he could be proud of and feel like it was his.. I love the fact that he gave his opinions and did so much work in this room.. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! xx

  21. Liz! I love your room, its so cozy and warm. I adore your bedspread!!

  22. Annette VeNard says:


  23. So amazing! It is so fun and eclectic and just cool. Beautiful job!
    PS such a pretty photo of you :)

  24. such a lovely room. Love the wooden headboard

  25. Jess Talkington says:

    Love! Please include, in blogs to come, the paint colors you used on the furniture pieces, if you’re willing to share ;) Love the green & charcoal gray! Beautiful room!

  26. Wow!!!! It turned out so great!!! We are in desperate need of updating our master bedroom. We just completely neglect this room. It’s on my to do list. It’s just so easy to close the door and not have people look at it. But like you said, it”s a place you spend so much time. The Feng Shui is definitely off in my master bed. /sigh… I’ll just drool over yours. ;)

    • Thank you Bethany!! It really is so true.. and once you work on your room the feeling you get is amazing.. I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing our room.. it was about time after 3 years of neglecting it! Thank you again! xx

  27. Amazing love love. Xo


    You have totally inspired me to redo our bedroom! I love the cottage eclectic look! You did an amazing job, Liz! I do hope you share your sources for bedding, paint colors, etc! Again, amazing job girl! I just love it!

  29. Seriously SO so soooo stunning!!! I adore every single detail! Ohhh I could stare at these photos for hours! :) You are one talented gal! Drooling!

    • Thank you Jaime!!!!! You are so encouraging!!! I’m so glad you love the room.. & the photos thanks to my bestie! & the feelings are mutual because I could stare at photos of your house forever too!! xx

  30. It’s so warm and cozy! Like a perfect wooded lodge retreat! I could totally relax in that space…enjoy your beautiful new room! Xo

  31. It’s stunning. So warm and lush with the golds, the textiles and the wood wall headboard! You nailed it. It’s wonderful Liz Marie. Enjoy it :)

  32. Wow, it doesn’t even look like the same room! This is a fantastic makeover, it’s lovely (even though it always looked great).

  33. I have followed your blog for awhile now and love everything you do, but this stopped me in my tracks! This is simply amazing & stunning. You are an inspiration! :)

  34. It looks amazing friend!! Wow, wonderful job!! Love the chairs at the end of the bed!!

  35. This is STUNNING. I’m like you and have always neglected the master bedroom for the other rooms in my house. You have me totally motivated! AMAZING!

  36. Ok! I have officially died and gone to Heaven! This is FABULOUS!!!! OH MY GOODNESS! I am pinning every single picture. This is EXACTLY how I want our new house to look. Cozy woodsy cottage! I love this so much! The wood wall…fabulous. The gold afghan- amazing! The buffet/dresser under the tv- totally functional and beautiful, drawing attention from the tv…the green dresser- I NEED it! The sketch of the baseball man- my husband would totally approve. MY WORD! YOU NAILED IT!

    I’m new to your blog, from the give-away- followed AP for a long time, but MAN am I glad I found you! I’m pinning every bit of this! It’s fabulous!!!!!!!

    • Annie you just made me feel like a million dollars! IM SERIOUS! If I’m ever having a bad day.. I am coming back to this post and reading your comment.. you are too sweet! I’m so glad that you love our room re-do as much as we do.. seriously that makes my heart happy.. I want to be your best friend.. you can come over anytime :) haha when you start re-doing your house I would love to see pictures!! I love anything rustic and cottage!! xx

      • GIRL! Yes! You can be my BFF! FOR SURE!!!!!!! Seriously! I don’t know how many times I’ve come back over to look at this post! I love it so much! I showed my husband. I said ‘you were in charge of building….I”m in charge of decor!’

        We are only at the insulation point of our house, drywall should be this week! Fingers crossed! I hope to be in by the end of January! THEN, let the fun begin!!! $$$$$$

  37. This is absolutely beautiful!! Seriously this is now my dream bedroom! Its something you would see in a better homes in garden magazine. Great job!


    • Thank you so much Peggy… that’s a dream of mine to be in that magazine… that would be amazing!! Thank you for your sweet comment you made my night :) xx

  38. I love it, great job! It has a very rustic/anthro feel! I think hardwoods would be THE perfect addition to this room! doooooo it!!! ;-)

  39. Wow, you guys did quite a transformation on that room! It’s gorgeous. And that green dresser is so pretty. Mind telling me the color? :)

  40. I know where I’m sleeping Friday night :P

  41. Liz this is absolutely stunning! I love the eclectic feel, you did a fabulous job putting everything together. It looks so professional and just gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much Taryn!! It was a lot of fun {at times} and I’m pretty happy with how it came together. Thank you for your sweet comment, it means a lot to me! xx

  42. Hi, Liz

    This looks amazing. I love all the colors in the room and the furniture pieces as well. Simply elegant.

  43. Your master bedroom turned out beautifully Liz! I love every single last detail! What an amazing transformation!!

  44. This is beautiful! Such an inspiration to make your bedroom feel like home and a reflection of you and what you love. I’ll be working on my master soon thanks to your inspiration!

    • I’m so glad you were inspired!!! Yes, I never knew how important your master bedroom was.. I’m so happy and content with it. I hope you have fun working on your master bedroom!! xx

  45. Wow–it looks great! I came SO close to buying the Patch bedding…I finally contented myself with the dessert plates, but I’m getting pangs of longing again seeing it here!

    • They have it at Target right now on sale!!! I seriously got it on clearance this week for 35 dollars!! Go check your local target to see if they have it.. & aren’t those plates so cute?? I’m obsessed!

  46. You’re right, this is warm and cozy! Such a contrast from the cool ‘before’.
    I love all the details, especially the timber and gold accents.
    Your friends photos are fabulous too.

  47. Okay seriously this room is fantastic. I love the headboard of course I mean who wouldn’t. Every piece of this room is perfect and it has such a warm and comfortable feel to it.

  48. I think all versions of your bedroom were/are gorgeous!!

  49. This is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bedroom!

  50. it’s glorious.

    like the clouds parting and trumpets sounding variety.

    my hat’s off to you!


  51. amazing transformation Liz! perfectly cozy, eclectic, and beautiful!

  52. wow, you have a very cozy, relaxed and looks so comfy master bedroom…i really like it :) especially the wooden headboard and the unmatched mirrors on the sides of the bed :) love, love it!

    stopping by thru flaunt it friday, come and visit me back at:


  53. Wow, Liz!!! This is amazing! I love the headboard and those chairs make a cozy spot to curl up for sure :) Now I want to finally finish my bedroom……someday! ~xoxo Jennifer

  54. Oh wow – that looks stunning. The headboard is fantastic!

  55. Melissa Giglio says:

    I’m IN LOVE with the bedding! I want to roll all over it! hahaha. It is such a lovely bedroom!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing! :)

  56. Your bedroom belongs in a magazine! I cant decide what i love more the headboard or the gold touches or the seating area:) Great job and youve inspired us all to turn our bedrooms into cozy retreats.

  57. What a cozy and charming retreat! Wonderful transformation!

    Jeanette @

  58. OMG… it is stunning. I adore the headboard, and the bedding. all the little touches are perfect!

  59. Your bedroom is AMAZING! I love the headboard and fabrics

    xoxo, Tanya

  60. Great job. Most people strive for the before pictures, which are nice but to me lack personality and are safe, you went for real personality. Each element of your new room is well thought out and very personal to you. I love rustic, earthy decorating, so your room is very pleasing and comfy in my eyes and I know the two of you will feel so “at home” there. Job well done!

  61. This looks fantastic! I’m SO in love with tall headboards like that and totally trying to convince the hubby to do something similar. Lol :-) I’m glad you took the leap to make the space truly “you”. And I love that bedding too!!!

  62. Liz,
    All I can say is WOW! This is stunning! I love all of the little touches (those tend to be the most work too!) – the different textures, the layering of objects… it all just works beautifully together. I have been following your blog quite a while now and love everything you do, but this really takes the cake! I can’t wait to hear more about how you accomplished all of this!! PS – love, love that duvet as well. I think I will have to FINALLY get started on our bedroom next year!

  63. Love it Liz! It is so warm and cozy — you did an incredible job!

  64. This is really a great transformation! And I’d like to add that even though you may not have especially loved the first two looks, they too had their merit. Some people like a lighter, brighter look :-) But for sure the current room’s look is warm and cozy…just what you were going for. Nice job!

  65. I absolutely love your bedroom. You did an amazing transformation, it’s so cozy!

    I’m having a FACEBOOK social hop. I’d love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your facebook.

    Have a crazy beautiful week!

  66. every nook, every kranny…gorgeous!

  67. The headboard is fabulous. Loving the eclectic collections around the room. The seating area looks welcoming and cozy. Great transformation of this bedroom space!

  68. GORGEOUS!!!

  69. Wow! WOW. Just happened to see the thumbnail over at Shabby Nest and checked out your blog. Where do I start? Grey side table, bedding, antlers, mirror, color scheme, natural elements, and that great headboard. Beautifully done & I’m ready to get back to work on our home.

  70. BTW, hello from a fellow Michigander, now Chicagoan.

  71. This is gorgeous! It looks like it came right out of a magazine!

  72. Well done on your beautiful bedroom but, more importantly, please tell your husband, “Thank you for serving!”
    Merry Christmas to you both.

  73. Love the room but the antlers are upside down!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  74. I know exactly what you mean about tossing your room aside and focusing your efforts elsewhere. My husband and I always do that, our room is always a hodpodge of items that don’t fit in the rest of the house. I absolutely love the wood headboard, it is amazing! Great room!

  75. Wow! Amazing Liz! This is defiantly it and I love the colors and the duvet cover….which I totally wanted but didn’t go with my room. I love the chairs in front of the bed! Fantastic.

  76. I’m featuring this tonight! I love that rug if you don’t mind me asking where did you find it?

  77. Jeepers, that’s a gorgeous redo. It looks like the coziest of B & B rooms. I just stumbled on your blog today. Not sure if I’ll have the time to find my way back, but I’ll be thinking of this room for days to come. Fantastic work!

  78. Absolutely amazing!! It looks so rich and warm and inviting. I love that everything looks like it has a sense of history. And it “fits” you. In the last pictures that have you in them, you look perfectly at home. This room definitely suits you perfectly. Great job!

  79. LOVE your new space Liz Marie! It has such a warmth about it – just stunning! Featuring you tonight my dear! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  80. love your room!! love your rug! where did you find that gem?

  81. Holy moly!!!! I just found your blog and have been scrolling thru your posts. I’m absolutely in love with what you’ve done in your master! This is b.e.a.utiful! Job very well done!!!!

  82. Found your post through Miss Mustard Seed Linky Pary. I am in awe! It was love at first site :}. Just purchased the duvet set and I am in HEAVEN. Now could I be so lucky for you to share with me the brand and the location of where you purchased your sheets? I saved every pic you posted and I have been sitting staring at your blog for a good hour. I am loving every detail. Are your curtains lavender? I love your mix match of furniture and mirrors. I showed it to my husband (former Marine, now SF Army) and he said ” that is a bold statement mixing up the mirrors and having a stag on the wall in a bedroom, but bad ass” his quote, sorry for the lanquage. You did an outstanding job. I think it is important for my bedroom to make me feel special. It is the start of my day and the end to my day. I want to smile and feel special! This bedroom gives me all of that.

  83. I love the bedding in your old “purple room”…any chance you remeber where you purchased it?

  84. Donna Wall says:

    Love it! Can you please come to my house and help me!?!?

  85. Ansley Kate says:

    Happened to come across your blog! I love your room! Gorgeous! Where did you get the chairs from? I love them! Also you need to do a hair tutorial! I love your hair! Thanks so much for sharing your room with us!

  86. This is what I call a bedroom of a Princess! Am I right? Well, you can get one for yourself if you have plan to get one. Today, there are many modern furniture stores from where you can buy designer and custom made furniture items and embellish your bedroom.

  87. This is wonderful! Where did you find the bedding, I love it!

  88. Found your blog from Brooklyn Limestone. LOVE your master bedroom, it’s such a great mix of eclectic finds with personal touches. I like how you mixed the colors and finishes and think your duvet cover is just too cute!

  89. WOW!!! What a beautiful, beautiful space. I LOVE what you did to it. I’d love to have a room like that, but I always end up steering towards more color, even if that’s not what I’m planning. Eh, maybe some time I will try. Until then though I will just live vicariously through the internet. :)


  91. Liked the blue version MUCH better!

  92. Love the headboard! Hope it’s ok to share the photo!
    I’m your newest fan and also an Army wife!

  93. Lacresha Busteed says:

    Where did you get those fabulous deer plates you hung on the wall? Love those!

  94. Hi! I love what you did with this room! It looks incredible. We are going to do something similar with a headboard. Where did you get your comforter? I really like it.


  95. I love that you used a buffet in your bedroom..i never would have thought to do that..and I like how dark it is :) your room looks so cozy

  96. New room inspo! I love it, Thanks:)

  97. Any plans to update the ceiling fan? I noticed you cleverly tried to hide it in many of the shots. However, it was visible in one.

  98. adrianna says:

    hey doll! Your master is beautiful!! where di you get the bed spread i L O V E it…

  99. I LOVE your master bedroom! I’m so glad I found your blog via Miss Mustard Seed – I”m definitely going to stick around! Your style is awesome!

  100. Ellisann Edwards says:

    I adore your style!! I love everything on your blog!!

  101. How on earth did you hang those huge mirrors? I am shamelessly borrowing most of your ideas for our bedroom because it is beautiful/rugged and feminine/masculine which is perfect for a master bedroom, in my opinion. I’m just worried about the big mirrors I’ve got. Any tips?

  102. Your bedroom is beautiful! Thanks for the tour. I especially like the mix of rustic wood and painted pieces with the more formal chairs. The mix of colours on the different chests/dressers is a wonderful idea -such a non-matchy look and more of a collected over time look. Elegant and rustic and totally gorgeous!

  103. Awesome bedroom! We just did a similar wall in ours and are loving it. (

    I’m happy I came across your blog – lots of great inspiration here!

  104. I just found your blog, clicking on a pin about the cute vans, and I love your blog! I went to school for Interior Design and I love it! I absolutely love the your room and most of all the playful bedding.

  105. Gorgeous!!!

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  108. This.Room.Is.Stunning! Wow! Everything about the room is gorgeous. Well done. :)

  109. love it! turned out so beautiful. where did you get the bedding? i am always so picky with my bedding.

  110. I love your room! Especially the green dresser and the bedding..well the entire room! Where did you find such gorgeous and woodsy bedding?

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