A little Pep Talk

We all have those days, weeks, or even months
that we are in a slump. It can be a decorating slump,
a creativity slump, writers block, stress, a huge loss,
depression, or anything that has just got you down in the dumps.
I wanted to tell you that whatever you are going
through, it’s going to be ok! Be with the ones you love, call upon
the Lord, & remember the good things in your life. Count your blessings,
& have the courage to ask for the things you are longing for.
We were made to be awesome….


This is life people. We have air coming from our nose! Play the video above for a pep talk!



























  1. “You can cry about it, or you can dance about it.”

    I choose to dance. Thanks for this Liz!!

  2. This is an awesome little reminder! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this! As a military wife who just moved (again) I was feeling a little down, overwhelmed and lonely. Pity party officially over!

    • I completely get it Anna! That is completely understandable… I have lived away from home for 6 years now and I still get down.. I’m glad your party is over & I hope you have a smile now :) xx

  4. Wow… what a wonderful post–just what I needed today, thank you :-)

    … and I am in love with the Judy Garland quote… I may have to frame it!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Leisa! I was having a slump today & I new I wasn’t the only one. So, I saw the video posted on facebook & it inspired me share what cheered me up today. I think it needs to be framed! That’s a great idea! xx

  5. Hi ladies! I deleted the first comment because it came off mean and I didn’t want any of my readers to see anything negative on a post that was supposed to be uplifting. As far as the sourcing buttons, it was a technical error and they are fixed now and link back to where I found them.

  6. Thank you for this post! Such great encouragement, and perfect timing for me!

    • You are very welcome Stacey!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.. I was feeling kind of down today & that video made me smile & so did these quotes.. I couldn’t keep it to myself, I had to share! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!

      • I plan to share the video too and include a link to your blog post…the quotes you included are a great compliment to the “kid president’s” words! Thanks again for writing this post :) Love your blog!

  7. Love the Judy Garland quote. That hit home for me. Sometimes with writing a blog, having a shop and seeing all kinds of greatness done by others you can almost lose yourself and get lost trying to be like others. It is so important to stay true to yourself, tho, and be you!

    • I hear you Jen! It’s so easy to lose yourself and get caught up in everything. It’s nice to remember why you started doing what you are doing.. because you love it and because it’s yours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’m glad you saw this post.. I hope it made you smile! xx

  8. LOVE that video!! SO CUTE!! And a great message too!

    Thanks so much for sharing Liz! You definitely made me smile today! :)

  9. A great blog! Thanks for waking us all up!

  10. Thank you for your kind words, Liz:) I am new to your blog, and now check it frequently because I love your taste and ability to coordinate things so well. I was in a huge slump on Sunday, but now I’m back organizing today! We are trying to sell a house in a tough market:(
    We all need to give ourselves a little pep talk every now and again–and a Starbuck’s can help too! God Bless You!

  11. Thanks for the pep talk today…I needed it!

  12. Love all the pep signs, always helpful to get us to look beyond our own pain. Sometimes it’s hard to stop wallowing but it’s good to do your wallowing then get over it. Some people have a hard time with that. I used to as I’ve suffered with clinical depression all my life. Was in my early 50′s before it was acknowledged and treated, wow what a relief.
    Being a bit older I’ve learned how to deal with the doldrums. I try to let myself simmer and chill, not let myself think about nothing but what’s bothering me, if I’m too upset I’m not able to think and deal with anything in an adult way. There’s just no pacifying myself. I know not everybody can deal with their problems this way but I have found it helps me tremendously , before I know it I’m feeling better and tell myself to get over myself, have a laugh and whatever it was is not so important anymore. I read things like what you posted and it makes so much sense. I make sure to take my meds every day too. lol
    We moved to CO Springs when my husband got out of the Air Force, had never been away from family and friends. Thought it would be nice to be by hubs Mom, but she had other ideas so it was really hard on me, pregnant having problems with the pregnancy and dealing with a new mil that was really ticked off I was in the way with 3 small kids and pregnant. We ended up leaving CO Springs after only 10 months there, moved back to Tucson when baby 7 weeks old. Really hard for hubs to get a job there after 9 yrs. in AF. Then MIL was really ticked off we moved away. Seemed like no matter what we did she was ticked off. Found out she’d planned on having hubs to herself and him helping her money wise when he got out. Arriving with 3 small kids and being pregnant wasn’t in her game plan. When she found out I was pregnant she threw a hissy fit. Sad to say we never did get along and I never liked her. It must have been really hard on my husband to be put in middle of us. I tried not to do that to him but she did everything she could to try to get him to leave me. wow was that a big disappointment. I know it’s hard to be away from your families and home state.
    Happy Week.

  13. Thank you for the pep talk! Love the quotes and reminder that we are made to be awesome. May God bless your day!

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